(Greens-Media) North-South Bypass Tunnel Heading for Disaster

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 30/08/2004 - 23:57

Queensland Greens Senate candidate Drew Hutton is calling on the federal ALP to reject funding for the five proposed Brisbane tunnels or bridges if they win government at the forthcoming federal election.

Drew Hutton

Tuesday 31 August 2004

Mr Hutton believes the problems currently being experienced in planning both the North-South Bypass tunnel and the river crossing from Hale Street to South Brisbane are a forerunner to much larger problems further into the process.

"Lord mayor Campbell Newman told a recent Brisbane Development Association breakfast that stopping the North-South Bypass tunnel at Bowen Hills would simply create congestion at the City Valley Bypass," Mr Hutton said.

This extension from Bowen Hills was originally proposed in a Maunsell's report given to the state Government and the Brisbane City Council.

"Therefore, the tunnel would have to be extended to Kedron. This is the old Northern freeway plan and the people of Brisbane have not been told that this is the Council's agenda."

The BCC Business Plan does not factor in the cost of stages 2 and 3 of the North-South tunnel and so Mr Hutton said the total cost is likely to be more like $5 billion rather than the $1.2 billion quoted by Cr Newman for the North-South Bypass tunnel or $1.5 billion quoted by ALP leader David Hinchliffe.

This would raise the toll to at least $4 for the entire tunnel.

Mr Hutton also described the proposal to put a bridge over the river from Hale Street as completely lacking in planning sense considering the whole area is set for a massive expansion in residential development.

"These hundreds of new residents will be inundated with the particulates, noxious gases and fumes from tens of thousands of trucks and cars coming from both the western and southern suburbs," Mr Hutton said.

"It will destroy an area that has so far escaped the fate of being a through suburb for traffic."

Mr Hutton said the local and state ALP needed to re-think their position on the tunnels and the federal ALP should refuse to grant the projects any funding.

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