(Greens-Media) Organ delivers Illawarra log of claims to NSW Cabinet

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As the NSW Cabinet meets in Wollongong today, Australian Greens Member for Cunningham will personally deliver a twelve point log of claims on behalf of the Illawarra community to Premier Bob Carr.

Bolwell, Kristian (M. Organ, MP)

Michael Organ MP
Greens Member for Cunningham

***** MEDIA RELEASE *****


"This log of claims puts the NSW Government on notice that it can do better for our community," Michael Organ said.

"I have been in this job for close to two years now, listening to residents, unions and businesses in the region, so my log of claims accurately describes the current issues that people in the Illawarra want the NSW Government to address," Michael Organ said.

"The log of claims covers the broad spectrum of policy areas that the NSW Government has responsibility for."

"I will watch the NSW Government's response to this log of claims with great interest, it will test their commitment to deliver for our community," Michael Organ said.

Note: Log of claims follows

More from: Kristian Bolwell (Adviser) 0411638320
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***** MEDIA RELEASE *****

Premier Bob Carr

NSW Cabinet Wollongong NSW

7 September 2004


Dear Premier,

RE: Log of claims for the Illawarra

I congratulate you for coming to the Illawarra today.

It is appropriate for your Government to assess the issues that the Illawarra faces and there is no better way of doing that than by inspecting the region first hand.

As a lifetime resident of the Illawarra and a Member of Federal Parliament, I have a long and deep understanding of the problems our community faces.

For your benefit, I have described the most pressing issues that confront the Illawarra below for your attention as a log of claims, in fitting with the proud industrial history of the region.


1. Give school cleaners certainty: End the school cleaners strike by giving a guarantee that none will loose their jobs and that their hours are guaranteed.

2. Direct container freight from Port Botany to Port Kembla: Do not allow Port Botany to expand. Redirect container freight to Port Kembla to provide long term sustainable jobs for the region.

3. Stop Wilton airport: Intervene in your federal colleague's plan to build an airport at Wilton that will see commercial jets flying over the Illawarra.

4. Abolish TAFE fees: reverse the fee increases charged to TAFE students by your Government.

5. Introduce Industrial Manslaughter Laws: Negligent employers that kill must be dealt with under the criminal law.

6. Restore Disability Services Funding: Restore and improve ATLAS funding by a minimum of $9 Million

7. Support a wage rise for child care workers: Child care workers are underpaid but do an essential service. This must be fixed.

8. Save Sandon Point: Do not allow the area to be subdivided and developed, The community demands the area remains open, beautiful, public space.

9. Expand Bulli Hospital: Reverse its reduction in operating hours and services and reopen the emergency department to ambulances.

10. Make sure Lifesaver 3 operates: Guarantee a dedicated all weather, properly staffed helicopter retrieval unit is based in the region, for the region.

11. Fix the Princess Highway: Work with the Federal Government to ensure the Princess Highway is safer, by making it a dual carriageway.

12. Improve our train service: Invest in our trains, reverse the timetable cuts, make sure they are faster, more reliable and more frequent.

I anticipate the entire Illawarra will watch your response to these issues with keen interest.

I look forward to your reply.

If you require further information please contact my office.

Yours faithfully

Michael Organ MP
Federal Member for Cunningham


Kristian Bolwell
Adviser to Michael Organ MP
Greens Federal Member for Cunningham
Tel: (02) 42283666
Fax: (02) 42283677

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