(Greens-Media) Organ prepares last ditch stand against the US FTA

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 13/08/2004 - 00:37

Greens Federal Member for Cunningham Michael Organ is preparing a last ditch stand against the Free Trade Agreement with the United States when it returns to the House from the Senate before the suspension of Parliament this week.

Bolwell, Kristian (M. Organ, MP)


Michael Organ MP
Greens Member for Cunningham

12 August 2004

"The ALP and Government deal in the Senate sells out Australia. Uncle Sam has set up shop in every town and city across the nation - throwing our national interest out onto the street in the process," Michael Organ said.

"The people of the Illawarra are right to be concerned. Manufacturing jobs are at stake. Tariff's on motor vehicle parts will fall from 15% to 0% when the agreement comes into force. When the Chief Executive of Toyota Australia says: "A free-trade deal between Australia and the US that cut automotive tariffs quickly would be 'suicide' for the local industry" it's clear that there is a large amount of scepticism about the Government's spin, talking up the benefits of the FTA."

"I am particularly disappointed that the ALP has chosen to roll over on this issue. The ALP identified 43 issues that were wrong with the FTA and now we see that only 2 issues matter. They have forgotten their own concerns about health care, intellectual property, cultural protection and our manufacturing sector.

"The Government hasn't even bothered to get the Productivity Commission to independently assess the agreement- so you have to ask just what they are trying to hide."

"The people of the Illawarra are being taken for a ride. We all know the Howard Government wants to jump to the star spangled banner - but this is too high." Michael Organ said.

The forgotten ALP Senate report can be at:
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