(Greens-Media) Radical solutions needed to beat oil crisis

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 20/08/2004 - 21:54

Record oil prices have failed to spur the Coalition and Labor into long overdue action to tackle Australia's oil dependency, The Greens said today.

Hans van Leeuwen

August 18, 2004

"Experts have been predicting an oil supply crunch for 20 years, yet in all this time Labor and the Coalition have not proposed a single long-term remedy to the looming crisis," said Greens Senate candidate John Kaye.

"Waging war in the Middle East is no solution. The Greens are calling for a fundamental overhaul of our transport and energy infrastructure.

"Australia must break its addiction to car travel and road freight by investing in public transport infrastructure.

"The Greens' 'Renew Australia' policy would use $14 billion government bond issue to fund public transport infrastructure that would take freight off the roads and get people out of their cars.

"Australia can abandon the fossil fuel past for a future underpinned by an efficient and cost-effective freight and passenger rail network. This will boost exports and create sustainable jobs.

"Fossil fuels are last century's technology, and John Howard is last century's man. His failure to act has put Australia in environmental and economic peril.

"The Coalition has done nothing, and this week's call by Labor's energy spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon to switch from oil to coal or gas merely shifts Australia's dependency onto yet another polluting and finite resource.

"The major parties have failed because they cannot extricate themselves from their cosy relationships with the fossil fuel industries," said Mr Kaye

Hans van Leeuwen
Media Officer
NSW Greens federal election campaign
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