(Greens-Media) Strip Costa of transport after 'buy a car' comment

Submitted by Editor on Thu, 26/08/2004 - 00:50

Greens MLC and transport spokesperson Lee Rhiannon is calling for Transport Minister Michael Costa to be stripped of his portfolio due to public statements from his office telling people to 'buy a car' if they are fed up with the rail services.

Cate Faehrmann


24 August 2004

"This statement is surely the straw that broke the camel's back when it comes to commuters having to put up with Mr Costa's determination to wreck public transport services in NSW," said Ms Rhiannon.

"For the Transport Minister's office to make a public statement that commuters should 'buy a car' if they're fed up with a crippled rail system is out of line.

"The arrogance with which Mr Costa is treating rail users and the disdain with which he is treating the public rail system is extraordinary.

"During questioning from the Greens in a Budget Estimates hearing Mr Costa admitted he is a greenhouse gas sceptic.

"Mr Costa has done nothing to demonstrate any commitment to improving public transport.

"If Premier Bob Carr wants to demonstrate to the community that his Government is serious about improving public transport he should strip Mr Costa of the transport portfolio," said Ms Rhiannon.

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