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Greens Senate Candidate for the ACT Kerrie Tucker called on the major parties to commit to ending the use of the consumer-price Index for Commonwealth Public Service superannuation.


Kerrie Tucker - Greens Senate Candidate for the ACT

Monday 27 Sept 2004

Super Indexing unfair -150,000 Canberrans miss out

Ms Tucker said that she is supporting the Superannuanted Commonwealth Officers' Association's call for their pensions to be indexed to the more realistic average weekly earnings method.

"There is a great unfairness with this matter. Public servants have no choice but to contribute to compulsory superannuation schemes. The least that the Government can do is to commit to a decent indexing method. Both the age pension and temporary and permanently incapacitated veterans have their pensions linked to average weekly earnings. Superannuants received a 0.6 per cent increase while the age pension has gone up 2.6 per cent" Ms Tucker said today.

"This is a very important quality of life issue for our community. When you look at existing current defence force personnel and commonwealth public servants, superannuants and their spouses we are talking about more than 150,000 Canberra people, and more than 400,000 Australia wide " Ms Tucker said.

"This is a matter of fairness and justice - ordinary hard working public servants deserve a much better deal from the major parties. I am particularly interested in the publicly stated views of our current representatives Liberal Senator Gary Humphries and Labor Finance Spokesman Bob McMullan" Ms Tucker said.


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