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Submitted by Editor on Mon, 30/08/2004 - 22:31

"John Howard says the election will be fought on issues of trust - but how can you trust a man who has made housing practically unaffordable for a whole generation?" Michael Organ said today.

Bolwell, Kristian (M. Organ, MP)

Michael Organ MP
Greens Member for Cunningham

30 August 2004

"How can you trust a man who has misled his country over the children overboard affair and the reasons for going to war against Iraq?

"How can you trust a man who has sold out the national interest by signing an FTA with the US: an agreement which will cost thousands of local jobs?

"How can you trust a man who has allowed the gulf between the rich and poor to widen?

"How can you trust a man who has demeaned Australia's international reputation as a defender of democracy and basic human rights?

"How can you trust a man who has implemented savage cuts to welfare services, run down the public health care system and allowed university fees to increase to record levels?

"Answer: you can't!

And you can't trust Latham to do much better." Michael Organ said.

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Kristian Bolwell
Adviser to Michael Organ MP
Greens Federal Member for Cunningham
Tel: (02) 42283666
Fax: (02) 42283677

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