(Greens-Media) Warped logic to finally free Iraqi refugees

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 29/08/2004 - 23:51

Today's announcement by Senator Amanda Vanstone that Iraqi asylum seeker's cases will be reviewed in light of new information has been welcomed by The Greens but with Senator Kerry Nettle describing the move "a good decision based on warped logic."

Edwards, Jon (Sen K. Nettle


"These Iraqi's fled from Saddam Hussein but the government and refused to recognise them as refugees. Now US and Australian troops are on the ground in Iraq the government's warped logic has decided these Iraqis have become refugees," Senator Nettle said.

"The Minister is wrong if she thinks this eleventh hour change of can salvage the government's appalling record on refugees at the start of the election campaign.

"The Greens will continue to remind the electorate that this is the government that locks up families who fled Saddam Hussein.

"Government policy has been a disaster for Iraqi people.

"The best thing we can do for Iraqis is to withdraw the troops that continue to inflame tensions in Iraq and to show compassion to those Iraqis who fled from Saddam years ago and have been locked up in detention centres by this government.

"The Iraqi's locked up in detention were clearly refugees when they fled from Saddam and irrespective of the predictable failure of the occupation of Iraq they are still refugees now and should be freed.

"The Greens continue to demand an end to mandatory detention of asylum seekers."

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