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Submitted by Editor on Mon, 13/09/2004 - 22:32

"The introduction of proportional representation into the House of Representatives is the only way women's perspectives are going to be truly represented in Australian democracy," Greens lead Senate candidate Christine Milne said today at the launch of the Greens' Women's policy in Melbourne.

Kens Comment: That's discrimination! Where is the mens policy?

Emily Harris

September 13, 2004

Ms Milne launched the policy jointly with launched Greens candidates Gemma Pinnell (Victoria), Kerry Tucker (ACT), Jenny Leong (NSW) and Rachel Siewert (WA).

"Even though we now have a quarter of our federal parliamentarians being women, we still have lower wages for women, no national paid maternity leave scheme and twice as many women living in poverty - the breakthroughs for women are still too slow in coming.

"It is clear that the pressure to conform to party policy and to vote on party lines is inhibiting the capacity of Liberal & Labor women to make change in this area.

"The way to truly reflect women's needs and priorities is to introduce proportional representation into the House of Representatives so that the broad plurality of views in the community can be represented," said Ms Milne.

"The Greens will work to restore funding to women's organisations that have had their income slashed by the Howard government, as well as moving to ensure that the gender analysis of federal policy is reintroduced into our democratic processes.

"I am proud to be a candidate for a political party that both acknowledges and addresses the inequalities suffered by women in Australia rather than sweeping them under the carpet," Ms Milne said.

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