Hanging on by their toe nails

Submitted by Webmaster on Sun, 17/04/2005 - 14:09

Crimson finches were only a few years ago considered by somegovernment authories to be 'hanging on to survival by their toenails.  Well good news, they seem to have either bounced back fromthe edge or are much more common than previouslythought.  This species of finch gets around in small familygroups rather than big flocks.  They have a reputation for beingaggressive to other finches in captivity, so they are rarelykept.  Only the males are bright red, females are a mixtureof brown and bright red.  The best places to see these finches arewhere long grass and forest edges come together.  Some placeswhere I often see them are the first roundabout of the HollowaysBeach access road, near Smithfield waste transfer station andalso at the edges of rural landnear Whiterock.  Finches like to make nests inpandanus as the prickles provide protection from hawks.  Crimsonand Bull (Chestnut-breasted) Finches can often be seen above theplanted pandanus in the Holloways Beach roundabout.   



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