Help Haiti Flood Victims: CARE Needs Your Support to Raise $1 Million

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 29/09/2004 - 18:14

Dear K,

I've just visited Haiti - devastated by Hurricane Jeanne. In the northwest city of Gonaives, so many people have lost everything. The need is so great, I felt compelled to write and ask for your help:

CARE President Peter Bell

September 29, 2004

- So far, the death toll exceeds 1,600 - and more than 1,000 remain missing.

- Water sources are contaminated and pose an immediate health risk to hundreds of thousands of people.

- More than 130,000 people are in desperate need of food, shelter and medical attention.

A minimum three-month supply of food, clean water and basic survival items for the people of Gonaives will cost roughly $3.6 million. U.S., European and Canadian governments have helped us meet much of that target, but we still need your help.

CARE must raise an additional $1 million to help the Haitian people, and I'm asking for your support.

Despite their own loss and trauma, CARE's staff in Haiti is already on the front lines. Your generous donation will help them reach more than 100,000 people in the next few months.

Please make your donation today, and forward this message to as many people as possible. Lives depend on it.

On behalf of the people we serve - thank you!

Peter Bell
CARE President and CEO

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about CARE.

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for the CARE at:

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