[Hug-Ur-Kids Org] Ken Special Report on Child Abduction You Should Read..!!

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 24/05/2004 - 14:42

Hi Ken

The reason for this mail to you Ken tonight is the fact that Womans Day Magazine is about to release a special report on 24th May, this coming Monday on Parental Child Abduction.

I do encourage you to purchase a copy and read all about it, as it is an important topic for ALL parents.

May 21 2004

Hug-Ur-Kids Organization works tirelessly to bring change to how the overall communities view and percieve this horrendous crime against children.

If you cannot purchase a copy of the magazine, we will be placing a scanned version of it on our website in both PDF format and it's original format so you can go to our website: http://www.hug-ur-kids.org.au/media.htm and be able to view it from there.

I would also like to mention our products Kidsafe Systems Monitoring Units are now available for sale through out Australia and globally, I would also draw your attention to their usefulness, in particularly how these unique devices have already saved the life of a little WA boy.

To view this testimonial and follow on media you can go to: http://www.huko.org and go to the TESTIMONIALS pages.

We all want to keep our kids safe, and these units are the first in a line of exceptional products to do just that, if your considering purchasing one of these units you will find a 100% safe environment to purchase from our Secure Shopping Cart Facility.

If your looking at donating to Hug-Ur-Kids Organization you donation can be made via our website Hug-Ur-Kids, and keep in mind your donation is Tax Deductable, so now is a great time to get a break on your taxes just before the end of the season.

keeping in mind Hug-Ur-Kids is NOT funded, we rely on the generosity of the public to keeping our doors open, and to keep on helping parents who rely and need us.

Thanks for your time today.

Take Care Ken and have a great weekend.


Hug-Ur-Kids Administration



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