Human Rights Defenders/Lawyers threatened in West Papua

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The lawyers for Nelson Rumbiak and other accused West Papuans have been intimidated by the attorney general who has reported them to the police. The attorney general has accused the legal team of behavior that was insulting to the state.

Paula Makabory of the West Papuan human rights organisation, ELSHAM (Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy) says 'it seems there is no guarantee for human rights defenders or legal people in West Papua even though they are simply trying to defend people as is their right under the law'.

The lawyers have been defending accused Papuans who are being charged with involvement in the demonstrations which took place in Abepura in March of this year against the Freeport mine.

On Monday 28 August a number of the accused were attacked by police when they were returned from a hearing at the local court. Nelson Rumbiak was beaten and suffered injuries to his face and ribs.

Joe Collins of the AWPA said that Australian Government should be calling on the Indonesian President to control his police and military in West Papua. The Australian government who talks about instability in the region should reflect on its causality . It is the police and military acting with impunity in West Papua which is causing instability . This latest provocation proves yet again to the West Papuan people that they can receive no justice under Indonesian rule.


Paula Makabory (0409 945 482)
Joe Collins (04077 857 97)
Press Release WEST PAPUA-Human Rights Defenders/Lawyers threatened in West Papua
Date: 02/09/06 11:38:56
From: Anne Noonan and Joe Collins bunyip at

Press Release WEST PAPUA

The Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

2 September 2006



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