i was in care

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/04/2007 - 22:36

i have read so many posts filled with hate and anger towards the dept. I dont know how i feel, i understand where you are coming from but at the same time i feel really sad and angry because i feel like you are bagging out my family :( I dont agree with everything the dept does. I was taken into care at the age of 12, i should of been taken in a lot earlier, i was living on the streets of Toowoomba at the age of 10, the dept were informed by my school and did nothing as in there words "i had options". They moved me to Logan, even though my family was still in Toowoomba. In the past 5 years i have lived in over 40 placements ranging from foster care, shelters, residentials and self-placements, such as friends and being on the streets. I know that there is abuse in some foster homes, i was a victim of it, but there are some really great, loving workers in the dept. All the cso's i have had have been very kind and loving, like everyone we have had our arguments but they have genuinely cared. I dont really know how the department treat parents because my parents never wanted to be involved, but i know from my experience the dept seems to work on a theory that if you are nice to them and want to help yourself than they will do anything for you, but hay that might just be the way they treat the kids. I know every child or young person in care has a different story to tell, and i know there are so many positives and negatives about the system. I dont want to be biast, i agree with both sides of what people are saying, but i guess when people start using nasty words to descibe the dept workers, it makes me want to stand up for them. The dept has inspired me, im now at uni studying a bachelor of social work so that i can work at the dept. I know that text books aren't a practible way of dealing with life, but they do give alot of insight. I dont want to work at the dept so i can get revenge, i want to work there because i know what its like to be in care, i know what its like to feel alone and scared and i want to help children and young people to grow and have good, fullfilling lives. My cso's have inspired me to be something better. I just hope that these parents who have so much rage and hate dont talk like this in front of there children because in the end we (the kids) are just trying to survive and we do get attached to people, including dept workers. To that little 12 yr old girl, get in contact with the commission for children and young people and child guardian, they have a website just google it. You can call them, they are independent of the department and will be able to help you with your situation. The best thing you can do to survive being in care is-
Make friends with your cso, your youth workers and counsellor, they are the people who have the biggest influence on the way your life in care pans out, be cooperative and polite, dont be violent, get in trouble with the law or do drugs, the worst thing that can happen is you being seperated from your sisters... thats not to scare you, but i wish someone had said that to me. Remember your not alone and that you are loved by your parents and everyone around you. Parents- i worry about your rage and hate, it scares me. I've been out of care for 2 months and i would do ANYTHING to go back, i miss it so much:(

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RE I was in care

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 12/04/2007 - 17:29.

Your story is so different to what everybody else is saying you did come from a bad home and because of that we are all tarnished with same brush.
My kids want to come home, they hate Docs, the workers, and the system as we have a great large family full of love but Docs workers lie and fabricate and they really disgust me with their lack of compassion.
I am glad to hear of a success in your case but truly there are bad apples amongst them, a lot of bad apples that are ruining children's lives many many children, if you do join them then you will see. Hope you can make a difference.

Do something!

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 12/04/2007 - 20:58.

Im not trying to stick up for the dept but i want to give a realistic view. No one goes into the dept to destroy families, break parents and childrens hearts and just create problems. Everyone who steps through thoes doors to work as a cso, csso, teamleader, manager etc wants to help vulnerbale children and young people, children exposed to abuse and neglect by there parents or care givers. I have been in care, i know that some kids HATE the system and want to be at home with there parents, and sometimes bringing kids into care creates even more problems compared to if they were still living at home, but it isnt fair to categorise every dept worker as being a bitch or corrupt etc, ive been out of care for 2 months and i am now friends with old cso's and youth workers and they NEVER did anything to be bitchy or corrupt. These people are human and they do make mistakes. I know there have been many coverups with child safety, but rather than 'abusing' cso's, i just think it would be better to write a letter to the manager of which ever office, write one to the minister of child saftey and anyone else who will listen. It is so important for parents to know that cso's are just the messenger, they are told what to do about cases and even if they disagree with the decision, they have to do what there told by there boses, in the end it is a job and they need the money to survive. The dept is needed in our society, there are kids out there who need the dept. I think its sad that parents dont seem to be listened too, but i also think if i had someone come into see me and i was working as a cso, and they called me a bitch or used half the abuse that is written in some of these posts, i wouldnt listen either. Respect is a two way thing. If you have a problem with the way the dept are handling things, write letters to anyone who will listen. It is more worthwhile you becoming proactive than being destructive. If you go off, than you are just proving what the dept may be saying about you. I think that everyones case with the dept is different and complex, i believe that there are 4 sides to the story, the parents side, the childs side, the dept side and the truth. I know that it would be hard to have your children removed from you, but i do think there could be alot worse. With people saying that the dept are all bad, there are bad people everywhere, from the police force to the dept to parents, i dont think its fair to judge. For example, because my parents were complete idiots and had no idea into how to care for me, they were from low socio-economic backgrounds and were uneducated etc, i could say that every parent who has kids in the dept are the same, and that would be a huge stereotype and judgement. Its the same when people say that about cso's, and i get offended. I will be a cso in the next 4 years, i am not corrupt, i am not a bitch, and i am not after revenge. I am going to protect children and young people, i am going to act in the best interest of the child or young person. If we didnt have the dept and children and young people were being abused at home and there were no places or system to protect these kids i bet there would be a forum on here saying how crap our system is that we dont have something. Dont hate the dept workers, hate the system. sTop whinning about it, and do something to change it.

This is what we're doing about it.....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 12/06/2007 - 11:27.

To 'Do Something About It' - you are so 'cute'.

Just imagine, if there were a Forum to discuss the 'other side' of what we need to discuss here.

Someone needs to remind you, that although your intentions are honourable, they do not make them correct. You are stating that you, along with all you know and have seen, experienced etc., are prepared to 'do good' with a Department that has evil Legislation written for it to follow. You also, will be required to follow these guidelines - regardless of whether you think or know it is not appropriate to the child's situation. What will you do then? I have made your future career easier for you - in fact, we are all going to make it easier for you. We intend to band together to 'REFORM' the already inconsiderately-written Legislation.

Now there's a career move - working with the Department(s) of Planning in formulating ONE GOOD plan - that suits yourself as a worker, the parent, mostly the child etc., and THEN we can worry about the CSO's personal feelings.

She's a bitch for doing what she did - and she's a bitch for saying what she did - and she's a bitch for writing what she did. Especially considering I have given her every opportunity to get the story correct. Why do we have to tolerate this? Because THEY CAN!!!

What about the workers that have resigned early? Did you take them into consideration? They can give you a few good 'inside stories. In fact, some have been so disgusted at the Department's involvement with innocent people's lives, that they have resigned and furthermore, become freelancing 'consultants' to help those innocent people stuck in the abusive system. We are not living our everyday lives in fear - this is Australia and as you have a wonderful career opportunity to move into, we also, as tax-paying adults, have the right to protect ourselves from dysfunctional, corrupt legislation, instilled PROFUSELY by DoCS CS Workers.

You sound the appropriate ill-knowledged age to enter the Dept. But perhaps you should get some good, sound career advice from other professionals - not just ex-Departmental workers (of which I could provide you with a list), but you could also go see a bunch of Solicitors that REFUSE to enter a Children's Court due to the horror and dismay and corruption and continual emotional upheaval the Department created and got away with again and again and again.

So - before putting all your cookies into the DoCS basket, perhaps you should get some foresight from some 'educated parents' and look into areas 'around' helping these children and their families out. Afterall, as one Poitician in Melbourne said: "It's only a matter of time before they close that whole Dept. down" (and replace it with an appropriate Dept. that deals appropriately with appropriately-identified abused children).

Also - this Forum is what we are doing about it. You shouldn't be in here if you have no interest in the matter. It appears, as everyone es, you are a little hesitate and skeptical of your career decision. This could be the only reason for your presence in this forum.

Good luck to you and please don't hesitate to contact me if you require some good, sound, career advice. I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate upbringing. But I'll just bet your parents did the best they could with the resources they had. And believe me, once the Departmnet are involved in their lives with yuo, they don't actually allow the rest of the family to carry on their lives either. So you should perhaps give some consideration also, to the parents that raised you prior to the Dept's involvement.

God Bless!

Lisa - y2kassist@hotmail.com

Hey Do something

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 16/04/2007 - 19:03.

I hope you don't become a CSO with that unrealistic ideology of how this department works, get some life experience and talk to the families being falsely accused of bullshit and and learn form their side how they feel about the intrusive actions that this department inflicts upon them and separates kids from the rest of their family members.

That is the most disgusting thing anybody could do (HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT?).

When you know you are innocent and they don't listen its your kids that suffer the most.


Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 13/04/2007 - 17:07.

Have you seen the DOCS petition dickhead we are.


Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 13/04/2007 - 21:19.

Everyone has the right to an opinion on there own expereinces etc, can people show a bit more respect for other people and there opinions, please dont call people names just because they have a different point of view. Thanks

To respect

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 15/04/2007 - 23:29.

I have respect for people who deserve it, and I am not normally disrespectful to anybody, but sometimes peoples stupidity annoy me, sorry for any disrespect to those who deserve it

RE: Respect

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 14/04/2007 - 10:22.

sadly i agree, we all have the right to our own opinion and for me thats severe hatred against docs, if u have the opinion they are good thats your opinion i may have the opinion your crazy for liking them but thats my opinion. But i agree, the bad language and the name calling isnt getting anyone anywhere.

Dont talk to me about how bad DoCS is, i have wrote letters to the ombussman, the governer general, Kym Beasley when he was in and now sent emails to Kevin Rudd, have also sent letters to John Howard all of whom have advised me to contact head of DoCS who wont reply to my letters,

Through DoCS care my friend died, she didnt want to be in care of DoCS, her parents loved her cared for her and didnt want her in care and no they wernt on drugs, her friends didnt want her with DoCS,

Her parents didnt agree with the Dr and decided to change Doctors which is legal but this doctor decided he didnt want to lose her as his patient so he reported her to DoCS with false information.

I know not all case workers are evil, i know some nice ones, im not against DoCS existing i know they need to be their but their needs to be an appeal system that works and when proven wrong in court they need to be made not allowed to keep appealing untill the parents run out of money.

I am the one who started the petition in Ipetition.com against docs calling for a royal commission, and am the one who originally called for a protest, this isnt against what DoCS is supposed to do its against what they have done, im not calling for them to be shut down im calling for an investigation to make those who are corrupt pay for what they have done and force DoCS to be fixed.

reason this is anonymous is because i am on a friends computer and couldnt remember my password for my account as its saved on my computer an rarely use any computer but my own


i agree with what you are say

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 15/04/2007 - 10:58.

i agree with what you are saying in regards to getting an investigation done on child safety, no harm can come from that. I dont disagree with people that child safety has treated them badly, abused there rights as parents and humans and treated them with harsh disrespect, but i dont agree in the name calling and stereotype of the entire department. I had an incident with a worker from child safety when i was placed in a crisis accommodation setting, i cant say much because i dont want to be identified, but what happened was that i was touched inappropiatly by a female youth worker, i spoke to my cso, who than passed it on the someone higher, i was so upset and felt extremely yuck. I wanted the police involved as i thought child safety would want to protect there own, the dept said no they would handle it, the youth workers husband is a police officer so i was screwed either way.Nothing happened as i saw the worker at the child safety office several times. I took it further with the police 2 years later and had to withdrawl it as the dept made my reputation to the police so bad that the police said they were fighting an uphill battle before even getting to the point of the complaint. I dont want this youth worker to go to jail, i just want it to be recognised that it happened and i want child safety to apoligise. Its hard when u have had some good cso's and than you come across the bad ones and in order to bring the bad ones down you have to bring the good ones down to. I think a massive protest in the city, make enough publicity, people tell there stoies have the entire community involved, children and young people in care involved along with parents, grandparents etc. I want to work for child safety later on but i agree things need to change.

Hello I though i would add

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 15/05/2007 - 19:32.


I though i would add REPLY to those who are dealing with dept of child safety

I Have been involved with dept of child safety since 2004, it all started when someone started harrassing me and the police said no one was there it was me i was the 'culpret' so they removed the children for there safety and took out a child protection order for 2 years and i had a crap lawyer which said just sign it will be easier, so we did and in the mean time i fell pregnant to my husband with our daughter soon after we got married we we're refered to reunifcation service which was completed postivley and we were sucessful in getting the children home and we had regular visits from dept of child safety that closed the case.

then on 5th january 2007 the child protection QLD and QLD child protection police turned up with a warrant of me knownling possessing child explotation on my computer i was deverstated as worked so well with the dept in the past! and they took dvd's digital camera and computers they removed the children on RISK OF sexual harm , mental harm, phscological, emotinal harm what a load of crap they have filed for another 2 year child protection guardianship order with NO EVIDENCE our lawyer is contesting the order we go back to court on may to a court ordered confrence as we are contesting as there is no evedince of harm and if they don't give us the children back on a supervision order or something our lawyer is taking it to trial where we will win! we have lost time an moment because of a false allergation made by someone in sydney that doesnt' even know us! ( FROM A INTERNET FORUM REGO DETAILS REGISTERED TO ME AS I SUPPOUSLY WENT ON TO A FORUM AND ADMITTED TO THE FORUM IAM INTO CHILD PORN I STILL HAVENT SEEN COPIES OF CHAT LOGS)

they claim they need to take the order out because the RISK OF is too significant



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