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Parents Suing For Constitutional Rights As Parents
A Parent Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Coalition of Parents Unite in Nationwide Class Action Constitutional Challenges for Their Children and Nation


September 03, 2004

(N.O, LA) September 2, 2004 -- Representatives from across the country are announcing that on September 17, 2004, they will simultaneously file federal class action lawsuits, on behalf of an estimated 25 million noncustodial parents, demanding that rights to equal custody of their children be restored by the federal courts.

In what some are calling "the mother of all lawsuits", the parents will challenge widespread practices by the states in determining care, custody, and support of children. "Parents are tired of being mistreated as second class citizens by state courts," according to Torm L. Howse, President of the Indiana Civil Rights Council. "Most parents say they care about their children, their families, and the related unnecessary waste of their hard-earned taxdollars, more than all other political issues combined."




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