Immorality of Indian politics (DR.ABDUL RUFF Colachal)

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 19/07/2007 - 18:00

Immorality of Indian politics

Ridden by anti-Muslim feelings and spreading hatred politics, India for quite some time has been trying to woo the US-led West not only by re-adjusting its nuclear "credentials", but also by practicing the western "cultural ethos", probably on an experimental basis. Now that any thing can be done to Muslims in India without fear and accountability, such nonsense is not condemned by the media and governments in India. Neither the UN or its various human rights agencies nor any tall leader in India could question injustice done to the voiceless Muslims, nor the Indian "patriotic" media busy with themes like" anti-Pakistanism, anti-Muslimism and "Islamic terrorism" would care to protect the rights of Muslims as enshrined in the Constitution by calling for administering justice to them.

It has perhaps become a common fashion to parade women in nude in Western societies, but now the trend seems to have spread in India too, where the Muslim women are paraded nude in the streets. The ghastly “show” took place in Uttar Pradesh (UP) in North India where a Hindu woman chief-minister belonging to a regional party BSP has assumed office recently. Relatives of a Hindu cabinet minister of UP has on July 10, 2007 conducted the ghastly "open" parading of Muslim women in the streets of Lucknow, a well-known cultural center of Muslims in India, but, shockingly, neither the government of UP nor the Central government was aware of this dirty parading for nearly week. All India Radio (AIR) that behaves like Anti-Islamic Radio (AIR) and committed to the anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan as well as "terrorist" propaganda with its so-called discussions and talks by the anti-Islamic persons freely available in India, has not reported the “cultural feast” from India, because it would tarnish the image of the so-called "secular" and "cultured" India. The private media have also kept a total silence about the matter.

Needless to state that the anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir stand being pursed by the Central government has emboldened the state governments to permit similar anti-Muslim actions without caring for any decency. The hidden role being played by the leading national parties like the Congress in promoting such nefarious activities for political gains by willingly permitting crime by the Hindus against Muslims in the country requires no elucidation. The Meerut Muslim blood-shed still remains a vivid testimony of majority "tolerance" and their inhuman attitude to Muslims. Threatened by the state machinery and betrayed by their own self-styled leaders, the Indian Muslims have lost confidence in life.

The nexus between the politicians, bureaucrats and media magnets is too obvious to be described here.The "ugly street" incident in Lucknow once again reveals hypocrisy of the state machinery as well the politicians. The Lucknow dirty game clearly shows that the security of the people of a country depends more on the morality of the people who run the government than on its law and the constitution. Politicians play with religious sentiments just to corner a few votes and make fortunes for their” services” rendered to the nation. As media (both government sponsored and other) play havoc in the lives of Muslims by cruelly projecting them as something undesirable elements in the "great" Indian society, they have been made to feel that they are under constant siege. It seems there can be no hope for any remedy to protect the common Muslims in India. Who will then safe-guard the genuine interests of these Muslims and help them live as honored citizens of this "largest democracy" of the world? And would the trend continue in future too?Babri Mosque was destroyed by the anti-Islamic terrorists in India and nothing seems to have happened to them. There is no move to rebuild the Mosque at eh same sight as yet!

Indians who live quite comfortably in India and abroad are still so proud of their country’s “cultural heritage” and virtues like tolerance and brotherhood that they are intolerant to hear any thing bad about real India. Any criticism is immediately replied by the Indian network spread across the globe.They trumpet around saying that Indians are great and accommodative and the Muslims alone are terrorists and bad guys. They are worried that a Muslim is President of India, but he is not even aware of such anti-people, nasty activities happening in the country. Any decent President or Prime-minister would have dismissed the UP government and put the minister concerned behind the bars. Let the "patriotic" neo-Indians now say if what has happened in Lucknow reflects their concept of Indian culture. It is yet another national shame!.

New Delhi



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