Important message from HUKO International.

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 01/10/2004 - 18:44

Hi Ken

Just contacting you today to basically keep you up to speed on what's happening both with Hug-Ur-Kids Organisation and HUKO International.

HUKO International

September 30, 2004

As of 1st September 2004 Hug-Ur-Kids Org closed its doors as a Non Profit Organisation, this is mainly due to several determining factors of which lack of support for the charity was one, the rising costs of keeping our doors open was another, as well as unscrupulious others sucking this organisation dry of resources, but that's another story.

BUT because we are the only group in the Southern Hemisphere that are pro-active on Child Abductions, we couldn't simply just close down and leave the many parents previously / currently and in the future dealing with this heinous crime to there own devices.

So as of 2nd September 2004 all services now come under the banner of HUKO International, this is a registered company, and now ALL services will be on a pay per use system, our cycles are 30 day cycle streams, in other words you only pay for 30 days rather than the normal membership of 1 year.

We also have incorporated other professional consultancy stradegies to help parents, both locally and Internationally.

One main point is that HUKO International is now looking at becoming more hands on in 'walk outs' or commonly termed 'Recoveries', we are also networking with some well recognised and respected organisations globally.

Another point to touch upon is our new forums located at:

This is a great place to advertise your buy/sell items, create a topic on parenting and related issues, or perhaps you have a child safety items or a business to promote.? then by all means go to the forum.

Charity Auction held in November 2004, this auction will be to sell off our remaining items we have, we have a build up of items that will be sold off come this November auction, so don't miss it, and by all means tell your friends about it, it is guaranteed to be one excellent celebrity memorabilia auction.

KIDSAFE and other Child Safety Products, for those who have placed an order and waiting for Kidsafe, your order has not been charged to your credit card, there has been a slight delay on a shipment, we hope to have a new shipment very soon, please keep an eye on for all new items that shall be available soon, especially worthwhile for pet owners with the introduction of Pet Tracker arriving soon.

Email viruses and other computer viruses - there will be a section added in our forums very shortly about write ups, programs that are useful to combat computer viruses and dialers etc...extremely well worth a look if your new to computers, or you want to keep up to date with all the lurking nasties out there just waiting to invade your computer...afterall 1 in every 7 computers contain some type of virus or dialer and you don't even know it.

In closing, if you'd like to find out about our new terms and conditions of how we operate under HUKO International please send us an email at: in the subject line ' TERMS & CONDITIONS' you'll get a response within 48 hours.

For those of you worried about Hug-Ur-Kids closing, don't panic, we will still offer support/information/advice and everything else we used to offer, the only difference is if you use it, you pay for it.

Anyhow Ken, thanks for your time today.

Best Regards

Mr Geoff Day
HUKO International
P.O. Box 28

ABN: 106 550 681

Tel: (08) 9368 0033
Fax: (08) 9368 0906



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