Incredible misinformation and disinformation

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Of all the many things that are not true about the proposed False Cape development, the claim that it will not be visible from the Esplanade is the most obvious and most easily debunked untruth.  This issue was therefore selected to test our councillors and is why images of False Cape, taken from the Esplanade were on the front of the False Cape leaflet from FutureofCairns. Here is what John from the East Trinity Rate Payers Association and the Mayor of Cairns had to say regarding the leaflet on John McKenzies talkback radio on 4 May 2005: John from the East Trinity Rate Payer’s Group  - “One of the biggest problems we had with the greens is the misleading and false information, for instance, the brochure they’ve got out at the moment (Byrne, “it’s a shocker”), oh its terrible, they’ve got a photograph there purportedly from the esplanade showing an overlay of the proposed development but if one looks at it you can see that it is a photograph of Bessie Point, now if that’s not misleading and incredible information - they are trying to mislead the public.” Mayor of Cairns, Kevin Byrne - “Now in relation to the flyer that’s been going around by, put out by this nebulous group called the FutureOfCairns dot net, www. Nobody’s owning up to the authorship of this, Cafnec is ducking and weaving and everybody else is ducking and weaving, but I suspect the myriad of groups, the Save Our Slopes and Cafnec and they’d, they’d all be in there. The distortions in the photographic and and ah and illustrative part of that ah um, flyer that is going around are not to mention the words in it, is just frankly disgraceful and it really serves no credit in … veracity, honesty and integrity of those people involved. And frankly it’s a disgrace and anybody who wants to put their name to the authorship and support this shady group of individuals in terms of their misinformation and disinformation that’s occurring about False Cape need their head read.” The main claims that were made on the radio program were that the photographic images were distorted and misleading. The mayor also appeared to agree with John’s comment that the image on the cover of the leaflet was obviously Bessie Point. To demonstrate that both John and the mayor’s comments are misleading or down right false, FutureOfCairns went down to the esplanade with the leaflet, held the leaflet up in front of the scene it represents and photographed it. The locations that the photos were taken from is included on the FutureOfCairns site, and can also be deduced by features included in the photos. This information has been available to the Mayor and the False Cape developer for some time, so they have had ample opportunity to check the accuracy of our simulations for themselves before they made statements to the media. Why do they continue to make wild untruthful statements about the accuracy and integrity of information on the FutureOfCairns website?  The first photograph was taken from the footpath directly in front of the Pana Roma restaurant, close to where the original photo was taken from. It is very difficult to get an auto-focus camera to simultaneously focus on a leaflet at arm’s length and on distance scenery, so the background is out of focus in this photo. Still, the photo shows that other than being slightly larger than life size, the image in the leaflet is accurate. The original photo was just a happy snap – when walking home, I heard the boats and turned on the camera, zoomed in a little and snapped off a shot in about 3 seconds. On the final image, a fringe of trees from the real photo can be seen above the computer scenery. The computer generated scenery (made by 3d mapping software) fitted the real scenery in the photo so well, that the skyline of the computer generated scene was exactly where it was supposed to be – at ground level rather than tree height, as the landscape model is based on ground contours. It is very satisfying that our computer generated scenery has such exact agreement with the scenery in real photographs. The only editing this image received, was to erase the end of the computer generated scene to reveal one of the boats and to erase the bottom edge of the scene to reveal the coastline and mangroves on the other site of Trinity Inlet. The second photograph is from the Esplanade boardwalk across from the of the Pana Roma restaurant. Light rain was falling when the photos were taken at 3 pm on Friday, 6 May, so the detail of False Cape is not clear. A dotted line on the photo indicates the scene shown in the leaflet. The photo was taken from the southern end of the esplanade, from where False Cape is at its least visible. We call upon the mayor to accept the reality of our visual simulations. For John of the East Trinity Rate Payers Association, here is a photo of Bessie Point taken from the same location as the previous simulation. We request john to please retract hisstatement about the images being Bessie Point and not False Cape. Bessie Point is the closest mountain in this view. In the next article FutureOfCairns will debunk some of the other claims that Mayor Byrne made on John McKenzies’ talkback radio, provided our freedom of speech is not prematurely curtailed.If anybody wishes to make any comments about this article or the False Cape issue in general, please follow this link the False Cape forum, click the post button and start writing.



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