India, a terrorist state,a Fraud and Rogue! (Dr.Abdul Ruff)

Submitted by abdulruff on Sun, 15/07/2007 - 20:31

India, a Fraud and Rogue!

Abdul Ruff, a former employee of Government of India working as Reader at CIEFL, Hyderabad was forced by the madness by the networks operating at the institute premises to quit job under VRS in 2001. In fact the netwrokings had made central Institute a torture centre for him. The Institute, on behalf of the Government of India, promised to pay him the pension and other retirement benefits as he left the Institute. He has not received even an acknowledgment for his letters so far. He wrote to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Arjun Singh, the president of India and Prime minister, minister for human Resources respectively. He even met Arjun Singh in New Delhi and handed him an appeal in this regard. But till date none of them has cared to do anything abut his retirement settlement by honoring the government commitment. THE ARROGANT NATURE OF DEALINGS BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA TOWARDS A MUSLIM IS QUITE UNDERSTANDABLE. A shameless nation that pulled down the historic Babri Mosque in North India in a cunning manner by using the anti-Islamic terrorists engaged from different parts of the country, India would not hav been other wise, but a government cheating its own Muslim teacher-employee is indeed ridiculous and atrocious..

Abdul Ruff rightly fears that his money might also be used for purchasing weapons from Israel, South Africa and other countries that could be used only to kill the Muslims in India and Kashmir. That is unfair.

He was been thrashed several times in India by the terrorists seemingly hired by the government. Remote gadgets are used to harass him when in sleep.His sleep is controlled by some powerful remote gadget. He continues to be under the threat of dream terrorism and remote electric shocks by the government agencies and many nights he spends without sleeping and this has been happening since 1994 when he first had objected to the Institute's misbehavior with him through various means. The Institute which he served quite sincerely as well as the Governments in Hyderabad even used the police in Hyderabad to harass him forcing him to leave job and Hyderabad.One does not know if that is quite legal and moral on the part of the Government of India committed to welfare of citizens.

Needless to say, the Government of India owes him the money for the services he lent for one of its educational institutions and the President, Prime-Minister and Human resources minister jointly are responsible for the ghastly behavior of the government agency toward Abdul Ruff. The networking is very strong every where. Since the legal institutions are indirectly controlled in the country by the government and justice could be delayed endlessly for him, and considering the costs and energy involved, Abdul Ruff has refrained from approaching the courts.

It is therefore requested that 10) Abdul Ruff be paid his dues immediately and the government as well as the UPA Chairperson Ms.Sonia Gandhi should initiate steps to redress his grievances without further delay and drama, 2) stop the harassing agencies from operating the remote gadgets targeting him (sleep terrorism) and arrest the net-workings against him in the country, and 3) initiate action against the CIEFL so that none is harassed there any more nor the the hard earned dues are withheld. Preferebly the nasty central Institute could be closed down for the nation's sake.

The intelligence personnel could supply the present address of Abdul Ruff for sending him the necessary money orders as well as related communications from the government side. Even ordinary network personnel of India are also aware of his address.

Further, the human Rights organizations should come forward to demand of the government to release the amount due for Abdul Ruff and stop meddling in his sleep.There could be several more cases of victimization and terrorism by the government of Muslims in Indian government services. UN could consider suspending the membership of India in the organization and other profitable global institutions pending the pension payment by India to Abdul Ruff. Why the USA does not include India in the terrorist states list or call India a rogue state or an axis of evil, when it could behave in a dirty manner?

Abdul Ruff still looks forward to hearing from the Governmwent of India and/or the concerned persons named above stationed in New Delhi at the earliest. I expect a reply too.


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Abdul Ruff should be paied his legitmate dues as aformewr employee of government of INdia working in Hyderabad, immediately and the Indian government should ensure the immediate payment without further delaying this genuine matter.

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