Indian Remote Terrorism? (Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal)

Submitted by abdulruff on Sun, 15/07/2007 - 20:37

Indian Remote Terrorism?

Or are they State sponsored remote Devils?
In the "modern" world many advanced technological equipments have been developed and used for tracking human movements and activites as part of the surveilance arrangement of the State.Both the claims being largest democracy and the nefarious actions of torturing the select people , at times for just fun, co-exist for a long time in India.

As it is known the satellites on which huge amount of public money is being invested are used for both constructive and destructive purposes. While the tax-payers have a vague idea, if not no idea at all, about the positive aspects of functions of satellites, the devastative purposes of satellites are not revealed to the public. One such negative aspect of functions of satellite is to create devilish activities: that is, to create loud noises in and around the premises where individuals live, work or sleep, during day or night. Another cruel aspect is dream terrorism and remote shock treatment to make people hurriedly woke up to pain. The satellites can stop one from falling asleep no matter hard one wants and tired other wise. It is goes without saying that such nefarious activities conducted by government agencies regularly are both illegal and immoral. And they violate the fundamental human rights that a human being is entitled in civilized world. India cannot behave indifferently in harming the human existence. Many a person have committed suicide on account of this. People generally thank—the network people spread- that devils perform all this. No doubt devils of different category, the state sponsored devils. All these devilish activities could be called Satellite terrorism, sponsored by the State.

Abdul Ruff, a former employee of Government of India who worked at CIEFL as Reader was forced to quit seeking retirement benefits mainly because of this nefarious act of the state sponsored remote terrorism. He complains that even these days the state sponsored remote terrorism continues. In spite of the matter being brought to the notice of the highest levels of government and State, to the President of India and Prime-minister of India the remote torture continues unabated till date.

It is appealed to you to kindly put an end to this remote terrorism on Abdul Ruff and pay his dues promptly without causing him more agony and atrocities any more. The same remote technique should be administered to the President, Prime-minister, the Governors and Chief-ministers, their deputies and adivsors, beside those who operate the remote gadgets secretly to get their reaction on remote terrorism.

One does not know why UN and USA could not intervene in such state sponsored remote terrorism by India as a serious case of Human Right violations.

JNU, New Delhi



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