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(Editor: Jon Wilson's Letter about John Bauskis conviction posted as a comment below).

- by John Bauskis

This is my experience in jail following my conviction, ( Falsely & illegally ) on the 5-9-06

From the cells under the court I was taken to City Central, in handcuffs, There I was put in a cell with 2 others, one a drug mule (from NZ) the other I don’t know, After being strip-searched and my particulars taken I was put back in the cell awaiting transport to Surry Hills, The Downing Centre Is a huge underground complex of around 80 cells, (so I was told).

I was in a cell with another innocent person (he got thrown in jail by his parole officer, who was a woman who didn’t like him) He spent the next 4 days trying to get someone to listen to him, to make a phone call to let his solicitor know that he was in jail. For my part I also was trying to get medication for my high blood pressure, the only way to communicate from the cells is by intercom, (which is only to be used for medical emergency,)

Their excuse was that there was a person having a heart attack ( that person died so they tell me, I wander why?) anyway by Friday the 8-9-06 PM I did eventually see a nurse, By this stage I was having blurred vision and dizziness, when he took my blood pressure it was 195 over 115, normally I should be around 140 over 80 they didn’t have my tablets but I got an equivalent , but only one tablet, nothing for tomorrow, luckily we were shipped of to Wollongong (handcuffed again) there was about 18 of us, (the reason we were shipped out was because there were to many prisoners in Surry Hills ).

I was now in a smaller cell with 3 others ( one a drug user, another for assault, another, innocent for breaching an AVO, his ex-wife got the AVO, he was living at his home with his 4 children, he had custody, she comes to his house demanding some money as he is drunk in his own house, he pushes her out , so he is charged with breach of AVO and assault,) Do you wander were the LAW is going wrong, Justice doesn’t see daylight, So I was sleeping on the floor, but sleeping and the food was at least eatable.

I saw the nurse, she didn’t have the right tablets but rang a doctor who prescribed a different tablet ( at this stage my blood pressure was 170 over 100, still to high, any way I didn’t have blurred vision or the dizziness ).

Our treatment was much better than Surry Hills, ( all the regular crooks that I spoke too agreed that Surry Hills Corrective Services Officers were scum, that they treat all and sundry worse than animals) So Monday back to Sydney, handcuffed again, we stopped at Silverwater Corrective Centre, only to change busses, we got 1 pie for lunch, than picked up more prisoners and headed back to Surry Hills.

On arrival I was put back in a cell with one other person, didn’t get much time to find out what he was in for, as he left soon after, about an hour later I was told I’m moving, and guess what !!!!! back to Silverwater, (What organization, the corrective service has no service,).

I was treated as a special case, they didn’t get many innocent people in Silverwater, I was told that if I stayed in my civy clothes I would be isolated away from other prisoners, and I would be in my cell 24 hours per day only out for half an hour to exercise, but if I were to change into greens I would be out and mixing with the prisoners, so they talked me into it.

I changed into greens, but guess what!!!! all I got was getting out of my cell for about one and a half hours, that is from about 6.30 to around 8 am, ( well I didn’t get to mix with the other prisoners because they were let out after me,) I was in a cell by myself ,around 10 X15 feet 2 beds a shower and a toilet, 2 hospital blankets, 1 sheet , 1 towel (the towel was used as a pillow) nobody gets reading material pen and paper to write letters.

The food is placed in front of your cell on the floor, The screw opens the door and kicks your food into your cell, that is if your lucky, they won’t touch you or do anything for you when you talk to them they will tell you that they will do something but nothing happens.

I was given the “Inmate Handbook” which is 69 pages, it gives you all the information you need but the problem is that no-one listens to you and you cant get anything done, It tells you your rights and obligations, but you cant communicate with any one. I filled out 3 self-referral forms (MRRC) to no avail, one was to see a priest, another, my right to be heard, (denied) my right to reading material, (denied) my right to pen and paper to write to the ombudsman (denied).

I couldn’t ring the ombudsman because when you are in your cell nobody comes to you, the only time you can do anything is when you are out of your cell, (which in my case was from around 6.30 to 8am, so at that time am I going to get the ombudsman? ).

Medically they tried, but if you don’t have a doctor that knows what he is doing, the nurses can only do so much, and nothing is consistent, some days I would get medication for one day at other times only for the morning or the evening.

Luckily when I first arrived and saw the welfare officer, I asked for something to read, she gave me a readers digest book with about 5 storeys, that was a great help, latter when brought into the office to get classified I noticed some books on a table outside the office, well on exiting that office I grabbed 3 books, not what I wanted but something to read any way.

I’m afraid that that is the only thing that kept me going, you can’t sleep day and night, My 14 days were to be up on the 19-9-06, but you won’t believe it on the 16-9-06 they called me and told me I was going home, great !!!! I got all my gear and went down and got changed into my civvies, just as I’m walking out the governor comes up and said that I had to go back as he had made a mistake in dates etc, So I’m back in my cell again, brilliant !!

What incompetence, you wouldn’t believe it, Come Monday 18-9-06 they tell me I’m going home, This time it’s for real, I get changed and am let out, I ask to use the phone to get someone to pick me up, sorry ,no phone call, They are suppose too give you a rail pass, In my case nothing, I had no money, nothing, well to bad, you walk like everyone else, (how is that for treating us like human beings ???

I walked out to the gate, and asked to use the phone, sorry we cant help you, we are not aloud, great!!1 So I start walking, But what am I thinking about, this is ridicules !!!! So I walk into the nearest factory and ask to use their phone to ring my wife, to come and pick me up, luckily the young lady without hesitation rings for me and I speak to my wife, (there is still in this world some good people) within an hour I’m home and having a cup of tea.

It will take a few days to get back to normal, my blood pressure will get back under control, now the real work will begin So far I have got the transcripts, John Wilson has been a great help and support to me, without him I don’t think I would have managed ,now I believe that we all must come together and fight this cancer in our society,

In conclusion I must say that With Gods help we must fight to correct the total corruption of our society, to make a better life , a free life for our children, and their children, if we wont do it who will, we cant let the banks win, most of the population haven’t a clue of what is going on around then, so we must educate them, drag them away from the TV and open their eyes to the propaganda of TV and media.

I know I have played a small part in this continua ting drama, but it needs all of us to fight the banks and the world order, please read 1984 and you will soon see that that is what we are at now, so that is my tale, if anyone needs any more information please e-mail me on siksua at
Thank you
yours sincerely,
John Bauskis



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