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Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 25/11/2005 - 17:48

Too many parents are losing their rights by default for want of knowledge and support - if you've lived this experience, please, share it, and let others learn too!

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Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 01/05/2006 - 13:13.

Do not fall into the trap of seeing only the smaller picture.
DOCS is only part of the problem. The government in general is to be widely blamed.
1st comes the parents who are ignorant enough to allow anyone to see or hear that they are not fitting into the perfect model of accepted parenthood. Or they've just simply made an enemy of someone who will complain to DOCS.
2nd comes the over reaction of the second party involved, whether that be a member of your family or a so-called friend,or a member of the public,or a worker in a private organisation or a worker in a government organisation or a worker in a charity.And this could also be a child themselves.
3rd comes the complaint to the relevant child protection department in your area of you allegedly abusing or neglecting a child or children.
4th comes the inability of anyone to act professionally or objectively or be unemotionally involed, in regards to allegations of any sort of child abuse or neglect.
5th comes the laws that everyone has to apparently follow. Yet these need only apply if you are punished for not doing so.
No-one making complaints against child protection services get very far as they are emotionally involved, not objective and usually from a disadvantaged financial and uneducated situation. And the few that aren't are stopped by courts.
No-one wants to remember that the child protection services are there for a very good reason.To stop child abuse and neglect.
We need to change laws, change services attitude to those asking for help with parenting, help and monitor every parent regularly until the chil is an adult and change the perception of society in regards to the perpetrators. Help the children and perpetrators to stop the abuse re-occuring. And stop abuse from occuring in the first place.
Find the cause through multiple interviews with the perpetrators and maybe actually listen to their families when they ask for help.
Also involved are the Education Department and the Health Department and police. School staff and Medical staff(including mental health) and police are required by law to react to and report abuse immeadiately. Yet are generally not allowed to follow up in the further processes, yet they may have been the most useful as they often are the best known to the children.



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