Judges denying Juries

Submitted by Webmaster on Sun, 17/09/2006 - 13:09

Dear Fellow Australians,

This coming Monday in the NSW Supreme Court, Sydney, there will be a repeat of the current practice of Australian Judges to deny Australians their inalienable and constitutional Right to Trial by Jury. Of course, they are breaking the law and they don't care. I have tried to arrest one such Judge recently and he had his thugs (the Sheriff's Officers) remove me from the Court. Then he had 2 of the men in the Public Gallery, who were wearing the T-shirts ("TRIAL BY JURY IS DEMOCRACY"), arrested - even now John Bauskis is still in Silverwater Prison and not due for release until Tuesday the 19th....it would be appreciated if he had a few Patriots at the gates when he comes out.

On Monday the 18th, Eric and I have several matters in the Supreme Court for which we want Trial by Jury so that the Juries can judge the Justice of the laws which are threatening us and taking away our Rights. These laws are sinister and oppressive and are the implementation of the Police State which is systematically being imposed on all of us, our families and neighbours.

Firstly, we will go to the "Registrar's Court" to be sent to the Duty Judge so that the Crown Solicitor can have a Judge dismiss our Statements of Claim - all without a Jury. This is how the "evil counsellors, judges and ministers subvert and extirpate the laws and liberties of the realm"(Bill of Rights 1688). This is how they stop Juries exercising their Democratic Right to Nullify Bad Laws. This is how they destroy Truth, Justice, Freedom and Democracy.

The Duty Judge for next week will be Justice Megan Latham who, as a solicitor for the Crown Solicitor in The Prothonotary -v- John Wilson on Friday 13 February 1998, said to Justice Peter Hidden, "The upshot is that Magna Carta is just another statute in the law of New South Wales which is capable of being amended or modified by subsequent statutes enacted by the Parliament of New South Wales of which the Supreme Court Act is one. And the rules of course made thereunder. Accordingly the requisition for trial by jury should be refused. Unless I can assist your Honour further, I don't think I can add anything.". Justice Peter Hidden subsequently complied and denied me my Right to Trial by Jury. This denial was supported by more Judges in the Court of Appeal and in the High Court of Australia...then a "Chief Judge at Common Law" conducted yet another Kangaroo Court and sentenced me to "Two years imprisonment without parole" for Contempt of Court ...I was realeased after 3 months and 3 weeks.

Megan Latham was made a Judge one month after that Friday 13 February 1998 when she had proven her anti-personnel attitude towards the Charters of Liberty, ie: she showed that she would actively do the bidding of the Banks in their drive to enslave all Peoples everywhere.

Therefore, next week: (1) Monday, Eric and I do battle again for our Rights in Court, and (2) Tuesday, John Bauskis is released from Silverwater Prison.

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.
Subject: Judges denying Juries
Date: Saturday 16/Sep/2006 06:34:54
From: "jhwilson" jhwilson at acay.com.au

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Bring Family Court Judges to book -OPINION

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 29/09/2006 - 15:27.

Annand Degore v Nikakis (Family Court 0f Australia Registrar)
This case is an action by a father against Family (Law) Court Judicial Registrar Nikakis in the County Court of Victoria to bring Registrar Nikakis to book for negligence and damages returnable on 3 October 2006 before Judge Morrish.

Nikakis is already being defended by the Commonwealth Government solicitors. Annand solicitors failed to show up he has already been ordered to pay $800 in costs. His financial situation is grim and the court has already failed to appoint legal representation for him. We anticipate that Victoria Legal Aid, Victoria Bar Counsel, Victoria Law Institute, Commonwealth Government, Commonwealth & State Attorney Generals would refuse to support him through their grants and pro bono schemes, they frequently publicly boast.

A summary as I beleive may represent the backdrop of this case. This father was jailed by Nikakis for approx 3 months without due processes of the law and absence of jurisdiction. In essence for this father to have abided by an order of Nikakis would have been impossible / impractical and would have rendered the father in contempt of another Court in India as the Indian Courts (a westminister system) had already issued orders in relation to one of the Degore children. The father was a resident of Australia and had no hands on in India. The child was subject to orders of another Court.

For those fathers who have experienced the tragedy of corruption and blatant discrimination in the Kangaroo Court of Australia this case is a breath of fresh air. This father has already been issued with a procedural order from judge Morrish. (The time has come for us to sue their arses to the wall similar to the terror they inflicted on us). Please make yourselves available to support Annand you can no longer sit back and hope that someone else would do it.

Cheryl takes Child Support Agency to task - OPINION

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 29/09/2006 - 15:26.


This case is an action by a father (his plight of paternity fraud is known to you) against Registrar of the Child Support Agency (sss) & others in the County Court of Victoria to make the Child Support Agency accountable for negligence, abuse of office and damages returnable on 13 October 2006 before Judge Anderson.

The Child Support Agency has been defended by the Commonwealth Government Solicitors at every step. Our unsung hero Cheryl King, Liam's partner, worked hard on this case. Armed with Power of Attorney for Liam and little to no knowledge of the law is battling the Goliaths of the corruption system single handed. No lawyer wants to represent her. Yestrday 27/ 9/2006 and the preceding day she battled by herself in the County Court before Judge Anderson against a team of lawyers & Agency's kingpins, not one person supported her for two full days.

A summary I believe is that the Child Support Agency wrongly assessesd Liam to be liable to pay thousands of dollars. It has been proven that the Child support Agency is wrong and blatantly refuse to refund him. Not to mention the continued harrassment and abuse by this feminist animal.

Mr. Alby Schultz, MP, has provided large amounts of information and there is a possibilty he could be called upon to give evidence against this Agency. This case is of interest to every father who has dealings with this evil organistion. Minister Hockey has foolishly set up a team of 120 investigators - the size of another police force for a small nation - to hound fathers when in the main the problems are caused by inhumanity, abuse of Human Rights, Child Support Agency errors & blatant abuse , discriminatory policies, flawed legislation, egotist agendas etc.

This case in the County Court of Victoria will affect a lot of fathers. For those fathers who have experienced the tragedy of corruption and blatant discrimination this case may be of some comfort. Please make yourselves available to support Cheryl, on behalf of Liam, you can no longer sit back and hope that someone else would do it.

Victims of the Divorce Industry, Domestic Violence Industry, Child Support usurpation Industry et al come on guys off your arses the women are doing it for us what's the matter with you!

There has been a lot of publicity about the Magill case world wide and if you don't know about it you don't live on this planet. The Magill case was being talked about on Radio 3AW and Herald Sun as late as yesterday 27/9/2006 and a chapter will be dedicated to it in radio announcer, Darryn Hinch's new book being release.

Yet, these proceedings in the County Court of Victoria (separate from the proceedings in the High Court of Australia for deceit or paternity fraud awaiting judgement) - this part of the devastation of Liams life - is being ameliorated by Cheryl King single handed. It's not fair you guys the court should be full. Lets show Cheryl that Liam's tragedy is our tragedy and our appreciation & that we care make it your date on 13 October 2006.

Cheryl's email address: kingcems@alphalink.com.au



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