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Graham & All,

According to "Reputation Intelligence" F4J is a winner (more about interpretation of the survey below) Indeed F4J has very successfully raised the issue in the media using innovative and imaginative stunts. No one will ever deny this, or can anyone take this important achievement away from F4J. But what have we won to date? Having sold the "sizzle", F4J must now make sure that the readers/watchers, the targeted audience of F4J, the general public, the politicians, and the judiciary, "BUY THE STEAK", and change the LAWS, and reform the Family Courts. Without changes being introduced swiftly to stop the wholesale abuse of children, non-resident parents, and grandparents, this whole effort and incredible PR success would go to waste.




From: Foreverurdad@aol.com
Date: 09/15/04

Unfortunately, to date F4J has shown little appetite, effort, organisation, funding and capabilities to undertake what should be the essence, and the meat" of our campaign. For F4J to achieve its goals, it must become and develop into a well organised, well financed national organisation, which can challenge successfully the entrenched opposing lobbyists and interests groups whose political influence is far greater than that of F4J. Failing this, I suspect other organisations, will have to fill the gap, leaving F4J on the sidelines, having so marvellously put our cause on the country's social agenda. It would be a pity to have so successfuly developed the appetite of the nation, and leaving it to others to cook and serve the meal! If F4J does not become a uniting and inclusive force in the fight for a legal presumption for equal parenting, and forcing a reform of the Family Courts, it will be much easier to divide those who fight for this cause, and defeat our purpose. It is now the time for F4J to call on all those fighting for the cause to collaborate.

To achieve our goals we must change the laws now, before the elections! This must happen through the introduction into parliament of an emergency bill including a "Legal Presumption of Contact", and a substantial reform to the Family Court System, to follow within one year, including the "opening of the Courts" to public scrutiny, and access to information about the conduct of the courts and outcomes of cases.

While stunts are important to keep the sensationalist media interested, we now must turn 95% of our attention resources and efforts to win "political ground" rather than headlines, if we will be successful in our efforts to change the laws, rest assured, the headlines will follow. We must "spoil" Labour's efforts in Hartlepool first, Marginal Labour Seats Next!

As to the nature of the Reputation Intelligence Survey.

1. It indeed shows something that we all have already known - F4J is the undisputed leader in the publicity race to raise the issue of Fathers being prevented to see their children. But this has been a "one horse race" all along. No other organisation has striven to raise public awareness to this important issue.

2. As the Graph shows, media coverage of the issue is centred almost entirely around the dates of the "stunts", rather than keeping a sustained level of interest in the subject. This points to our failure to make this issue an issue in which the general public has a concern about, and consequently on which the media keeps a constant eye on (as they do for example on human rights abuse in Iraq, child-abuse, workplace legislation etc.). I attribute this to the failure of F4J to "get the message out", and tell the atrocious stories and experiences of fathers and their children in the Family Courts. It would appear that the public is indeed watching and supporting F4J, but the PUBLIC DOES NOT KNOW THE STORY OF WHY F4J IS PULLING THESE STUNTS, except for the most general details.

3. The Survey of RI does not tell us what are the ratio's of the Positives to Negatives" in the media coverage, how many articles and mentions in the press and media are supportive and how many are critical of F4J. This is important! While the saying "All Publicity is Good Publicity" is generally accepted, to be able to drive the point home, to convert passive public support to active public pressure on politicians, we must be able to increase the "Positives" compared to the "Negatives and Neutral" coverage and comment about F4J. This is difficult to do by reliance on Stunts, which almost by definition have to be increasingly daring and disruptive in order to capture attention. From "Superhero" stunts we must move into "political stunts" for example:

A) Put pressure on Alan Milburn - The new Labour Election Supremo - who made such a great fuss about him leaving government to be with his family, to make sure that he puts forward the legislation to allow our children the same privilege that his children enjoy - to have a father in their lives

B) Put the pressure on Gordon Brown - Who declared that Fatherhood is the most important thing and his first priority - He should be among the first pushing the rights of Fathers to continue to be fathers after divorce and be able to continue to care for their children

C) Put the pressure on Tony Blair - who it emerges was considering resigning in May due to "Family Pressures" - We have not had the option of resigning, to care for our children, we were removed from their lives arbitrarily by a sexist, corrupt and discriminatory system.

There are many ways in which the political issues for which Labour stands can be attacked. This attack is far more important than pulling yet another stunt, with a short shelf life, and no clear impact on the public support, and the pressure by the public on government.

ATB - Randy

on 14/09/2004 21:37, grahammansonpooh at primal1@nildram.co.uk wrote:

To see in graph form our media success compared to other groups go to www.2b.com (the homepage of Reputation Intelligence)

A report by media consultant firm, Reputation Intelligence, confirms that the political campaigning organisation, Fathers 4 Justice, has mounted one of the most successful media campaigns of modern times.


Press release

F4J heralds a new era in political campaigning -

13 September 2004

A report by media consultant firm, Reputation Intelligence, confirms that the political campaigning organisation, Fathers 4 Justice, has mounted one of the most successful media campaigns of modern times.

The report benchmarks the media visibility of other high profile political campaigning organisations, including F4J's sister organisation, Families Need Father, gay rights organisations Outrage and Stonewall, and international organisations such as Amnesty International. Analysing more than 10,000 articles from 330 UK newspapers published in the last four years the report finds that:

1. F4J has been quoted in 1335 newspaper articles (compared to 188 for Families Need Fathers) since January 2002

2. Articles on fathers rights have increased by over 700% since F4J mounted its high profile media campaign

3. F4J has engaged the political establishment to speak on fathers rights, Tony Blair and Michael Howard have been cited in 277 and 54 press articles respectively.

»Graph - Fathers rights compared to mentions of campaigners

For further information contact Chris Shaw on

+44 (0)207 242 1618 or cs@2b.com



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