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The Privatization of Surveillance
The U.S. security establishment is rapidly increasing its ability to monitor average Americans by hiring or compelling private-sector corporations to provide billions of customer records. The explosive growth in surveillance by government and business is creating a "Surveillance Industrial Complex" that threatens all of our privacy.

Kasten, Kathy

August 18, 2004

The Surveillance-Industrial Complex
http://www.aclu.org/SafeandFree/SafeandFree.cfm?ID=16224 c=207

Read the report: The Surveillance-Industrial Complex Take Action: Ask Businesses to take the "No Spy" Pledge

About the Report:

This report makes the case that, across a broad variety of areas, the same dynamic of the "privatization of surveillance" is underway.  Different dimensions of this trend are examined in depth in four separate sections of the report:

* "Recruiting Individuals."  Documents how individuals are being recruited to serve as "eyes and ears" for the authorities even after Congress rejected the infamous TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention System) program that would have recruited workers like cable repairmen to spy on their customers.

* "Recruiting Companies."  Examines how companies are pressured to voluntarily provide consumer information to the government; the many ways security agencies can force companies to turn over sensitive information under federal laws such as the Patriot Act; how the government is forcing companies to participate in watchlist programs and in systems for the automatic scrutiny of individuals' financial transactions.

* "Mass Data Use, Public and Private."  Focuses on the government's use of private data on a mass scale, either through data mining programs like the MATRIX state information-sharing program, or the purchase of information from private-sector data aggregators.

* "Pro-Surveillance Lobbying."  Looks at the flip side of the issue: how some companies are pushing the government to adopt surveillance technologies and programs based on private-sector data.


No Spy Pledge Campaign

Official monitoring of individuals in our society is on the rise, and it is not a matter of government alone. More and more information is being gathered by corporations and other private-sector institutions, and fed to or seized by security agencies.

This trend will not stop unless individuals demand changes, not only in how information is gathered and handled by the government, but also by the private sector.

On this site, the ACLU seeks to help individuals who are concerned about this trend to take action.

Take Action:

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