Labor's Plan to Combat Violence Against Women

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Women all across the country are demanding that the Federal Government do more to protect women, and particularly young women, from the fear and reality of violence.

ALP's violence against women policy

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Date: Sunday, June 6, 2004, 2:48:27 PM

According to men don't suffer domestic violence. It reads: Labor's Plan to Combat Violence Against Women and Labor's Women's Budget Statement 2004-05 Nicola Roxon - Shadow Attorney-General, Assisting the Leader on the Status of Women and Mark Latham - Leader of the Opposition

Policy Statement - Executive Summary - 13 May 2004 LABOR'S PLAN TO COMBAT VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN

Women all across the country are demanding that the Federal Government do more to protect women, and particularly young women, from the fear and reality of violence.

The Howard Government missed its opportunity of playing a major role in combating community attitudes by cancelling a national awareness campaign on violence called "No Respect, No Relationship."

This Budget week highlights the Government's skewed priorities - it allows for more expenditure on advertising the Government's opposition to the Kyoto Protocol than it ever planned to spend on its cancelled violence campaign. The Government calls this a family budget, but refuses to acknowledge the incidence and tragedy of family violence, or do anything about it.

More and more women are concerned - not just for themselves, but for their daughters, sisters, friends and other people's children. Labor will tackle the issue of violence against women. We will use our voices in the Parliament and the community to speak out about this issue, and will work with the community on prevention strategies.

Today Labor announces a number of its initiatives totackle the scourge of family violence and sexual assault against women. In Government, Labor will:

a.. speak out about violence against women

b.. run the "No Respect, No Relationship" anti-violence campaign in full

c.. give a voice to women affected by violence, by funding a national peak advocacy group to advocate against all forms of violence against women

d.. conduct a national Women's Safety Survey in 2006 (to provide a 10 year comparison)

e.. review the Sex Trafficking initiative, to include greater support to victims and more evidence-based approaches from overseas to prevent the trafficking

f.. consider ways to reform Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) services for women and children escaping domestic violence through direct consultation with the domestic violence sector

g.. establish a National Commissioner for Children and Young People

h.. introduce a National working with children check to protect children from convicted paedophiles

i.. address law reform issues required to adequately protect women and children from family violence

j.. ensure that community safety funding will have the prevention of violence against women (in families and the community) as one of its objectives.

Current levels of violence against women are a national disgrace, particularly in rural and remote communities, and especially in our indigenous communities. The true extent of violence against women has not been measured by this Government, allowing the problem to be swept under the carpet and ignored.

Labor will not continue this neglect, nor allow the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of young women to continue to be devastated while the attitudes of many young men are left unchecked. Labor will ensure this vital issue for women is addressed.

Labor believes that unless the Federal Government takes a leadership role and meets its responsibilities to help prevent violence against women, the problem will continue to worsen and more women's lives will be ruined or tragically lost.

A Federal Labor Government will ensure that eliminating violence against women is made a top priority and that an effective national effort will be made to educate the whole community so that women no longer have to live in fear of violence or sexual assault.


Australian women deserve, and expect, to be treated seriously and fairly by their Federal Government.

While this pre-election budget contains one-off payments to carers and fix-up payments to paper over continuing problems with the family payments scheme, there is very little for women who don't feature in John Howard's election campaign target group.

Women make up 52 per cent of the population and as well as contributing significantly to our economy and community, women's growing participation in the workforce has contributed to massive increase in tax revenues collected by this Government.

However women don't feature heavily in the group of people earning over $52,000 who will benefit from the Government's tax cuts. In fact, only around 10 per cent of women earn more than $52,000 leaving 90 per cent of Australian women out of reach of this Budget's tax cuts.

John Howard and Peter Costello's ninth Budget also shows that the Liberals have once again ignored women in the big ticket areas of health, education and income security for low income workers. They also show no understanding of women's legitimate desire to be safe, and free from violence in the community, or the reality of many women's working lives.

In the fine print of last year's budget papers, Labor exposed that the Government had moved more than $10m from women's programs and spent it on the anti-terrorism fridge magnet campaign.

In the bold print of this year's budget the entire Partnerships Against Domestic Violence program grinds to a halt in June 2005, with millions of dollars spent on pilot programs and research papers left going nowhere.

Despite some last minute, pre-election attention being given to work and family issues (something the Prime Minister promised to address during this term in government, not at the end of it) we still have a federal landscape where women's interests and needs are treated in a second class way.

The fact that there was no "Women's Budget Statement" provided this year by the Government, the first time for 20 years speaks volumes about the Howard government's lack of commitment to taking women seriously. The Government continues to ignore the fact that women still face a range of disadvantages in their social, economic and family lives.

In short, John Howard has double-glazed the glass ceiling for many women - for young or single women and low-income mothers struggling to lift themselves and their children above the poverty line. Women in the workforce expecting to be free from harassment, wanting some job security, and expecting equal pay also remain off the Government's radar.

In contrast to cancelling the "No Respect, No Relationship" campaign - a $12m campaign that has been in the planning for more than two years - here is what this Budget provided for Government self-promotion (you can bet it will be spent quickly!)

a.. $21m on an advertising campaign to promote new Family Tax Benefit cash handouts;

b.. $21m for an international campaign against the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol;

c.. $3m on advertising campaigns attacking State Governments.

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Violence against Women

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 29/11/2006 - 12:40.

It should be violence against everyone including men.



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