(lbduk) FATHERS-4-JUSTICE CANADA - scaled the Patula Bridge in British Columbia.

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 25/09/2004 - 23:19

Following on from Fathers 4 Justice-Nl's action at the World Trade Centre in the Port of Rotterdam this morning, Fathers 4 Justice-Ca have stepped into action by scaling the Patula Bridge.

Dave Ellison

Press Release

September 25, 2004


Early this morning a campaigner dressed as Robin, from the Lower Mainland Chapter of the civil rights action group Fathers-4-Justice Canada, scaled the Patula Bridge in British Columbia.

The action by Fathers 4 Justice ­ Canada member is to part of the groups non violent direct action campaign campaigning for the basic human right of children to enjoy an equal relationship with both parents after divorce or separation and to include extended family.

The Patula Bridge spans the Fraser River from the City of Surrey into New Westminster and is one of the main arteries for traffic in and out of Vancouver, a region of some 2,000,000 people on Canada¹s Pacific coast.

Fathers 4 Justice - Canada launched in May  2004, when Batman spent 18 hours perched high on the construction crane at the Middlegate Mall in Burnaby, hanging his "Welcome to Fathers-4-Justice Country" banner prominently from the crane.

The Fathers 4 Justice ­ Canada action follows the Fathers 4 justice ­ UK latest publicity stunt where Jason Hatch, dressed as Batrman, scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace and roosted on a ledge close to the balcony where the Royal family greet the crowd and also Fathers 4 Justice in Holland who made their protest in the Port of Rotterdam Saturday 25th. September at the World Trade center where they had two fathers dressed as Batman and Robin in place on a 90 metre high crane and the roof of the trade Centre.

Fathers 4 Justice ­ UK currently have a candidate standing in an election Parliament.

For more information on this action or any other Fathers-4-Justice Canada action contact Steve Osborne, Fathers-4-Justice Canada National Coordinator and Spokesperson, at 506-832-7246, or by e-mail at steveo@fathers-4-justice.ca

Welcome to Fathers-4-Justice Country!


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Website Fathers 4 Justice NL

Submitted by f4j_nl on Thu, 21/10/2004 - 22:38.

Just to correct the address for the Dutch F4J website!

Fathers 4 Justice (Netherlands): www.f4j.nl

Our bilingual "activist" site (dutch/english) is: www.geocities.com/f4j_nl

Our regional sites may be found at www.f4j.nl/regios.htm

And to our Canadian bridge climbing superhero brothers: You rock guys, keep up the good work!


Andy (NL)



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