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I have started a campaign, hoping to force our elected representatives to take serious action to mitigate climate change. I need your help and it can take you a few minutes or many weeks of dedication and effort - all dependent on your energy levels and committment to change for the better.

Please print out the letter below (on 100% recycled paper - of course), then date, time and sign it adding a contact address to ensure you really exist... then forward your completed letter to me for accurate collation. I will present the letters to our elected reps.. and hopefully- (always an optimist) the HUGE numbers will force REAL action.

For those with enthusiasm, courage and passion- and for those that are sick of hearing, "I wish someone would DO something"... YOU (you wonderful person) could source a full reem of recycled paper (contact me if you dont know where to find it), then....
- Print off a nice neat (one page) master copy
- Find a cheap copy shop - or a mate with a copier, and copy off a whole reem.
- get them completed by all your mates and mates relo's and all their buddies.

This will ensure that you send me back a box full of completed letters. Sending by bulk is obviously cheaper

anyhow, please read the letter as a first step...
Your help would be wonderful.

The fate of the earth is in our hands.

Letter of Demand from the people of Australia:

DATE: DAY________ MONTH __________________,2006
TIME: _______________ AM/PM
FIRST NAME:_______________SURNAME:_______________________

OF: ________________________________



TO: The Honourable Elected Representatives of the Australian People

Regarding the issue of our taxes being spent subsidizing unsustainable, polluting, climate change inducing, energy production.

We the people of Australia, demand that our tax dollars be RECHANNELED into sustainable energy supplies, that will be of benefit to all of the people of Australia for sometime into the future, and in fact, the entire planet.

Due to the effects of Climate Change via CO2 being released into our atmosphere and overwhelming information from the Scientific Community to support this, information which the President of the USA, Mr George Bush, does not deny; We understand that our taxes would have a greater effect of reducing our CO2 emissions if they were invested into "cleaner", sustainable energy productions.

We believe our tax dollars, which are currently spent on the production of energy for our use, must be used for the following sustainable energy production methods.

In order, descending, dependant upon on location:

1. Government owned geothermal energy production.
2. Tidal Power energy production.
3. Wind farm energy production.
4. Solar Cells energy production.
5. Government funded scientific investigation leading to building of infrastructure for the local supply of hydrogen energy.
6. Improved local public transport.
7. Improved local Government funded rail infrastructures (which remain in the hands of the Australian people).
8. No more privatisation of our existing Rail systems and public transport infrastructures.
9. Adequate funding for the maintenance and upkeep of our existing public transport systems and infrastructures.

We also demand that our taxes which are currently being spent on scientific research be rechannelled into scientific research into CLEAN, NON-POLLUTING, SAFE, SUSTAINABLE Energy production.

Specifically, and in order descending:

1. Local Hydrogen fuel supply.
2. "Biotowers" http://biotower.org/description.htm

Signed by


printed name in full of the above signator


Please forward your signed letter to:
c/- Anne Goddard,
"Letter of Demand",
PO Box 316, Gin Gin, Qld, 4671
for accurate collation before final mail out.
Thanks from the depths of my heart to all who those who take the effort to help, every single letter counts.

- and to those that don't ... please stop whining about nothing being done...

it takes more than one person to move a mountain...

Warm regards

I have had one Ministerial reply from the ALP to the letter pasted below penned to them:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Anne Goddard" cyberactivist at hotmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 12:28 PM
Subject: Sustainable Clean Energy Supplies - NOT Nuclear

Dear ALP Senators and Members of Parliament,

It has come to my attention that MP Martin Ferguson has joined the "nuclear push". This is very disappointing. His comments are strongly at odds with sound environment practice.

The ALP's own policy recognised uranium mining presents "unprecedented hazards and risks" including threats to human health and the environment; toxic radioactive waste, and the potential for nuclear weapons manufacture. Mr. Ferguson's views are also at odds with public opinion. In October 2005, a Roy Morgan poll found that 70% of Australians are opposed to an expansion of the Australian uranium mining industry.

As far as nuclear power being used to mitigate Climate Change, To double nuclear power output by the middle of the century would require the construction of about 1,000 reactors with a capital cost of several thousand billion dollars. The reactors would produce 1.5 million tonnes of high-level nuclear waste over a 50-year lifespan, and they would produce enough plutonium to build 1.5 million nuclear weapons. The climate dividend? 5% reduction in greenhouse emissions - is approximately one-tenth of the reduction required.

That meagre 5% climate dividend assumes that the comparison is with fossil fuels. If the comparison is with renewables and energy efficiency measures, nuclear power results in increased greenhouse emissions in addition to the legacy of nuclear waste and plutonium. A US study found that, per dollar invested, energy efficiency measures yield greenhouse emission reductions seven times greater than nuclear power.

The nuclear 'cure' would be as bad as the disease. Expansion of nuclear power would inevitably lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Four or five countries have used their 'peaceful' nuclear programs to develop arsenals of nuclear weapons - India, Israel, Pakistan, South Africa and possibly North Korea. In the five 'declared' nuclear weapons states - the US, UK, France, China and Russia - nuclear power programs provide a large pool of nuclear expertise from which WMD programs draw. It is no coincidence that the five declared nuclear weapons states all have nuclear power programs and that they account for almost 60% of global nuclear power output.

There are many, viable clean-energy alternatives in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Renewable energy, mostly hydroelectricity, already supplies 19% of world electricity, compared to nuclear's 16%. Alternatives such as Geo-thermal and tidal power generation is clean, and sustainable, and these two areas are where new investment should be heading. Wind and solar power are growing by 20-30% every year.

The share of renewables is increasing, while nuclear's share is decreasing.

In 2004, renewable energy added nearly three times as much net generating capacity as nuclear power.

The biggest gains are to be made in the field of energy efficiency.

Government reports have shown that reductions in energy consumption of up to 70% are cost effective in some sectors of the economy. Energy experts have projected that adopting a national energy efficiency target could reduce the need for investment in new power stations by between 2,500 - 5,000 MW by 2017 (equal to about 2-5 large nuclear power stations). The energy efficiency investments would pay for themselves in reduced bills before a nuclear power station could generate a single unit of electricity.

The Australian Ministerial Council on Energy has identified that energy consumption in the manufacturing, commercial and residential sectors could be reduced by 20-30% with the adoption of current commercially available technologies with an average payback of four years.

We need to make a clear choice for a clean energy future based on renewables and energy efficiency. As former US and UN environment advisor Professor Frank Muller notes: "Nuclear power and sustainable energy involve future paths for electricity systems that diverge. Nuclear power reinforces conventional grids dominated by central power stations and powerful supply-side institutions - a pattern that we have inherited from an era of more centralised economic decision making. The sustainable energy vision is for these grids to evolve into more decentralised consumer-oriented networks. Investment would be directed to the lowest cost options for meeting customer needs, on either the supply or demand sides, rather than into an inexorable expansion of supply."

See the report, 'Nuclear Power: No Solution to Climate Change', by Friends of the Earth and other environmental and medical groups, on the internet at www.melbourne.foe.org.au/documents.htm.

I strongly urge the ALP to stand in total opposition to uranium mines, nuclear reactors, nuclear power generation and to draw this letter the Shadow Minister's attention.

Yours sincerely
Anne Goddard

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