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Who's running in your seat?

We've also provided candidates with space to make some personal statements about themselves and their policies. The aim is to allow voters to be able to easily locate all their local candidates and then compare them and their policies. Check it out. If your favourite candidate isn't using the system to full effect - send them an email and tell them to do better.

Our comprehensive seats and candidates directory is at:




** Please forward this e-mail to all of your friends!**


QUT: Art Exhibition, "All things Art and SAVVY".

August 6 to October 17, 2004.

Gardens Point Campus,
QUT Art Museum, U Block.

Elizabeth Graetz, 07 3864 9099,
or visit http://www.culturalprecinct.qut.edu.au

University of Sydney:
An international conference by the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics in honour of the work of Professor Grazia Marchiano of the University of Sienna.

September 29 to October 1, 2004.

Rick Benitez
Phone: 9351 6658.
Email: Rick.Benitez@arts.usyd.edu.au
or visit: www.ssla.soc.usyd.edu.au/conference

Brisbane Institute:
Brisbane: Beautiful one day, radical the next?

Raymond Evans and Carole Ferrier,

Brisbane Writers Festival event.

September 30, 2004, 1.45pm.

Readers Marquee,
Cultural Forecourt,
South Bank (lawn between QPAC and the Brisbane River).

Free. No need to book.

Enquiries visit http://www.brisinst.org.au/calendar/20040930_26.html




As we grind our way towards another uninspiring election, there is movement underway towards a New Politics in Australia which empowers individuals, families and communities.

Our tired political parties are doing their best to get us interested in their campaigns. But it's hard going. Most of us switched off long ago, preferring authentic social leadership at community levels to the ritualised theatre of our career politicians.

Government and political processes remain important. But they need urgent renewal if they are to support (and not hinder) the empowerment of people in communities and the creation of new models in education, health, welfare, indigenous affairs, financial security, job creation and family support.

You are invited to join us at one of the following Forums to hear about People Power, a new political movement aiming to empower individuals, families and communities, and break through the stagnation in our political culture and institutions.

Adelaide - Wednesday 29 September, 6.30pm - 8pm

Brisbane - Tuesday 5 October, 6.00pm - 7.30pm

Sydney - Thursday 7 October, 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Melbourne - Saturday 16 October, 12.30pm - 2.30pm

(See http://www.peoplepower.org.au/Events.htm for details)

Help us complete our registration with the Australian Electoral Commission as a political party.

Download our membership form from our website - http://www.peoplepower.org.au/Membership.htm.

(Membership is free of charge).

Vern Hughes http://www.peoplepower.org.au


Make your voice heard this election.

On Line Opinion, in collaboration with Professor John Wanna of ANU and Springboard Australia will be conducting qualitative research into voters' intentions.

Traditional political coverage assumes that journalists know what voters are thinking.

We know that you know better - only voters know what they are thinking!

That's why we ask you for your opinions in a systematic scientific way, and then give you access to the results as well as sending them to politicians and others who should know about them.

If you are interested in being involved, please click on our questionnaire at www.ozelections.com.

We'll keep your identity confidential, but pass your comments on.


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The Domain - Feeds from Australia's best political blogs

Ambit Gambit

September 26, 2004

Marchers accuse Prime Minister of being a "Lying Rodent"

- posted by Darlene Taylor

A rally against the Howard Government in King George Square today in Brisbane attracted over a thousand protestors. During the demonstration, which was outside the Liberal Party's federal election campaign launch, speakers such as the Socialist Alliance's Senate candidate Sam... More



Tanner set to survive

Not all Sunday Age stories this morning were a waste of newsprint. There was also a report on polling in my seat of Melbourne, in which incumbent Lindsay Tanner faces a challenge from the Greens. He's certainly outcampaigning the Greens.... More


>From the sidelines....

The case for investing in the future

The Canberra Press Gallery, and the ALP, seem agog at Howard's spending promises. Of course, if he'd got up and said he wasn't going to offer anything new then the critics would have said that he was out of ideas... More


Imagining Australia

Pork for School Lunches

To gain an insight into the worst tendencies of Liberal Party social policy, look no further than their recently released schools policy, which promises $1 billion to fix school buildings. Why is this money a priority? We're not told. How... More


Troppo Armadillo

The Drunken Sailor and the Invisible Man?

JOHN Howard yesterday doubled his campaign spending promises in one unprecedented wallop, with a $6 billion package aimed primarily at young families and small business. Both John Quiggin and The Australian editorial today describe it as profligate and spending money... More


Back Pages

Drinking at the new fiscal bar

How irresponsible is Howard's fiscal stance (lots of sharp discussion of the launch ongoing here)? Not very, it seems to me. The substantive potential problems lie in the nature of the spending (e.g. effectively creating a duplicate government tier in... More



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