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December Feature
How much more than blood bonds is "Family"?

If Federal Parliament decides to implement a family impact statement - how will they define family? What does family mean to us? How does the concept of family impact on the way we live our lives?

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The Domain is the quintessential one-stop blog shop with links to the best political blogs, including our own Ambit Gambit, Tim Blair, Catallaxy, Troppo Armadillo and plenty more…

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University of Sydney:
Medicine and the Humanities

A meeting to explore opportunities for education and research in medical humanities.

November 5 and 6, 2004,

Darlington Centre.

Inquiries: Jill Gordon,
phone: 02 9036 9543.
Email: jill.gordon@arts.usyd.edu.au
or visit www.medicalhumanities.med.usyd.edu.au

Transforming the everyday into art

For an artistic twist on the everyday visit the new exhibition Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye,

opening at Queensland University of Technology Art Museum

from October 22, 2004 to January 30, 2005.

Gardens Point Campus Room
QUT Art Museum,
U Block

Cost: Free entry

Organisation: QUT Gardens Cultural Precinct.

Info: Elizabeth Graetz
Phone: 07 3864 9099
Email: e.graetz@qut.edu.au
Web: www.culturalprecinct.qut.edu.au

Brisbane Institute:
Don Watson’s Dictionary of weasel words.

Thursday night author chat.

November 11, 2004, 5.30pm for 6.00pm.

Customs House,
399 Queens Street CBD.

$22 general admission, $11 concession, free for BI members and sponsors, incl GST.

RSVP November 10, 2004,
ph 07 3220 2198
or email rsvp@brisinst.org.au


New Articles

Discovery of perfectly formed Australopithecus Hobbitus has scientists agog!
Cartoons - Mark Cornwall - posted 1/11/2004

Where next for regulation of Australian universities?
Feature - Glyn Davis - posted 1/11/2004

Reinventing the University
Feature - Owen McShane - posted 1/11/2004

Competent indigenous leadership crucial to change
Indigenous Affairs - Fred Chaney - posted 1/11/2004

Picking Between Horses, Donkeys and Elephants
Sport - Brett Bowden - posted 1/11/2004

The 'morally treasonable' Bush administration
International - Walt Brasch - posted 1/11/2004

Telstrasaurus publicus
Cartoons - Mark Cornwall - posted 29/10/2004

Throwing the switch to Vaudeville: What you see is not necessarily what you get
Domestic Politics - Nicholas Gruen - posted 29/10/2004

Children and the Family Internet
Media - Donell Holloway, Leila Green and Robyn Quin - posted 29/10/2004

How far does the Kyoto Protocol get us?
Environment - Chris Mitchell - posted 29/10/2004

Falling in love with the abuser compounds, not excuses, their crime
Society - Barbara Biggs - posted 28/10/2004

Is there leadership or a victim mentality on drugs policy?
Health - Michael Robinson - posted 28/10/2004

Rights are not inalienable unless we make them so
Law & Liberties - Emma Larking - posted 28/10/2004

PM's dismissal plans far from family-friendly
Domestic Politics - Peter Holding - posted 28/10/2004

Australia's real battlers have been forgotten
Society - Lin Hatfield Dodds - posted 27/10/2004

'Medicare Gold' and the golden age of health care
Health - David Flint - posted 27/10/2004

How do Indigenous people vote?
Indigenous Affairs - Stephen Hagan - posted 27/10/2004

Adventure tourism is just an illusion
International - Julie Wark - posted 27/10/2004

Readers Write: You tell us your views and your comments
Society - Readers Write - posted 26/10/2004

Enriching the market for work satisfaction will aid productivity
Society - Nicholas Gruen - posted 26/10/2004

Book review: John Carroll and 'The Wreck of Western Culture'
Religion & Spirituality - Peter Sellick - posted 26/10/2004

Book Review: 'White Gold' by Giles Milton
The Arts - Ben-Peter Terpstra - posted 26/10/2004


The Domain - Feeds from Australia’s best political blogs

Ambit Gambit

October 31, 2004

Green Left Weekly vows to keep Howard in power

- posted by Graham

Might seem an absurd proposition, but that would be the effect of Sarah Stephen's call to "make our opposition [to Howard] felt through better organised and more determined protest movements." Stephen's diatribe, under the healine "Howard has no mandate" is... More

October 30, 2004

Reclaiming the Night

- posted by Darlene Taylor

With the concept of Reclaim the Night (RTN) first emerging in the late 1970s, it has become an annual opportunity for Brisbane women to protest against the violence which confines and damages their lives. A couple of banners flourished during... More

John Quiggin

More generational garbage

Talking in terms of generations (Baby Boomers, X, Y and so forth) is so intellectually lazy that it seems to give practitioners a license to turn their brains off, and speak almost entirely at random. Still, even at its worst,... More

Tim Blair


The ever-changing endorsement of Christopher Hitchens: October 21: "Why I'm (Slightly) for Bush" October 26: "Kerry should get his worst private nightmare and have to report for duty." October 31: "Why I'm voting for Bush (but only just)"... More



Ramadhan at the ranks

Where in the Koran does it say that we must go without taxis during Ramadhan? If anyone has wondered why there is taxi chaos in Melbourne (and probably Sydney) at the moment, with long delays on phone bookings and lengthy... More

Public Opinion

US: last days

The US presidential candidates are waging an 11th-hour battle for votes. Moir The domestic side of the national security state... More

Troppo Armadillo

The Osama tape
I never believed the hopeful myth that Osama bin Laden was just a smear of DNA in a cave in Tora Bora. I mean, this was a guy who'd survived the war with the Soviets and then years of being... More


Graham Young
Chief Editor


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