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Election Round-up

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On Line Opinion wins Queensland Media Awards

Congratulations to Bernie Matthews for his two wins at the 2004 Queensland Media Awards last Friday night. Bernie's article "The crime and prison movie genre showcases only rare true success" http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=1599 won him the award for Most Outstanding Journalism Student. He was also awarded the prize for Best Online/News Wire Report for "Abuse within prisons makes prisoners more violent upon release." http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=2243

We were at the media awards (even braving bushfires to arrive) to celebrate with Bernie. His wins put the new media, and particularly On Line Opinion, firmly on the map in Queensland. It proves that we are at the forefront of this genre.



November Feature

Where should universities be heading?

This election all sides are promising more university places for all, but are universities fulfilling our real needs? Should universities train, or educate? Can they do both? Should a university education be a universal right? What is the role for other tertiary education providers? Where do universities fit in life-long learning? Have standards fallen? As the assessment cycle reaches its climax our November feature asks what could we do better. Send your submissions to the editor


Brisbane Development Association Breakfast:
What effect will a 200km city have on Brisbane?

October 14, 2004, 7.30 - 9.00am.

Museum of Brisbane,
City hall,
Ground Floor,
Ann Street CBD.

$25 general admission, $20 BDA and BI members/sponsors.
Includes hot finger food tea and coffee (GST included)

RSVP October 12, 2004
Brisbane Development Association 07 32114698.

QUT: Free lecture by US Court of Appeals Judge:
Intellectual Property Law
by The Honourable Randall R Rader,
US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Monday October, 25 2004 5.30pm-7pm
(Refreshments from 5pm)

O J Wordsworth Room,
S Block, Level 12,
Gardens Point (City) Campus.

Limited seating is available so RSVP by October 21.

For more information call
Sian Haigh, 02 3864 2112
Email s.haigh@qut.edu.au
or visit www.law.qut.edu.au

University of Sydney:
Medicine and the Humanities - A meeting to explore opportunities for education and research in medical humanities.

November 5 and 6, 2004,

Darlington Centre.

Jill Gordon,
phone: 02 9036 9543.
Email: jill.gordon@arts.usyd.edu.au
or visit www.medicalhumanities.med.usyd.edu.au



QPAC & Brisbane's Writers Festival present Talking Space with George C Edwards III & John Hewson - "How influential is the Oval Office?"

Dr George C Edwards is one of America's leading scholars of the Presidency. In what will be less than three weeks before the controversial US Presidential election, Dr Edwards will discuss just how influential the office is on public opinion and look at the role charisma plays in public leadership.

Dr Edwards has written 19 books on the presidency and policy making. He is a Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Texas A&M University and is a regular commentator in the US press.

He will be joined by former Liberal leader, Dr John Hewson, who left Parliament in 1995 following his defeat by Paul Keating in the 1993 election. Dr Hewson is Chairman of ABN AMRO bank and has recently been outspoken on a range of issues including refugees and the war in Iraq.

Talking Space is a series of conversations designed to stimulate dialogue about ideas, creativity and the way we communicate. Talking Space features leading commentators, critics, practitioners and thinkers for audiences to listen to, speak with and be challenged by.

Date: Friday 15 October
Time: 6pm
Venue: Cremorne Theatre, QPAC
Tickets: $16.50, Student $8 (incl booking fee)
Bookings: Qtix 136 246 or www.qtix.com.au


New Articles

Family First: Could be a bumpy ride.
Cartoons - Mark Cornwall - posted 11/10/2004

'Greg and Marsha' can't stop John Howard remaking Australia in his own image.
Domestic Politics - Graham Young - posted 11/10/2004

Freedom and justice are alive and well: Australians care.
Feature - Gary Johns - posted 11/10/2004

Philosophy's dilemma: the institutionalising of ethics.
Feature - Peter Bowden - posted 11/10/2004

Book Review: 'The seduction of reason: The intellectual Romance with Fascism from Nietzsche to postmodernism'.
Society - Greg Barns - posted 11/10/2004

The business of vote buying.
Cartoons - Mark Cornwall - posted 8/10/2004

DNA and The Justice Game.
Law & Liberties - Bernie Matthews - posted 8/10/2004

Blind trusts for political gifts are a surer bet than trusting blindly.
Domestic Politics - Andrew Leigh and Justin Wolfers - posted 8/10/2004

Changes in global hegemony - Here Comes China!
International - Peter McMahon - posted 8/10/2004

Pollsters at odds with simple probabilities.
Domestic Politics - Andrew Leigh and Justin Wolfers - posted 7/10/2004

Failure to filter allows child porn a free run.
Media - Michael Flood - posted 7/10/2004

Lucky country perhaps, but not the creative country: Forget the MBA, get a MFA.
Education - Ralph Kerle - posted 7/10/2004

Up close and personal: Beware our litigious society.
Society - Elspeth Probyn - posted 7/10/2004

Latham stumps up!
Cartoons - Mark Cornwall - posted 6/10/2004

The Australia US Alliance under the microscope.
International - Michael Wesley - posted 6/10/2004

Same old, same old: Tasmanian old growth forests are a lost opportunity.
Domestic Politics - Greg Barns - posted 6/10/2004

The truth is out where? Honesty, media and politics.
Feature - Adam Craig - posted 6/10/2004

Mat Rogers, catching the toffs on the hop: A few home truths.
Sport - Martin Philip - posted 5/10/2004

Recognition of Indigenous rights in law does not threaten the fabric of our society.
Health - Olga Havnen - posted 5/10/2004

A new free-trade alliance.
Economics - Wolfgang Kasper - posted 5/10/2004

Statement from concerned representatives of Australian Universities.
Domestic Politics - 416 University Professionals - posted 5/10/2004


The Domain - Feeds from Australia's best political blogs


October 10, 2004

Howard Might Have Control of the Senate
If our figures are correct, the Coalition will pick up 4 Senate seats in Queensland and John Howard will have control of both houses of Parliament, and all thanks to Pauline Hanson. Of course, further voting may prove us wrong,…More.


Sigh! One More Year of Howard?
"I've said it before and I'll say it again...democracy simply doesn't work." - Kent Brockman Without wanting to adopt a shrill Margo Kingston tone, the election result was shattering, outrageous, devastating, disappointing, bewildering and sad. Perhaps the fellow who stuck...More


John Quiggin

Post-mortem on the election
Some general thoughts on the election outcome. First, I have to concede immediately that the betting markets got this one right. Unlike polls and pundits, including me, they consistently predicted the return of the government. Before I'm convinced that there's... More


Tim Blair

Oh no! Our neighbours are worried: While John Howard was showered with compliments from allies worldwide following his election victory, some of Australia's Muslim neighbours worried the result would strengthen his aggressive stance in combatting terror. I'd worry if Howard's... More


Paul Sheehan's text messages were an election-night highlight. Here's his summary of events: On Saturday night the giant, lumbering road train known as the will of the people, aka the democratic process, smashed through the pretensions, delusions and manipulations of... More



Post-election thoughts
There's a few memes battling out in the Australia blogosphere. One is that 'Howard won on lies'. The other is that 'anywhere who says that Howard won on lies is an anti-democratic snob because he thinks voters are stupid/ignorant'. Ken... More


The Senate is the House of Review where people vote wth their Heart on their Sleeve. This elections shows that the Mainstream trust Howard and their Heart is on the Right side of their Sleeve. The most extraordinary result to... More


Back Pages

Confessin' the blues
At some stage on Sunday afternoon I emerged from the wretched state of feeling nothing but the pure pain of defeat - a defeat that just gets worse the more you look at it. Now the shock and horror comes... More



Well kiss my grits!
I don't think I have the emotional energy right now to post long and analytical. But I just can't stop thinking about the Senate result. Australia will soon be in for a real shock as Johnny polishes up his jack-boots and pulls all the real scary legislation from the bottom drawer. And I'm not talking about Telstra. I don't think people much care about that. Neither am I sure people will care…More



Graham Young
Chief Editor


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