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Are you the new Hughie? Our long-time editor Hugh Brown is moving on and now we need to replace him. If you are passionate about ideas, in love with the Internet, enamoured of the English language, delight in free and open debate and want to stake your place in the history of Australian eDemocracy, then it could be you. Particularly if you also know html and computers, and can manage the team of volunteers and interns who produce our journal.

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Call for August contributions:
"Energy Policy: how do the parties line up?"

John Howard has launched his policy, aimed at "securing Australia's energy future", while Labor's focus is on "protecting the environment". So how do these and the other parties' policies compare? Are they talking past each other or is there common ground? Where do the significant differences lie?

Please send submissions to the editor: editor@onlineopinion.com.au


New Articles

Clearing the air about intentions - an Iraqi citizen and a US soldier.
Feature - Sam Hammorabi - posted 12/7/2004

Saddam's trial will test the legitimacy of the new Iraqi government.
Feature - Don Rothwell - posted 12/7/2004

A television show is no substitute for the electoral process.
Domestic Politics - Brian Harradine - posted 12/7/2004

Reality TV senate candidate - bring it on.
Domestic Politics - Peter Andren - posted 12/7/2004

A progressive option in the Senate for Labor left. http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=2353 Domestic Politics - Klaas Woldring - posted 9/7/2004

'Bombs and Bread' campaigns and other reasons humanitarian aid workers are at greater risk.
International - Nick Coatsworth - posted 9/7/2004

Australian democracy needs a return to ethical politics.
Domestic Politics - Tony Fitzgerald - posted 9/7/2004

Nelson takes a leaf out of Bush's education reform plan.
Education - Andrew Leigh - posted 9/7/2004

The horrors in Iraq are starting to follow a tit-for-tat spiral.
International - Amir Butler - posted 8/7/2004

Housing has reached unprecedented levels of unaffordability.
Society - Julian Disney - posted 8/7/2004

Literary standards are running scared from Da Vinci and Scarecrow.
Humour & Satire - Mark Lawson - posted 8/7/2004

Reading with kids develops their language skills and much more.
Feature - Marion Meiers - posted 7/7/2004

Let's get serious - it's still too easy to sidestep radio standards.
Media - Derek Wilding - posted 7/7/2004

The US FTA issue highlights policy failures in Australian agriculture.
Economics - Ben Rees - posted 7/7/2004

Family Carers are the sleeping giant of Australian politics.
Domestic Politics - Vern Hughes - posted 6/7/2004

Will the current account balance derail the miracle economy?
Economics - Henry Thornton - posted 6/7/2004

Thanks for the $1200 payment but I'd rather have more time with my kids.
Society - Daniel Donahoo - posted 6/7/2004

Labor, war and the illusions of Australian democracy.
Political Philosophy - Tim Anderson - posted 6/7/2004

Saddam Hussein - learning defence from the best.
Humour & Satire - Mark Cornwall - posted 6/7/2004


Ambit Gambit - our blog

July 10, 2004

Another shocking foreign incursion into domestic politics. - posted by Graham

If I hadn't been so busy sleeping and had instead read the Fin Review rather than relying on the ABC on my clock radio, I would have had an alternate source of irritation this morning to Richard Armitage. Can I...


July 09, 2004

Armitage's comments were "dumb" - but it's his right to be dumb.

posted by Graham

The reaction to Richard Armitage's comment that the Australian Labor Party is split on its policy of withdrawing troops from Iraq by Christmas seems a bit hysterical. If anything, his comments will probably help the ALP vote. I cannot see...


July 08, 2004

Discriminating Ladies

posted by Darlene Taylor

It has been suggested that many women are abandoning paid work for the home. If this is an accurate appraisal, and not just wishful thinking on the part of some, then the Ladies Against Feminism (LAF) are surely this trend's...


July 07, 2004

More on Empire

posted by Gary MacLennan

Well if Graham and I were not having an argument about American imperialism, then we are having one now. I say America is an imperial power and he says it is not. Let us go through the arguments in some...


The balance of hatred

posted by Graham

Mark Latham's performance on Monday was what I would call a "reverse smear" - it did to his opponents what he is claiming they are doing to him, and did it by playing the victim card. It is a legitimate...


Jason Stevens - not your average rugby league player.

posted by Jeff Wall

JASON STEVENS should be playing for the NSW Blues against the Queensland Maroons at the Olympic Stadium tonight - he won't be but tomorrow he has perhaps an even more important assignment at the 2004 Hillsong Conference at the Sydney...


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