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The International Conference on Engaging Communities, an initiative of the United Nations and the Queensland State Government, is being held from August 14-17 2005 in Brisbane, Australia.

For more information, including speakers and the full program, visit the conference website.

To join the conference email list and updates about the online activities contact the ‘Get involved’ team by return email (info@getinvolved.qld.gov.au).


University of Sydney:

Eruption of Mt Vesuvius AD 79: Is Pliny a reliable witness?

Roman history specialist Dr Brian Brennan of Macquarie University unravels the fate of Pompeii through the terrified eyes of Pliny the Younger, one of the few eyewitnesses to write an account of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius.

August 17, 2005.

Time: 6.15pm

Location: Nicholson Museum.

Cost: $15 including refreshments.

Phone: Bookings essential: 02 9351 2812


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War, famine, pestilence and neo-liberalism
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An Australian food campaign that is not fair dinkum at all
Economics - Greg Barns - posted 8/8/2005


The Domain

Monday August 15, 2005

John Quiggin

>From DC to Oz, Oz to DC
Tim Dunlop is back in Adelaide, and blogging again after a lengthy trip back from Washington DC, where he's been living for several years. I'll be visiting DC myself before too long, and I was in Adelaide not long ago, but we don't seem to be overlapping.

Jennifer Marohasy

What is Wilderness?
In order to understanding how and why the coronial inquiry into the January 2003 Canberra bushfires unraveled, and in order to understand the recent decision of the ACT Supreme Court to clear Coroner Maria Doogan of 'apprehended bias', it is... More


Nothing new about floating nuclear reactors
Like many commentators Miranda Darling is alarmed by Russian plans to export floating nuclear power plants to the third world. She notes that these floating reactors could be "vulnerable to threats from accidents caused by wave activity, and from terrorist or pirate attacks." I can't help wondering how the US Army planned to deal with [...]


On the rise with Penthouse Magazine
The rise of the Internet has made life tough for the publishers of adult magazines- or so I've heard. But it makes sense, with a stack of soft and not-so-soft porn freely available on the web, I often wonder why... More

Friday August 12, 2005

Ambit Gambit

Five tips to reduce terrorism
I came across this piece in Open Democracy by Scilla Elworthy a couple of weeks ago. In it's own context it is not that different from the advice that I would give a political combatant in a domestic legislative scrap,... More

John Quiggin

Academic exercises
Sinclair Davidson had a piece in the Fin the other day, attacking the Australian Research Council, which employs me and provides him with research funding.

Jennifer Marohasy

On Jared Diamond and Environmental Law
I had mentioned that I was reviewing Chapter 13 of Jared Diamond's not so new book 'Collapse'. There have been some offline requests for copies of the review which has now been published by British Journal Energy and Environment. The... More

Greenpeace Needs a New Campaign
Greenpeace has been running a kept Australia GE free campaign for some time. The campaign should have got a boost over the last couple of weeks with findings of minuscule, but detectable quantities, of GM material in Australian canola. The... More


Is compulsory student unionism a product of state power?
Commenter Jacques Chester does not agree with my view that VSU, at least at it applies to the amenities and services fee, is a basically an interference with freedom of contract rather than a protection of freedom of association. He says: I do not agree that VSU is unideological or a violation of liberal ideology. The core [...]

Andrew Bartlett

After all the anticipation and build-up to the first sittings of the new Senate, most of the media focus has been on what's been happening amongst the government members, rather than proceedings in the Senate chamber

Thursday August 11, 2005

Tim Blair

“Believe it or not,” emails Melbourne University’s Tim van Gelder, “this is the description of a seminar on improving academic writing.”

Troppo Armadillo

Bledisloe '05
Now the Wallabies don't talk so loud, now they don't seem so proud, about having to scrounge their next meal. How does it feel? Anticlimactic. The year's early promise of a Bledders to decide the defacto '05 world champions was... More

Public Opinion

Tony Abbott on health reform
Health is one of those public policy issues that sits in the political background and then hits the media headlines with high costs, budget blowouts, long hospital queues, poor services, bad administration and death. Behind the media headlines the Howard Government has undertaken some useful reforms of the health system.... More


Turning a fee into a tax, the great ideological problem-solver
A few months ago I accused Jenny Macklin of re-badging the amenities and services fee as a 'tax' to solve the contradiction in her higher education policy - arguing that a regulated fee that did not have to be repaid until the student earned more than $36,000 a year (the student contribution amount) made [...]


Do you suffer Mantropy?
I got the August edition of Trendwatching today, which sparked a bit of conversation at work about the metrosexual trend. And in particular where the whole thing is at; is just beginning to take off, at its peak, or on... More

Wednesday August 10, 2005

John Quiggin

Charitable pledges
Via Chris Bertram at CT, another try from Nicola at a charitable pledge aimed at overcoming the free rider problem inherent in lots of desirable activities. I will give 1% of my gross annual income to charity but only if 100 people will too.

Troppo Armadillo

Insider Trading - the column of the blog post
Here is the next exciting installment for those people who read my post of a few days ago on insider trading. I agonised over whether or not it was worth making the proposal that there be a civil remedy against... More

Imagining Australia

Backbench Problems
A bunch of young Aussie globetrotters have just started something called the Backbench World Problems Index. In their words:The BWPI is designed specifically to measure coverage of world problems in selected Australian newspapers. The index covers five world problems as... More

Public Opinion

I drove down to Canberra yesterday morning. The country--the southern highlands and southern tablelands---was so dry. From what I could see there was little water flowing in the creeks, and some trees were dying. I've spent the rest of the day buying office furniture and eating out in Kingston. It... More


Dictionary of inaccurately-used political words, entry #1
Many people have been quick to criticise the government's voluntary student unionism legislation as 'ideologically motivated'. In this morning's Australian Robert Solomon, whose little biographical note says he was a Rhodes Scholar, no less (though a check of Who's Who reveals that this was in 1955 - 50 years of prestige value!) asserts, (...)

Tuesday August 9, 2005

Ambit Gambit

Labor should pay back public funding money
According to the ABC, Tim Gartrell, National Secretary of the ALP, "wants the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to investigate whether it is possible to stop political candidates making money from the election process". His concern is that Pauline Hanson made... More

The Road To Surfdom

With moderates like these
How muddled are our political leaders in their response to terrorism? Consider this announcement by Tony Blair: LONDON -- Prime Minister Tony Blair, responding to last month's deadly bombings in London, outlined a series of unprecedented steps that would allow Britain to deport and exclude foreign nationals who promote or incite extremist violence or are "fostering hatred."

Troppo Armadillo

Oscar, Ned: what were you thinking?
The contrasts between Oscar Wilde and Ned Kelly are obvious. But reading Neil McKenna's (relatively) new biography of Oscar the parallels hit me forcefully. What follows is a subjective reflection on those similarities. I won't try too hard to justify... More

Imagining Australia

Discriminating Employers Prefer...
How much do employers discriminate on the basis of race and gender? One of the problems of answering this question is that productive ability may vary by race and gender. For example, the gender pay gap in Australia is larger... More


One Great Game; Three Lousy Runs
What a riveting end to the second Ashes Test! I'll admit now that I couldn't bear to watch it or even listen to it....But to lose by three lousy runs. Argghhh. As much as it hurts me to say it,... More


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