On Line Opinion - 17 May 2004

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- Australia's free Internet journal of social and political opinion -
Brisbane Institute: Annual Dinner with Justice Michael Kirby
University of Sydney: Centre for Values Ethics and the Law in Medicine 7th annual Seminar

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On Line Opinion

- Australia's free Internet journal of social and political opinion -


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Parents' Information Evening.

QUT is holding an information evening for parents of senior high school students to address issues such as choosing a course or career, admission, upgrading, support, fees, scholarships and transition to university.

09 June 2004 6.30-8.30pm

W block lecture theatre Kelvin Grove campus.


Sarah Griinke 07 3864 3918


See www.whatson.qut.edu.au/cgi-bin/WebObjects/WhatsOn.woa/wa/goNewsPage?newsEventID=2377

Brisbane Institute:

Annual Dinner with Justice Michael Kirby.

24 June 2004, 7pm for 7.30pm

Customs House, 399 Queen Street, CBD

Cost: $100 for members and sponsors; $130 Non-members.

RSVP by 11 June to +61 7 3220 2198


See www.brisinst.org.au/calendar/20040624_7.html

University of Sydney:

Centre for Values Ethics and the Law in Medicine 7th annual Seminar: "Policing Virtue?"

Health professions espouse moral values and lay claim to specific professional virtues. For centuries, these have been enshrined in codes of ethics. Recently, however, questions are being raised about the capacity of ethics to influence behaviour and about the practical relevance of bioethics. Emphasis is increasingly placed on "enforcing" virtue by means of law, clinical governance and professional standards.

28th May, 2004



Lindy Gaze by 24 May

Email: lgaze@med.usyd.edu.au


Call for June contributions:

"Reading to kids."

Mark Latham, among others, has publicly raised the importance of reading to children, so we wondered what to read them. Is Narnia still relevant or is Harry Potter the best the witch's brew? Black Beauty or The Saddle Club? Is it vital to read books, or are other forms of literacy just as important? What do you read to your kids?

Please send submissions to the editor: editor@onlineopinion.com.au


New Articles

Federation, fee-for-service medicine and other problems in Australian health care.

Feature - Gavin Mooney - posted 17/5/2004

Keeping healthy pregnancies out of hospital is cheaper and lower-risk./A>

Feature - Bruce Teakle - posted 17/5/2004

Health reform starts with principles and must then consider practicalities.

Feature - Tim Woodruff - posted 17/5/2004

Australian foreign policy should not be based on the Anglosphere concept.

International - Michael Fullilove - posted 14/5/2004

A year of study abroad would create global citizens and enrich education.

Education - Andrew Leigh - posted 14/5/2004

Neglected to death - is this the Howard Government's aged-care philosophy?

Health - Nicholas Tonti-Filippini - posted 14/5/2004

Our government needs to be more transparent with "secret" intelligence.
Domestic Politics - Daniel Flitton - posted 13/5/2004

Popular appointment versus popular election: a solution to the republican impasse?

Domestic Politics - Peter Van Onselen and Wayne Errington - posted 13/5/2004

'Marriage' should continue to be defined as heterosexual in Australian law.

Liberties - Nick Ferrett - posted 13/5/2004

Gay marriage would undermine the benefits to children of conventional marriage.

Law & Liberties - George Pell - posted 13/5/2004

The most inflationary budget since Whitlam...

Economics - Peter Jonson - posted 12/5/2004

Communication and the crisis of democratic politics: a media project

Media - Nick Couldry - posted 12/5/2004

Gretel Killeen and leash?

Humour & Satire - Mark Cornwall - posted 12/5/2004

Giving outer-Sydney a facelift: some opportunities for urban development.

Nation Building - Russ Grayson - posted 12/5/2004

It will take more than a band-aid from Labor to fix our "masculinity crisis".
Society - John Anderson - posted 11/5/2004

Moral judgements have no place in Australian social policy.

Domestic Politics - Philip Mendes - posted 11/5/2004

The media put the worst possible spin on any event in military conflicts.

Media - Mark Lawson - posted 11/5/2004


Ambit Gambit - our blog

Liberals brawling at Bankstown....What next?

- posted by Jeff Wall

I am indebted to www.crikey.com.au for drawing attention to a speech in the NSW Parliament by the Labor MP for Bankstown, Tony Stewart. While it is very much a tongue-in-cheek effort, Mr Stewart implored the NSW Liberal Party to "take... More



Graham Young

Chief Editor

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