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Call for September contributions:
"Access to the Family Court and access to kids."

Discontent over family law and post-separation child arrangements has been simmering for some time but the appointment of a new Chief Justice to the Family Court and the announcement of new measures for resolving disputes have put the issue on the election map. Is this enough? What else needs to be done and how can it best be achieved?

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New Articles

Viewed from Kurdistan the future for Iraq is most likely partition.
International - Bashdar Ismaeel - posted 23/8/2004

It will take new legislation to provide justice to asbestos victims.
Law & Liberties - Geoffrey Hills - posted 23/8/2004

Obesity: blame the town planners of fifty years ago.
Health - Jago Dodson - posted 23/8/2004

John Howard, Mark Latham and the truth.
- Mark Cornwall - posted 23/8/2004

What is it about fear that we like?
Society - Peter Curson - posted 20/8/2004

Australian fisheries research benefits the Asia-Pacific region.
Environment - Barney Smith - posted 20/8/2004

Fixed four-year electoral terms will improve our system of government.
Domestic Politics - David Madden - posted 20/8/2004

When it comes to global warming, Premier Carr has no clothes.
Environment - Lee Rhiannon - posted 19/8/2004

American Folk: Michael Moore, Billy Bragg and resistance in a different America.
Media - Felicity Cull - posted 19/8/2004

The importance of fish stocks to regional stability.
Environment - Meryl Williams - posted 19/8/2004

A curfew could mean getting bashed at the station while waiting for a late train.
Law & Liberties - Sebastian De Brennan - posted 19/8/2004

Joh Bjelke-Petersen's send-off should befit his legacy to Queensland.
Domestic Politics - Nigel Powell - posted 18/8/2004

Without efficient public transport a curfew on teenage drivers is not the answer.
Law & Liberties - Sebastian De Brennan - posted 18/8/2004

Terrorism, US alliance and Defence Force admin: Issues for Election 2004.
Domestic Politics - Gary Brown - posted 18/8/2004

Richard Butler has demonstrated a valuable lesson.
Domestic Politics - Peter Tucker - posted 18/8/2004

The Butler affair serves up an opportunity to reform vice-regal appointments.
Domestic Politics - George Williams - posted 18/8/2004

Creating new medical schools in new universities won't cure doctor shortages.
Education - Tanveer Ahmed - posted 17/8/2004

'The War on Terror' is what it claims to counter.
Domestic Politics - John Tomlinson - posted 17/8/2004

Is Tasmania the End of the World?
- Mark Cornwall - posted 17/8/2004

Evergreen dilemma: law blind to patent's purpose
Economics - Andrew Christie and Sally Pryor - posted 17/8/2004


Ambit Gambit - our blog

August 22, 2004

A Hard Working Member

- posted by Darlene Taylor

Ross Cameron, Member for Parramatta, has confessed, to borrow a euphemism attached to Springfield's adulterous Mayor Quimby on "The Simpsons", to "polling the electorate". Unfortunately, for Cameron, a notorious Jesus freak not blessed with a safe seat, the majority of... More


August 19, 2004

Winning the peace isn't just a problem for Rumsfeld

- posted by Graham

Winning the peace in Iraq isn't just a US problem, it is a problem for all of us. If it is lost, then we in Australia should share some of the blame, and the press more than most. How do I expect the press to play a role in winning the peace and why should they? More


Readers review Moore - Part III.

- posted by Graham

This is the third and last instalment of reader reviews. This one was referred by Geoff Muirden, and is written by Jeremy Lee. It was first published in Target, the journal of the League of Rights. For those who know... More


August 17, 2004

John Howard needs to learn to say sorry.

- posted by Graham

James Hardie Industries appears to have learnt a lesson that John Howard has yet to learn: when you make a mistake, say you're sorry. It is the first rule of crisis management, and it is the best one. When Arnold... More


Readers review Moore - Part II.

- posted by Graham

The following post is from Stewart Mills. "To understand F 9/11 you need to understand satire. The other night I saw Fahrenheit 9/11. It gave me a clear image of the self-interest that is determining the course of US and... More


Philandering politicians - does the 'mob' really care?

- posted by Jeff Wall

VARIOUS commentators have been speculating whether or not the decision by the Liberal MP for Parramatta, Ross Cameron, to "out" himself for being unfaithful in his marriage will harm his re-election chances. If the most recent experience - that of... More



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