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Howard's fourth term.

With effective control of the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first time in a generation, the Federal Government has an opportunity to make significant and far reaching changes. If you were John Howard what would you do?

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November Feature

Where should universities be heading?

This election all sides are promising more university places for all, but are universities fulfilling our real needs? Should universities train, or educate? Can they do both? Should a university education be a universal right? What is the role for other tertiary education providers? Where do universities fit in life-long learning? Have standards fallen? As the assessment cycle reaches its climax our November feature asks what could we do better. Send your submissions to the editor at submissions@onlineopinion.com.au


Social Change in the 21st Century conference

Social Change in the 21st Century is a one-day conference of the Centre for Social Change Research at Queensland University of Technology.

29 October 2004. 8.30 - 5pm

Carseldine Campus, Room: Ground Level, A Block

Cost: Before 16 Oct - Student: $40 Full: $95

Info: Chanel Bailey Phone: 07 3864 4776

Email: c.bailey@qut.edu.au

Web: www.socialchange.qut.edu.au/confindex.html

University of Sydney:
Medicine and the Humanities

A meeting to explore opportunities for education and research in medical humanities.

November 5 and 6, 2004,

Darlington Centre.

Inquiries: Jill Gordon, phone: 02 9036 9543.
Email: jill.gordon@arts.usyd.edu.au or
visit www.medicalhumanities.med.usyd.edu.au

Brisbane Institute:
Don Watson’s Dictionary of weasel words.

Thursday night author chat.

November 11, 2004, 5.30pm for 6.00pm.

Customs House,
399 Queens Street CBD.

$22 general admission, $11 concession, free for BI members and sponsors, incl GST.

RSVP November 10, 2004, ph 07 3220 2198 or email rsvp@brisinst.org.au



The Centre for Public, International & Comparative Law & The Institute of Public Affairs: Public Lecture

"The role of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and Australia’s policy shift towards Solomon Islands"

by Dr Ellie Wainwright, Program Director for the Strategy and International Program, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Thursday, 28th October 2004 at 5:30pm

TC Beirne School of Law,
Sir Samuel Griffith room,
Room w341,
Forgan Smith building(bldg.1).
University of Queensland,
St Lucia campus.

Light refreshments to follow the seminar.

Ellie Wainwright is a Queensland Rhodes Scholar, completing both her Masters and Doctorate in International Relations at Oxford University. While at Oxford, she was a Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics at Oriel College and a tutor in Politics at Christ Church.

She also has a Bachelor of Arts (History) and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of Queensland. After finishing her law degree, she was Associate to Mr Justice Mackenzie of the Queensland Supreme Court.

RSVP by Monday 25th October, by Email to m.pearce@law.uq.edu.au
or Tel. Marie Pearce on 07-3365-8597


New Articles

The Liberals have not betrayed the Menzies legacy.
Domestic Politics - Alan Anderson - posted 25/10/2004

Public liability still an issue for local government.
Law & Liberties - Greg Hallam - posted 25/10/2004

People are only disabled by our response to them.
Society - Brian Harradine - posted 25/10/2004

Compulsory contributions corrode community.
Society - John Tomlinson - posted 25/10/2004

Memo - Mal Content to Mark: Not Happy!
Cartoons - Mark Cornwall - posted 22/10/2004

Frustration looms large for the younger voter.
Domestic Politics - Stephen Dziedzic - posted 22/10/2004

The rise of the wrinklies - the silver century.
Society - Peter Curson - posted 22/10/2004

An open letter to Nige Edwards and Mark Latham - Mark, you can’t win with my vote.
Society - Kay Millican - posted 22/10/2004

Attack is often the best means of defence.
Domestic Politics - Nicholas Gruen - posted 21/10/2004

Mental health not getting a fair bite of the health dollar.
Health - Nicholas Procter - posted 21/10/2004

In Byron, development remains the big issue.
Environment - Russ Grayson - posted 21/10/2004

Water, Food, Poverty: Time to join the policy dots.
Society - Victoria Kearney - posted 21/10/2004

Anita Cobby died in Vain: Anita and beyond.
Society - Darlene Taylor - posted 21/10/2004

Green on the outside, empty inside.
Domestic Politics - Ted Lapkin - posted 20/10/2004

The PNG 2005 budget should place top priority on economic growth.
International - Brian Gomez - posted 20/10/2004

Readers Write: You tell us your views and your comments on Howard's fourth term.
Domestic Politics - Readers Write - posted 20/10/2004

Phonics: The building blocks to reading.
Education - Marion de Lemos - posted 20/10/2004

Unprincipled voices: Derrida a dedicated supporter of the democratic process.
Political Philosophy - Max Deutscher - posted 19/10/2004

Open letter to Mark Latham: You cannot win without my vote!
Domestic Politics - Nige (Nudge) Edwards - posted 19/10/2004

Hair of demagogue that bit us: cure for electoral hangover.
Domestic Politics - Judith Ireland - posted 19/10/2004

Self-absorption wins the day: Our private greed drives out the social good.
Domestic Politics - Clive Hamilton - posted 19/10/2004


The Domain - Feeds from Australia’s best political blogs

Ambit Gambit

October 24, 2004

Crean decision illustrates why the electorate didn't trust Latham

- posted by Graham

I'm agnostic as to whether Simon Crean should have stayed on the front-bench or not. What I do have strong views about is the way in which his front-bench position was saved. It illustrates many of the reasons why the... More

October 23, 2004

Shutting Up Shop: The Office - The Christmas Specials

- posted by Darlene Taylor

The final episodes of the mock documentary The Office plumb the depths of despair, but ultimately celebrate the importance of having people in our lives who accept us for who we are. Emerging at a time when many comedies were... More

Tim Blair

Charlie Brooker, writing in The Guardian -- the newspaper that was shocked by "the volume and pitch of the invective directed our way" in the wake of Operation Clark County -- calls for the murder of George W. Bush: On... More


Niner Charlie identifies an unexplored publishing niche: Consider the achievements of the Australian Prime Minister John Howard's Liberal-led Government after eight and half years. Consider its dexterous handling of issues like fiscal consolidation and economic management, taxation and industrial relations... More


Privatisation and pay-offs
My boss Henry Ergas has a piece in today's Australian cautioning the government on potential rent-seeking pitfalls on the road to its full Telstra privatisation agenda: the lead-up to privatisation always brings with it a veritable landmine of unashamed lobbying,... More

From the sidelines....

Outrage over Hardie boss's $8.8m payout

A piece of excrement.... More

Public Opinion

doing the Ali shuffle

The ALP never really fought the economic issue in the media all that well did they? They allowed themselves to... More

Back Pages

His back pages

Two weeks after publication, Bob's Chronicles is a big hit, winning rave reviews round the world, and shooting up the bestseller lists (also). I haven't got my copy yet, as the Australian distributors are awaiting a fresh shipment. Meanwhile, when... More

The Samwise Polemic

Crystal ball gazing

It seems that the Coalition is going to secure its 39th Senate seat and will not need to rely on Family First to support any future legislation. This gives them a clear run to introduce, nay force, any number of draconian or regressive measures it likes. Bush Blunder or Robertson recoils…More


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