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An extra pair of hands for a big project

Opportunity for multi-skilled business person with ambition and energy to get involved with major franchising project.

Will need to be enthusiastic about raising intellectual achievement levels in the education systems of the country.

Academic background appreciated as a useful extra dimension. Marketing, computer literacy, office management skills valued highly.

Will need to be self-funding for first six months.

Freedom to travel widely is crucial.

Flexibility and general intelligence are key requirements.

Will initially be working closely with principal franchisor.

Head Office currently in Adelaide, but early shift to eastern states anticipated.


Check out www.earlyreadingplayschool.com.au for further information.

Email: advertiser@onlineopinion.com.au


University of Sydney: What is the new rhetoric?

Keynote speaker: Professor Andrea Lunsford, Stanford Uni.

A focus upon interdisciplinary research practices as well as theoretical and practical approaches to teaching rhetoric, writing, and communication within and across various disciplines and professions.

Conference. September 2-3 2005.

Location: Darlington Centre, Sydney University.

Contact: Susan Thomas.
Phone: 02 9351 2489.
Email: susan.thomas@arts.usyd.edu.au.


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The Domain

Monday August 29, 2005

Tim Blair

Just as the League of Rights supports Margo Kingston and the Adelaide Institute promotes Antony Loewenstein, so too does US Nazoid group National Vanguard embrace Mother Sheehan:

Troppo Armadillo

Artificial Scare-City
What's driving house prices? Well we know that there's some artificial scarcity driven by the rationing of land for housing is an important contributor. For instance Canberra has lots of land, but very high house prices (and pretty cruddy little...

Imagining Australia

When Rational Students Choose Not to Study Rational Models
A puzzle in recent years has been the decision of so many Australian undergraduates to flock to business degrees in favour of economics degrees (one quarter of undergraduates are now studying business). This is despite Australian research by the University...

Jennifer Marohasy

The Price of Woodchip
On Saturday I attended a conference at the State Library of New South Wales sponsored by the Independent Scholars Association of New South Wales entitled "Looking for Forests, Seeing Trees: A Continent at Risk". Senator Bob Brown of the Australian...


Brendan Nelson's Values
Our Education Minister Brendan Nelson wants to see some essentially Australian values introduced into our schools – understanding, tolerance, inclusion and responsibility, care, compassion, reaching out to others, doing your best, pursuing and protecting the common good, treating all people...

Friday August 26, 2005

Ambit Gambit

Joyce shows way on Queensland Coalition
Barnaby Joyce's behaviour over Telstra should be a lesson to the Queensland Liberals on how to negotiate a coalition agreement with the Queensland Nats. Just because they threaten to walk away or wreck things if they don't get their way...

Troppo Armadillo

Margo's Webdiary moves house
A long time ago in a far away land reigned the establishment Kingo's Club Chaos, sometimes now referred to as Ye Olde Webdiary; Back in 2001 Sydney Morning Herald journalist Margo Kingston set up an online diary at the...

Public Opinion

ditching liberal pluralism
There is a big cultural shift happening, which undermines the liberal pluralism of Australia, and it is being conducted in the name of Australian values. Leunig notices the conservative attack on Islam and Muslim values:

Jennifer Marohasy

Build Dams So Hydra Can Wash Her Hair
I don't think KPMG partner Bernard Salt would like Hydra Sustainable -a member of the Victorian Government's eco-perfect family. In today's The Australian, Salt complains about hotels suggesting he re-use his towel to save water. Hydra goes as far as...


Clean, green and nuclear
The Skeptics have been discussing nuclear power this week, following a post offering congratulations to Martin Ferguson for supporting uranium exports. This drew a strong reply from "Cosmo" Colin Keay, a physicist and past member of the Committee of the Skeptics. No! Australia should NOT export yellowcake because we have no real guarantee that it (...)

Thursday August 25, 2005

John Quiggin

The London Tube shooting again
The news about the shooting of an innocent man, Jean Charles de Menezes, on the London Tube.

The Road To Surfdom

Founding fathers
It's a measure of the disconnect in our public discussion--by which I mean, within the mainstream media--that John Howard can be applauded for refusing to include extremists in his little exercise in political window-dressing, that is, his summit meeting on terrorism, but that no-one has thought to ask him the following:

Jennifer Marohasy

Drinking Sewage - Request for More Information
Toowomba is Ausralia's largest inland regional city situated at the headwaters of the Murray Darling Basin. The population in the 'Greater Toowoomba Region' is 135,000 and expected to grow. The Mayor of the city has committed to an ambitious waste...


Labor’s VSU compromise
On the TV news tonight student activists were expressing disappointment about Labor's decision to support voluntary student union membership. But they shouldn't have been surprised. When the Victorian and Western Australian Labor governments repealed their Liberal predecessors' VSU legislation they left in place the voluntary membership provisions - though in practice this is just an (...)

Wednesday August 24, 2005

Ambit Gambit

Religious vilification
Full marks to Dr Ameer Ali, president of the national Federation of Islamic Councils, when he says that Islamic extremists should not be banned. "The best thing is to expose these people and marginalise them. As long as they are...

John Quiggin

The great illusion
The Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, now apparently complete, and the IRA's announcement that it has ended its armed campaign are notable events in themselves, and bring a little closer the end of two of the longest-running conflicts in the world today, though in both cases there are still plenty of problemsThey're also interesting in the bigger question of whether the strategy of pursuing political objectives by the use of force (terrorism, guerilla warfare, or conventional) makes sense.

Troppo Armadillo

How are we going?
This week's column talks about that old chestnut of the limitations of income per capita as a measure of welfare and then talks about the UN Human Development Index. I would have liked to go on about the Australia...

Imagining Australia

The Squiggly Blue Line
Forbes Global CEOs secure, Tony Abbott insecure. Is it that globophobes are more dangerous than unionists, or that Manning Bar is scarier than the Opera House?...

Jennifer Marohasy

Anti-GW Campaign Trumps Anti-Uranium Campaign
A friend suggested to me recently that all the concern about global warming is driving increasing acceptance of uranium as an energy source. So is this a case of one scary campaign trumping another? Of course many who campaigned against...

Tuesday August 23, 2005

Tim Blair

Global warming concernists John McCain and Hillary Clinton tour the molten north:
(Clinton) said that flying over the Yukon she saw forests decimated by spruce bark beetles - believed to be growing at an unprecedented rate because of warmer weather.

The Road To Surfdom

Founding fathers
It's a measure of the disconnect in our public discussion--by which I mean, within the mainstream media--that John Howard can be applauded for refusing to include extremists in his little exercise in political window-dressing, that is, his summit meeting on terrorism, but that no-one has thought to ask him the following:

Imagining Australia

Child Labour
From a recent World Bank research paper on child labour: Although there is extensive literature on the determinants of child labor and many initiatives aimed at combating it, there is limited evidence on the consequences of child labor on socioeconomic...

Jennifer Marohasy

Adapting to Climate Change
The question that I asked last Thursday (18th August) - might it get wetter as it gets warmer - was not answered. There was comment made that this question can't be answered. There was comment made that the question is...


Research on ID cards and terrorism
Anyway I have been doing some research so that I have something interesting to say on the panel discussion I'm participating in this Thursday night (see previous post) and I've revised my initial impressions on some issues (yes, some of my initial impressions were wrong). Extracted below are the conclusions of the only study to [...]


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