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Call for September contributions: "Access to the Family Court and access to kids."

Discontent over family law and post-separation child arrangements has been simmering for some time but the appointment of a new Chief Justice to the Family Court and the announcement of new measures for resolving disputes have put the issue on the election map. Is this enough? What else needs to be done and how can it best be achieved?

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Ambit Gambit

August 30, 2004

"Trust" - a pivot word to pull "truth" into line.

- posted by Graham

While political leaders construct their messages in terms of policies and ideals, elections are most often won at the emotional level. So, despite all the rhetoric yesterday from both sides about security, health, education and interest rates, the pitches were...

August 30, 2004

A volatile, untrusting electorate will make the election especially interesting.

- posted by Jeff Wall

I have been thinking about a way to illustrate how volatile, untrusting, and "different", the Australian electorate is today. The opinion polls are volatile, but polls taken before a campaign commences often are. Minor parties - especially Greens and Independents...

August 29, 2004

Illuminate Your University: It's Election Time

- posted by Darlene Taylor

I know all the talk is on that other, supposedly more important election, but if my memory serves me correctly, I think we must be coming up to the always vital (for budding politicians at least) student union elections. What...

August 27, 2004

Were they up late watching the cycling?

- posted by Graham

Two days ago, as reported in yesterday's Courier Mail, John Howard and Mark Latham both seemed to be giving the wrong questions to the right answers. Latham was asked why he had private health insurance if he was opposed to...

August 25, 2004

Original sin and Abu Ghraib.

- posted by Graham

Two of my recent themes collided with each other on Stephen Crittendon's Religion Report this morning, and also with the release of the US Army report into Abu Ghraib prison. On the OnLineOpinions list I have recently been arguing that...

August 23, 2004

The Member for Parramatta's 'gamble' has failed.

- posted by Jeff Wall

THE Member for Parramatta, Ross Cameron, undoubtedly believed his "pre-emptive" strike in outing himself for his infidelity was the best available political option given that the "Sydney Morning Herald" clearly intended to write the story with or without his co-operation....



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