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Brisbane Institute: Professor Nancy Fraser.

Seminar: Re-framing Justice in a Globalising World.

Nancy Fraser is currently Professor of Political and Social Science in the Graduate Faculty of the New School in New York.

She is regarded as one of the most important feminist critics and moral philosophers of our time.

August 4, 2005 at 5:00pm:

Where: Ship Inn Function Room, South Bank.

Cost: None, but please RSVP for catering purposes by August 1, 2005.

Jill Jones on 07 3875 7338 or j.jones@griffith.edu.au


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The Domain

Monday July 4, 2005

Ambit Gambit

Sandra Day O'Connor retires
Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court has retired. Justice O'Connor tended to be the swing judge on the US Supreme Court, with some difficult-to-predict decisions. For example, on affirmative action she ruled against...
More ambit-gambit.nationalforum.com.au/archives/000709.html

Roger, Dr Stone
Another entry for my yet to be constructed database of predictions is climatologist Dr Roger Stone of the University of Southern Queensland and the Queensland Department of Primary Industries. On the first of June ABC Rural carried these pars: The...
More ambit-gambit.nationalforum.com.au/archives/000707.html

Tim Blair

Local charities were banned at Live 8 concerts:
Organizers have said local fundraising could "dilute the focus" of the concerts, which includes encouraging the world's G8 leaders to eliminate the debt currently owed by African countries.

Public Opinion

a deflating housing bubble means....
Ross Gittens mentioned this a while ago in terms of the consequences of falling house prices. His scenario was built around big problems from rapidly falling housing prices. That looked unlikely because the housing boom ended with a whimper--running out of puff--- rather than being the bang of being choked...
More www.sauer-thompson.com/archives/opinion/003396.php

Jennifer Marohasy

Clear Fell for Tall Trees
The Wilderness Society is no doubt celebrating the recent decision by Japanese paper mill Mitsubishi to only source woodchip from plantation forests. The end result, however, is likely to be fewer tall trees in Tasmania's native forests. The tall wet...
More www.jennifermarohasy.com/blog/archives/000708.html

Friday July 1, 2005

Ambit Gambit

39th balance of power Senator
Neophyte Senator Barnaby Joyce is hogging the limelight this morning on a false premise. While the Howard Government theoretically takes control of the Senate today, it is not because of Joyce's election, but that of Russell Trood, the third Liberal Senator from Queensland.
More ambit-gambit.nationalforum.com.au/archives/000706.html

Imagining Australia

Values + Policies
Labor backbencher Craig Emerson has neatly summed up the importance of melding broad values and precise policy proposals in a piece in the AFR. Link below. Download labor_can_mix_ideas_and_ideals.pdf...
More imaginingaustralia.blogs.com/imagining/2005/07/values_policies.html

Public Opinion

political truth telling
In launching Bernie Lagan's Loner: Inside A Labor Tragedy yesterday John Faulkner made some truthful comments about the culture of the ALP, its demons and the party's ability to face them. On what he calls the gladiatorial NSW culture Faulkner says: In NSW, a combative organisational culture has at times...
More www.sauer-thompson.com/archives/opinion/003380.php

Faris QC

Latham Biography
Thursday 30 June - despite being released yesterday, the Latham biography is not yet available in Melbourne. Bookshops suggest maybe tomorrow or later. I will buy a copy and carefully review it. In the meantime, remember the following things when reading the media discussion of Latham. Latham was the leader who, up to election day, had the (...)

Jennifer Marohasy

Nuclear Fusion to Power the World?
Every so often I am asked to be a part of Friday morning's panel of guests at the local ABC radio station. Guests nominate their 'big issue' for the week and discussion follows. I am on tomorrow (it will probably...
More www.jennifermarohasy.com/blog/archives/000705.html

Thursday June 30, 2005

Ambit Gambit

Judicial officers lose their majesty
Two of the undercurrents lurking in the Fingelton saga are the increasing politicisation of court appointments and the increasing willingness of judicial officers to go public.
We published a piece yesterday by Senator Joe Ludwig, who was is Federal ALP Justice Spokesman -
More ambit-gambit.nationalforum.com.au/archives/000702.html

Fisycian heal thyself
In all the Wagnerian sound and fury as Di Fingleton swoops on the Queensland legal and political establishment blaming everyone but herself for her conviction and incarceration I have yet to hear anyone ask one of the more basic questions....
More ambit-gambit.nationalforum.com.au/archives/000697.html

Tim Blair

The SMH's Peter Hartcher:
Everything Mark Latham has done since losing last year's federal election has vindicated the electorate's decision to reject him.

Troppo Armadillo

A Voice from Africa
In view of the topical nature of Third World issues, this online journal from Africa may be of interest. A summary has been turning up in my mail for some time, courtesy of one of the many email groups that...
More troppoarmadillo.ubersportingpundit.com/archives/009238.html

Jennifer Marohasy

Stop Global Warming, Stop Burning Off in the NT
Maybe I have been a bit harsh with my title for this post? Then again, I am, after all, at heart, a global warming skeptic. And now the NT government is proposing aboriginals stop burning-off to reduce C02 emmissions. "Government...
More www.jennifermarohasy.com/blog/archives/000701.html

Wednesday June 29, 2005

John Quiggin

Freedom of the press is great if you own one*
I was going to respond to this piece by Margaret Simons about bloggers and journalists but, as often happens, Tim Dunlop has written exactly what I would have said, only better.

Tim Blair

Reaction to today's extract in The Bulletin from Bernard Lagan's book on Mark Latham ... The Daily Telegraph's Malcolm Farr: Former Labor leader Mark Latham has condemned his party as "beyond repair, beyond reform" and launched an extraordinary personal attack on Premier Bob Carr.

Troppo Armadillo

Aid, Live 8 and all that
This week's column comes out of the conjunction of my reading Jeffrey Sachs book on how we can cure extreme poverty in a couple of decades and the mounting hype about Live 8. Sachs' book is exciting in a way,...
More troppoarmadillo.ubersportingpundit.com/archives/009237.html

Public Opinion

Israel: settlers rebel
The news reports are carrying stories of clashes between Israeli troops and settlers in the Gaza settlements, as some abandoned beachfront buildings (known by the settlers as Shirat Hayam) were demolished by the Israeli Defence Forces. Is this refusal a foretaste of what is to come as the Israeli excauvation...
More www.sauer-thompson.com/archives/opinion/003373.php

Jennifer Marohasy

GM Ban Challenged
It is not every day that I agree with the Hon Warren Truss MP but today's media release from him is a beauty: Australian Agriculture Minister Warren Truss today called on State and Territory governments to end their moratoria on...
More www.jennifermarohasy.com/blog/archives/000696.html

Tuesday June 28, 2005

Tim Blair

Mark Latham hates conservatives: "I'm a hater. Part of the tribalness of politics is to really dislike the other side with intensity. And the more I see of them the more I hate them.

Imagining Australia

Where's that Greenie-Economist Alliance When you Need it?
The various business economists who have argued against lowering the petrol tax are probably right, assuming that we think the prices are going to stay this high (if prices are about to come down, you could construct a good argument...
More imaginingaustralia.blogs.com/imagining/2005/06/wheres_that_gre.html

Public Opinion

higher education
The comment below by Professor Allan Luke, the former Queensland University dean and now based at Singapore's National Institute of Education, accord with my own experience of working in Australia's universities as an academic. Luke says that Australian universities are facing a tough future: They've been cut and they've been... More

Faris QC

Word of the Week #4: Remuneration
Remuneration means wages or pay. I have chosen it as the WOTW for 2 reasons: 1: Never use a long word like this when you can use a short simple word that everyone understands e.g. "my annual salary {or wage or income} is 30K" is better than "my annual remuneration is 30K". 2: Most people mis-pronounce

Andrew Bartlett

The saddest week I said in my previous post that the last sitting day would probably be a long one and it was - we started at 9.30am in the morning and worked through until about 1.30am on Friday morning debating the Migration Amendment Bill, Superannuation Legislation, Tax Laws and various other pieces of legislation as well as listening to more valedictory speeches.


Graham Young
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