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Fahrenheit 9/11 - what did you think? We're collecting reviews of the movie to publish in Ambit Gambit. Tell us what you thought about the movie and/or the fuss about it.


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27-29 August 2004


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Call for September contributions: "Access to the Family Court and access to kids."

Discontent over family law and post-separation child arrangements has been simmering for some time but the appointment of a new Chief Justice to the Family Court and the announcement of new measures for resolving disputes have put the issue on the election map. Is this enough? What else needs to be done and how can it best be achieved?

Please send submissions to the editor: editor@onlineopinion.com.au


New Articles

How can we make Australia more self-reliant when it comes to energy?
Feature - Lyn Allison - posted 9/8/2004

Choose Australia's future: clean or coal, independent or dependent.
Feature - Bob Brown - posted 9/8/2004

At least Richard Nixon understood the intricacies of global diplomacy.
International - Greg Barns - posted 9/8/2004

Abortion, Tony Abbott and 'feminists'.
Society - Catharine Lumby - posted 9/8/2004

Landmines help save lives and are our best hope for peace.
International - Alexander Deane - posted 6/8/2004

It's official: the Australian government is abusing the rights of children.
Domestic Politics - Tom Mann - posted 6/8/2004

Is our hi-tech medicine answering the right questions?
Health - Peter Curson - posted 6/8/2004

Measuring a student's work ethic for Youth Allowance doesn't quite add up.
Education - Sebastian De Brennan - posted 6/8/2004

Is coaching a worthwhile educational investment for parents?
Education - Dianna Kenny - posted 5/8/2004

Howard hunts down Latham.
Domestic Politics - Tim Grau - posted 5/8/2004

Germaine Greer tells half the story: Australian society is British too.
Society - Ian Alexander - posted 5/8/2004

Official interest rate policy: could we be wrong?
Economics - Henry Thornton - posted 4/8/2004

Latham's Republican plebiscites are all smoke and mirrors.
Domestic Politics - Greg Craven - posted 4/8/2004

For the sake of Iraqi children, can we please move the debate forward?
International - Sukrit Sabhlok - posted 4/8/2004

No Sister, feminism is not about choice.
Society - Leslie Cannold - posted 4/8/2004

It's a fact: Socially responsible corporations are successful.
Society - Michael Chaney - posted 3/8/2004

Sport: A School for Scandal.
Sport - David Rowe - posted 3/8/2004

Confessions of a Soccer Dad.
Sport - Mark Lawson - posted 3/8/2004

Reconciliation walkers, awaken before your goodwill is lost.
Indigenous Affairs - Peter Lewis - posted 3/8/2004


Ambit Gambit - our blog

August 08, 2004
When Loving Was Wrong: the Crime of Mary Kay Letourneau
- posted by Darlene Taylor

Mary Kay Letourneau's release from a Washington jail last week was partly greeted with a continuation of the romantic notions that were initially expressed when she was first imprisoned for second degree child rape. Now forty-two years of age, Letourneau... More

August 03, 2004
City Councillors indulging themselves...the expense of their ratepayers
- posted by Jeff Wall

THE ink was barely dry on the declarations of local authority results in Queensland just over three months ago when virtually every major City Council began the process of increasing the salaries and allowances of its Councillors in the least... More

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