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Breakfast seminar: The Business of Big Events

QUT's Brisbane Graduate School of Business is thinking big with the next breakfast seminar in its Going For Gold seminar series ... more specifically, big events. This is your chance to hear from three experts who helm the Brisbane Ekka, the Woodford Folk Festival, and Telstra's national sponsorship program.

Date: June 1, 2006.
Time: 7am for a 7:15am start.
Location: Queensland Cricketers Club, Gabba.
Cost: $60 (incl. GST) per person or $420 for a table of 8.
Organisation: Brisbane Graduate School of Business.
Info: Jarrod Price.
Phone: 07 3864 4145.
Email: bgsbevents@qut.edu.au.
Web: www.bgsb.qut.edu.au/execdev/programs/breakfast.jsp

New Articles

Vulture Street story
This is a Brisbane story - a celebration for the life of Lionel Young - a story that lived and died on Vulture Street.
Society - Graham Young - posted 29/5/2006

A potted guide
Modernism and postmodernism: everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.
The Arts - Margaret Sankey - posted 29/5/2006

Morality for a broken world
Condoms discussion in the Catholic Church returns to traditional moral norms.
Religion & Spirituality - Bill Uren - posted 29/5/2006

The economics of oofle dust
Counting up the true cost of uranium enrichment.
Environment - Chris Shaw - posted 29/5/2006

Sydneys forgotten pioneer
William Stanley Jevons deserves a place among Australia's most noted social scientists.
Nation Building - Peter Curson - posted 29/5/2006

Aboriginal culture: who wants it, who needs it?
Debates on Indigenous issues are bogged down in stereotypes.
Indigenous Affairs - John Morton - posted 26/5/2006

Smart moves
It is time for the outdated rhetoric about nuclear power to disappear and to concentrate on environmental risk management.
Environment - Andrew O'Neil and Haydon Manning - posted 26/5/2006

Privatising the Sunshine State
The GST bonanza appears to be over, so expect increased state taxes or more private service provision.
Domestic Politics - Des Moore - posted 26/5/2006

A school for serial killers
Our prisons remain shrouded in secrecy producing a criminal network of serial killers.
Society - Bernie Matthews - posted 26/5/2006

Power policy running on wind and sun
Labor party zealots such as Anthony Albanese and the Left have never had any real energy options.
Environment - Barry Cohen - posted 25/5/2006

Judging the judges
Australia should adopt US-style confirmation hearings for federal judges.
Law & Liberties - James McConvill - posted 25/5/2006

Cambodia finally gets its day in court
After 30 years, the Khmer Rouge Tribunal will soon hear evidence against those 'most responsible'.
International - Verghese Mathews - posted 25/5/2006

Lies and statistics
So much for egalitarianism, the super rich are back and getting richer.
Economics - Andrew Leigh - posted 25/5/2006

If you're white, you're right
Not a lot has changed over the last one hundred years: racism still persists in Australian society.
Indigenous Affairs - Stephen Hagan - posted 25/5/2006

Afghanistan's ugly truth
A country where women are not counted as human beings and are treated worse than cattle.
International - Mariam Rawi - posted 24/5/2006

Santa Claus budget fails to deliver for future
This big-taxing, big-spending government no longer represents economic reform.
Feature - Lindsay Tanner - posted 24/5/2006

The great bubble of China?
Without internal reforms, Chinas great power status may well be fleeting at best.
International - Mal Bozic - posted 24/5/2006

Some clouds on the rural landscape
An atmosphere of unreality pervades rural Australia in the face of some sobering economic statistics.
Economics - Ben Rees - posted 24/5/2006

Green v Mundine: more than just a boxing match
Boxing: its like life - brutal and beautiful at the same time.
Sport - Dave Smith - posted 24/5/2006

Is the ANZAC relationship dissolving into irrelevance?
A Single Economic Market between New Zealand and Australia should be no hindrance to the development of divergent foreign policies or cultural attitudes.
International - Graham Cooke - posted 23/5/2006

Hanging on to paradise
It is not too late to save some coastal land from development.
Environment - Peter Spearritt - posted 23/5/2006

We mustn't miss this very fast bus
There's a much better alternative to trains, trams and traffic.
Nation Building - David Hensher - posted 23/5/2006

Respecting children, not blaming parents
Communities should have more involvement in raising children when parents dont have the capacity to effectively do it themselves.
Society - Daniel Donahoo - posted 23/5/2006

Feminism and raunch culture
How should feminism respond to the sexing-up of femininity?
Society - Darlene Taylor - posted 23/5/2006

Working girls
The adage 'the rich get richer and the poor have children' has never been more true, particularly for women.
Society - Alison Wolf - posted 22/5/2006

Moral outrage
For Indigenous people once more it will be our white boots of moral outrage trampling them into the mud.
Indigenous Affairs - Barbara Biggs - posted 22/5/2006

Weird and wacky but not terribly scientific
It's not just humanities that have fallen victim to outcomes-based education.
Education - Kevin Donnelly - posted 22/5/2006

Defining a marriage
How constitutional are state-based civil union schemes?
Law & Liberties - Kerry Corke - posted 22/5/2006

Fobbing off our human rights responsibilities
Its time to stop using refugees as political pawns.
Domestic Politics - Adam Ferguson - posted 22/5/2006

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