Love for Life Campaign

Submitted by Arthur Cristian on Tue, 05/12/2006 - 10:57

We are committed to using our actions as a campaign, a story, to help awaken other Australians. Our story has all the right ingredients to trigger the rising up of a mass of humanity and together with all other freedom committers, finally dissolve the evil that continues to spread all around us. The campaign is in need of a website/webpage temporarily until we can get a LOVE FOR LIFE website up and running, to post documentation, with a simple menu and a brief home page front story with our family photo.

The LOVE FOR LIFE website linked to many other websites will co-ordinate this national campaign so that Australians can attune to one goal one action and bring about at least half a million Australians walking together from William Street in Sydney towards The Sydney Town Hall as it was shown to me through three separate visions over the past 20 years. We are committed to seeing this happen in every other major city and country town in Australia. These walks of LOVE FOR LIFE will be photographed and documented in detail and sent all over the world. This campaign is not aligned to any political or spiritual denomination but is aligned to a REAL working model where REAL FREEDOM can be lived and shared amongst all Australians.

We will create A5 fliers and with other freedom committers, go door to door, town to town, suburb to suburb, distributing these A5 fliers with a date set for EASTER SATURDAY 2007. We will encourage Australians to either photocopy or contribute funds so the A5 flier can continue being distributed all over Australia. Everything will be linked to a series of websites that are all interlinked with each other (somehow) so the corrupted ones can't stop browser traffic and effect the LOVE FOR LIFE campaign. We believe that many freedom committers will finally come together as unique individuals, attuned to the one REAL objective of REAL FREEDOM and leave all their other personal beliefs aside. If Australian's are unable to do this, then we quickly meet a future that is becoming very bleak indeed.

FREEDOM exists in spite of attitudes, religions, ideologies, economic and political machinations and not because of them.
Mother Nature demonstrates the extraordinary and diverse TRUTH of how REAL FREEDOM REALLY WORKS and IS.

Are Australians ready for FREEDOM or are they still caught up in not being FREE, arguing or avoiding their FREEDOM one way or another. If Australians are unable to surrender the surviving of THEIR life for FREEDOM, then we all suffer the consequences together as slaves of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. It is time to act in the opposite way of what we have been dumbed down (conditioned) to do or the price we all pay is very heavy indeed.

Fiona and I are committed to this LOVE FOR LIFE campaign, not to be heroes but for FREEDOM. Without FREEDOM our lives and the lives of our children and their children will be as SLAVES. We see ourselves as being servants of FREEDOM so that FREEDOM provides us with the REAL FREEDOM to live our REAL LIVES.
What about you?

Is life worth living without freedom?

There are many thousands of Australians committing suicide every year now and this statistic is rapidly on the increase.

As already stated in previous emails, there are millions of Australians currently suffering at the hands of black-magic magicians casting their spells on many fronts, too many to detail here. We will use the LOVE FOR LIFE websites to detail the thousands of atrocities caused by real flesh & blood employees of local councils, state & federal government departments, corporations, banksters and judges amongst others. The website/s will also provide the direction and solutions to bringing about a REAL FREEDOM in Australia for all Australian's regardless of their personal makeup. It will contain or provide links to all the DVD's, talks, booklets, documentaries and information on every subject that denies REAL FREEDOM, particularly how illumined banksters, politicians, judges, bureaucrats and public servants etc are defrauding all Australians.

Our determined victory in this court case establishes a clearly defined precedent that will help all Australians defeat these illumined black-magic magicians. It is people power that will sweep us all to victory. Please support our natural rights to FREEDOM so that all Australians can regain their REAL and natural rights to FREEDOM.

Just as we must have a strong and healthy immune system to defend our whole-being against disease, so our whole-community needs to stick together to prevent corruption and lies from taking away all our freedom. Any cracks in the retaining wall, if not repaired will allow the forces of evil to GRADUALLY seep through until the whole wall collapses.

What is happening to us is also happening to you. What is BEING done to us is also BEING done to you and upon everyone and everything you care for and love. We are determined to repair the breach which protects everyone. It is the least we can do as normal human beings. Humans who are not fixing this problem are not normal and are unwell or lost.

If all the air becomes poisoned then we are all poisoned. This illumined darkness is indiscriminate. No one is safe regardless of wealth, position, status, ideology, alliances, health, lifestyle and location. If this dreadful disease defeats us then it will defeat many others until every Australian has succumbed including you and your extended family. EVIL ways cannot live with FREEDOM and is unable to TRUST LIFE leaving those supporting evil ways as open targets who can be turned upon at any given moment down the line. The night slowly creeps in until all is dark for everyone. What then?

A supposed FREE society containing breaches caused by evil ways, is in truth, a dying world in the process of absolute destruction. Do you want to live in a community, a nation, a world so badly fractured that no one will ever feel safe anymore because chaos has been allowed to prosper. Where anything goes, no matter what, because the natural virtues of life that upholds REAL FREEDOM has been completely ignored. We pray that this is not the case.

I have also become a contemporary message music singer songwriter through a new vehicle known as Psychic Reign.
I have had the dream of doing music through most of my life but it took these actions from the ATO and then the Bank to finally provide me with the platform, the inspirations and the heart-felt passion to get on and do something with music & film.

Psychic Reign
we don't often see the spirit
but we always experience the effects of it
light or dark

Psychic Reign is a contemporary music & film project come studio rock band, similar in concept to The Alan Parsons Project (during the early to late 1970's) where many known & unknown artists were featured. Where the inspired worldly
music we are creating targets the youth, university students & the baby boomers who grew up with flower power & anti Vietnam. Like a pied piper, Psychic Reign draws its new listeners into the world of awakening information provided by the LOVE FOR LIFE campaign and Psychic Reign and helps human beings to work actively together towards the common goals of living in a REAL WORLD OF REAL FREEDOM and not one of fiction.

Booklets & website links within DVD's & cd's, films, documentaries, websites, talks, festivals, training programs & workshops etc, will be linked or attached to all Psychic Reign products. Monty Python like black comedy, satire & irony will be used to reach into highly developed & conditioned intellects and inspire them, if possible. I intend to produce a unique and simple contemporary message music sound that helps others to identify with the LOVE FOR LIFE campaign and cause a massive grass-roots REAL FREEDOM movement to unfold. The musical influences of Psychic Reign stream from the mid 1960's to the mid/late 1970's. Its sort of a mix of Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan & John Lennon blended with Native American, Australian Aboriginal & other indigenous cultural sounds including baroque and ancient folk music.

As a pied piper, I dream for Psychic Reign to reach out to all Australians who are presently influenced by main-stream and draw them into the realms of the unknown where they could be awakened and be inspired to become a REAL part of the REAL shift in consciousness for demanding to live a REAL LIFE in a REAL WORLD OF FREEDOM.

The Psychic Reign market is global.
In the past twelve months with the help of my wife we have already written over 30 inspired songs.

If you are able to help or you know anyone who can, please put them in touch with us?
There is much that needs doing for the sake of REAL FREEDOM.

Help with funding, website development and all facets of the LOVE FOR LIFE campaign and Psychic Reign is required. Please do not be offended if what you or a friend may offer, such as talent or ideas, is not seen to aligned to the standards and directions we have already set for ourselves. We have taken full responsibility for these projects.

Below is a brief story of the telepathic experiences Arthur experienced earlier this year.

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
af at
(0011 61) 0418 203204


Rough/brief story quickly written by Arthur.

Particularly since Jan 2006, and due to the challenges brought on by the ATO and Macquarie Bank during 2005, I have had some spiritual experiences occur to me primarily through telepathic communications. All the experiences detailed below transpired while walking my friend, Sammy, a border collie dog who is now 13 years old.

One mid morning weekday while walking, the memory suddenly came rushing back of a most profound experience that had 1st occurred to me when I was 22, while being on my own, living remotely in a house at Mount Murrindal, Gelantipy, up in the Victorian side of the Snowy Mountains. It was 1979, around 3.00am in the morning when I was consciously awoken from a deep sleep to the REAL presence of a REAL living being that was REALLY floating in my bedroom, about 7 feet away and around 40 degrees from my eyes. It's most beautiful refined face was androgynous and from the neck-shoulders it faded into the ether. The face, the eyes, the feelings and the colour are still beyond my human ability to explain and describe. The beauty I saw, the love I felt & knew, the peace & the colours I witnessed, of yellow, gold and white was
heaven like. Listening to someone's personal memories of a near death life experience, is the closest I have ever come across thus far, that can even get close to relating or describing what I felt and saw.

This spiritual being spoke to me telepathically and whatever was discussed has been forgotten but somehow is stored.
I still don't consciously remember exactly what was being said. In hindsight I can now see that this spiritual encounter never invalidated my free-will and uniqueness and that it connected with me for reasons that only now do I have any REAL sense of comprehension as to what it might be all about. Over the years, the memory of this experience which lasted possibly for 30 seconds but felt it was hours, kept coming back and I often wondered who and what it was and why did it visit me? I was not hurt by this experience and in fact, it brings huge smiles and an inner warmth when I think of it. This androgynous being was not angelic looking and was nothing like a human, animal, reptilian or ET.

During this particular walk with Sammy along Old-South Road Bowral in Jan 2006, the memory came flooding back of my androgynous encounter in 1979 and after again wondering what it actually was, suddenly, from out of nowhere, a very strong loud voice, spoke to me clearly, both inside and outside my head, saying, it was the face of God. Without any script or being an emotional baby, I immediately burst into tears and cried & cried while continuing to walk with Sammy. The feelings of joy & happiness were all intermingled with my crying. This kind of uncalled for rejoicing experience has never happened to me before. The voice that spoke to me that day has never happened at any other time in my life thus far. Don't ask me where the voice came from because I have no idea at all. What blows me away is the thoughts of thinking back on 1979 before the voice powerfully spoke to me. Who and how is beyond me, well it felt right but I don't seek to garnish this or any other experience. Life must go on and like Lot's wife, there is no need to look back and be stuck living out of the past.

After I emailed my first ATO press release 7th April 2006 to the email network, and while again walking Sammy along Old South Road Bowral, an Aboriginal male elder who looked like 35 but probably was over 70, suddenly appeared, out of the blue, bang, outside the left side of my minds eye. It was like as if there was a large PC monitor in front of me with a phone in my ear but it was telepathic but as clear as you standing in front of me and talking to me. Even though he told me his complicated name was something like Googadoonga......, I still can't remember it but I do know that he is alive. He is a real flesh and blood human being and is living somewhere in Australia right now. He might have been around 5 foot 10, was very slim, his skin was not very dark and he had a thin beard which was not very long and was refined. I know hardly anything about Aboriginal culture but I felt around Googadoonga...... that there is a few Aboriginal spiritual elders, a small tribe who have kept the true knowledge of REAL life and of the Great Spirit for tens of thousands of years and these gifts have been passed down through the ages for what is soon to unfold on this wonderful planet. Don't ask me why I know this because I just know and I don't worry about having to prove that it is real because its not important right now.

Again, with a very big smile that you could not rub off me even if I suddenly dropped dead, the Aboriginal Elder
telepathically spoke to me for around 4 minutes. If any stranger saw me talking and laughing to myself while walking with Sammy they would be thinking of a Straight-Jacket and locking me away in a mental asylum. Including the smiling, laughing & talking to myself that happened with every telepathic experience shared in this email were tears running down my face and goose bumps all over my body. This encounter with Googadoonga...... absolutely blew me away.

Amongst the many things conveyed my way mainly about a recognition of my soul and my soul connection to them and since forgotten, was the initial big announcement when he first appeared saying "That we have been waiting for you for
thousands of years". I laughed to myself and felt good about myself but my inner voice (intuition) spoke and said to me, "No, what Googadoonga........ meant, was that he and those he represents were waiting for the Western World white man to awaken spiritually to the REAL TRUTH. To those who had already arrived spiritually or were on the way to arriving spiritually". I then assumed that Googadoonga...... was acknowledging souls like myself and all the other thousands of freedom committers who were awakening or were already awakened and on their path to restoring REAL FREEDOM. Basically souls who were already confronting lies with truths without fear of death, ridicule or being jailed by this darkness.

Like with every telepathic event I could not wait to get home and share the experiences with Fiona. Even though I could not remember everything Googadoonga...... said to me, I have not forgotten the powerful sense of Aboriginal rhythms and feels of music inside me that was being directed my way by Googadoonga...... and co.

A week or so later, on another walk with Sammy, bang...... on the right side of my minds eye appears what looked like a
6 foot three, proud, powerful and most beautiful American Indian with an awesome display of feathers. Any women who saw this man would have wanted his babies. He is the best looking male I have ever seen. He was physically very fit, strong and had stunning olive brown skin. I felt like an absolute wimp against him, but only for a moment. He revealed himself
telepathically, but this time inside the right-side of my minds eye. He told me his name was Running Water and that he also had been waiting for me for thousands of years. He absolutely blew me away. Again, with a huge smile on my face and not remembering exactly everything he said, Running Water told me he was one of my spirit guides and spoke a lot
about the music I would become involved with and that together with other souls, we have a group soul agreement to work together in this life. He also provides an American Indian feel and rhythm to the music. He is very close to me all the time and protects me with other spirit guides.

Yet again on another walk with Sammy a week later or so, Running Water again suddenly appears on the right inside of my minds eye and about ten seconds later bang Googadoonga...... appears on the left outside of my minds eye. They were looking at each other, smiling and then they turned to me and together they said "We have been waiting for you for thousands of years". I just laughed, and wondered wow how can this happen, Googadoonga...... is alive somewhere in Australia and on the outside of my left side minds eye and Running Water who is a spirit guide, on another dimension and yet he and Googadoonga...... appear as if there is no distinction between the two worlds.

After a minute or so of telepathic chit chat which I can't remember, they seem to have moved apart and what seemed like a black curtain moving away from behind them were many hundreds if not a thousand or so white light spirits appearing together and they all said "We have been waiting for you for thousands of years" and began singing to me like a black gospel group but it wasn't. I then realised that all these spirits are waiting to come through and inspire the Psychic Reign music I will record and play someday. This moment absolutely blew me away. I was sort of jumping up and down with a smile that no one could rub off. I was so happy being in that moment with all of them. Sammy was happy too. We were all rejoicing together and those hundreds or thousands of boisterous white light spirits in the background were bopping along with me while I am walking Sammy. I thought, gees, its great being normal again! After a few minutes they just went.

I now know that the Great Spirit has plans in place and some souls are growing and attuning, to WILL these plans (dreams) into action. Psychic Reign is one of them. It has to do with the new grass-roots FREEDOM movement we are creating with others around the world, through music, film, festivals, books, websites, workshops etc. Googadoonga...... and Running Water provide an energy, a stimulation that comes as a feel or a rhythm to the music I currently write.

In contemplation I realise that I have to consciously grow into everything I am experiencing spiritually. My body and emotions still need much healing and education to allow me to physically open up and attune to the vibration I spiritually feel. Example, I will write a song that I must sing but my voice is not yet capable of pulling it off but I know and feel that I have it in me. Its just a matter of time. At worst I will get another singer or singers to sing those songs I can't do as yet, which maybe, is the way it is meant to be. Time will tell. We physically, intellectually, materially and emotionally grow into the spiritual feelings we carry just like the dreams we work so hard to fulfil in life.

The same applies to all of the Psychic Reign projects. The Great Spirit won't do it all for us by allowing everything to fall into our laps. We have to make it all happen. We have to live it and as we breath life into the feelings we aspire to, The Great Spirit comes and fills our buckets with its blessings. Insurmountable objects get worn away through this process of Willpower guided by the heart. Nothing we dream is impossible to achieve as long as it is part of the soul agreements we conceived before birth. This is why we must learn to know our hearts to be on our paths. The mind can be full of distractions.

When the intuitive idea came up for Psychic Reign I went for walk with Sammy around the bushlands of East Bowral in Jan 2006 where I currently live and I just said to myself ok, what is the logo? After about 1 hour of walking the Sun became a massive deep bright orange/yellow colour. It was about 1/2 an hour before sunset and unexpectedly a dark black to grey cloud appeared in front of the sun and blocked it completely. The sky suddenly changed to a soft light green to blue colour and the sun began blasting the cloud away like a massive flame thrower. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. Tears started running down my eyes and goose bumps appeared all over my body and the world just stopped as if nature was putting on a show just for me and no one else. There were no voices and no telepathic communications and I saw no one. However, I felt my consciousness was being transported to another dimension. Life was putting on a show for me which lasted a few minutes but I knew it had to do with the logo for Psychic Reign.

The sun in truth being massive against a tiny dark cloud, was giving the impression that the dark cloud was much bigger than the sun when in fact it is the opposite! Then the very deep & glistening orange-yellow fire-furnace colour of the sun
behind the grey cloud was pulverising the cloud and the sparkling orange-yellow glistening colour is seen all around the tips of the cloud as if the sun had captured it and could not get away. The cloud is under the early stages of being completely destroyed by the Sun with a few rays coming right through the cloud and the cloud splits into two pieces. There were millions of white rays streaming all around the cloud and streaking off into the horizon. I knew that life was telling me that the REAL spirit of FREEDOM was always more powerful than any FICTION (illusion - Ego - Lies - Secrets - Evil - Darkness etc) and would always win in the end. Then I had a sense of what the motto for Psychic Reign would become - "We don't often see the spirit but we always experience the effects of it light or dark". Again, I was absolutely blown away by this REAL experience that the Great Spirit had put on for me. The exact scene displayed to me including the cloud splitting into two pieces is the Actual REAL logo for Psychic Reign and the motto including Psychic Reign are written on the dark grey cloud.

I have become a prolific songwriter with Fiona's assistance. I have been given visions of hundreds of thousands of people coming together at Psychic Reign concerts/festivals.

I have intuitively realised the few musicians I need to work with thus far but I need to find the money to free them up so we can work together fulltime on Psychic Reign. These musicians are surviving mortgages and debts etc and to give up lots of their time for Psychic Reign without money coming in would destroy much of what is dear to them and or their families.

Such is life on Earth today!

Only time will tell.

All the best
Arthur Cristian

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Real Democracy

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 20/12/2006 - 05:46.

Dear Arthur,

Robert Shaw suggested that I contact you. Robert sent me a letter you had written in which you said, "It is time for people power and only people power can fix this most serious problem."

I have been working with other groups of people over the past twelve years to develop a world-wide network of Internet-based real democratic decision-making technology. I sincerely hope this is what will make the real people power and real democracy visions of you and many others a reality.

For an introduction I suggest you take a look at - Byron Shire is the first community to start using the system.

Love & Peace,

Ricardo Johansson

P.S. I appreciate your experience with Running Water - it truly is a very good sign.



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