The Message Is To Boycott Woolworths Supermarkets

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 28/05/2004 - 09:06

Woolworths the retail giant is forcing itself on Maleny, one of Australia's most self-sustaining towns, in Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland. By self-sustaining, I mean the locals buy local products from a great variety of small local shops and the money stays in the community.

The proposed site in Maleny is within a meter of an unspoilt creek which supplies the Sunshine Coast with water. It is also a valuable wildlife habitat and home to platypus.

Most of the town does not want this supermarket, or any other, particularly on this environmentally fragile site. Apart from the absurdity of building a supermarket on a creekbank, they fear that it would change the economic balance of the community and greatly detract from the town's village character. This has been the pattern in other states and through parts of the United States and Britain. Usually the retail giant wins, pricing many local shops out of business. Any job gain from the supermarket is outweighed by 1.7 times in job losses with local businesses and suppliers. (Queensland Retail and Traders Association survey).

On April 14, Woolworths and the site developers, Cornerstone, brought in three 40-tonne excavators at dawn, accompanied by 70 Queensland police officers, and smashed down most trees on the site, many native trees. Protesters saved three trees by linking hands around them or climbing them. They managed to force a halt to the destruction until State Government officials confirmed that several of the trees had been destroyed unlawfully. They were outside the proposed site on protected riverine land. Seven people were arrested and the brutal nature of the destruction (by the infamous Deen Brothers) attracted international headlines.

Woolworths and Cornerstone have now offered to sell the land to Caloundra City Council for $1.89 million - nearly three times what it cost them.

The deadline for payment is June 18 and while the council is showing little inclination to pay up, Woolworths and Cornerstone are showing every sign that the development will proceed, despite almost total opposition from the people of Maleny.

Many of these people are sending out this email - sorry if you get it twice! - which was suggested by a disgruntled former Woolworths executive. He says money is the only language big companies understand.

That's the nuts and bolts of it. If you would like to help, please make every day a "No Woolies" day and forward this email to as many friends as you can and ask them to do the same.

Thanks for your time


From: "jarrah" jarrahhuman at

PS: Our website, has the latest news.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 28/04/2006 - 01:32.

you guys can keep saying you wont shop at the new woolworths.. but you will eventually.. and even if you dont there is still the other 99 precent of the population who will. the employees WILL still earn the same amount no matter how many of you guys decide to not shop there :)

Shop there?

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 14/05/2006 - 14:38.

Hi anon - there are so many of you around!
WW now open for 1 month and the 'won't shop' there campaign is growing - the ww carpark is rarely half full (many staff cars we notice) and the IGA is packed - 99% of the population? You sound like the gentleman from the ww pr department.
As for staff 'still earning the same' - their hours were cut in the second week.
Come on up and join us sometimes
Sammy Ringer

Greens-Activist Boycott Woolies

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 28/05/2004 - 09:14.

From: Anne Goddard - greensoz at
Date: Friday, May 28, 2004, 12:42:09 AM
Subject: Greens-Activist Boycott Woolies

Dear Sir/Madam

This letter is to inform you that I will no longer be shopping at your stores.

My decision is due to your decision to built a Woolworths store against the wishes of the local population of Maleny. It is also due to the heavy handed way that land was cleared for this proposed construction.

I am sending this request for a boycott (by Maleny residents) on to all of my email contacts.

Perhaps when your bottom line is effected you may pay more attention to your former customers and to the residents of Maleny, who clearly do not wish to have a Woolworths store in their town.

Yours sincerely
Anne Goddard


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Feedback page for Woolies

Submitted by anne goddard on Mon, 31/05/2004 - 14:09.

Hi everyone,

Please forward the message at the top of this tread throughout your networks,
and please,
!!!!!!!!!!boycott Woolies!!!!!!!!!!

Sending them a little note to let them know that you are doing so may prompt them towards a change of heart (the comment on the tread starter (above) gives the brain overloaded a template to work from).

The contact form is located here:

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Warm regards

support email

Submitted by anne goddard on Mon, 31/05/2004 - 14:30.

Hi Anne

Congratulations. This is the sort of stuff I support the Greens 100%.

The Woolworths proposal is illogical, greedy and dangerous. Plus the locals do not support it. Don't the Woolworth's executives understand the word 'democracy' . Where is the so called 'environmental impact study' ? This action suggests that the
'environmental impact ' process is a joke. As far as I am concerned Woolworths can do what they like at Chermside or the main street in Bundaberg but they should leave lovely little villages like Maleny alone.

I will certainly tell all my family and friends about this disgusting proposal.

On another subject , I have just returned from 8 days in the Torres Strait region. The islanders are lovely people and have had a lot of success working with authorities and companies to obtain sensible planning of new projects. The Torres Strait people have a strong leaning towards a clean and safe environment.

See ya




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