(narconews) Part III - Autonomy: Creating Spaces for Freedom

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 31/10/2004 - 17:52

Dear Colleague,

"Autonomy," although not a new word to describe the goals of some political struggles, is a term that has rocketed into the international political lexicon to describe more of them than ever before over the past ten years.

Autonomy is a cause that has come to be associated, in particular, with the indigenous rights movement in Mexico and throughout the hemisphere.

It's a demand that Narco News has worked to introduce into drug policy debates.

We've shunned the false dialectic that the only "alternative" to a drug prohibition policy imposed on all communities and lands would be an imposed drug legalization policy. Our position has been that it is time to remove the first imposition, and then may each community, each region, each land, democratically choose its own policies. That would, we know, break the back of narco-trafficking and the drug war alike.

We're not alone: The demand for autonomy has taken gained traction across the globe in recent years, in many of the movements reported on by the book, "We Are Everywhere," and its seven core essays now being published on Narco News.

Today we publish Part III: "Autonomy: Creating Spaces for Freedom."

Alberto M. Giordano

October 28, 2004

The essay today premiers on line at:

Here, the "We Are Everywhere" authors explain the concept of autonomy as a political rallying cry and goal.

The solutions to so many of the world's problems are to be found in local and regional autonomy.

The book draws out select examples – from the Northern Italian factory-based autonomy movement of the 1970s, to the archipelago of islands known as Comarca Kuna Yala off the coast of Colombia and the innovative forms of self-governance by 70,000 of the indigenous Kuna people there, to the autonomy models put forward by the Zapatistas in Mexico, among others – and reports on them in detail.

Autonomy is not some pie-in-the-sky concept doodled about in academic books, but rather, is a multi-faceted set of experiments already underway in so many different forms. "We Are Everywhere" reports from many of those fronts.

It's so basic, and yet so multi-faceted. And one of the wonderful accomplishments of the "We Are Everywhere" authors in these essays has been to mirror its relevance and resonance from so many distinct corners on earth.

So, kind reader, join the ongoing discussion on The Narcosphere about this important work, the ideas, tactics and strategies it raises.

These discussions are going to help form our next steps at Narco News, too.

They are the right essays at the right time in the right place to continue a discussion that allows us to chart our paths to our mutual goals… Our paths may be autonomous, but they work!

From somewhere in a country called America,

Al Giordano
The Narco News Bulletin
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