(narconews) "Super Coca!" A New Pretext for Drug War Funding

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 06/09/2004 - 14:06

A "scientist who advises Colombia's narcotics police" emerges from the forest and announces that he has discovered a new species, a "super" coca plant, gigantic, "towering over" normal coca bushes" with a more potent leaf, yielding more cocaine hydrochloride.

Then, as a kicker, the drug war scientist adds a rumor, citing "unofficial reports," of the existence of an "herbicide resistant coca bush."

Alberto M. Giordano

September 5, 2004

Please Distribute Widely

Dear Colleague,

Mind you, the Colombian government scientist doesn't have to say that these rumors are about the same plant (in fact, he does not go that far). But the gullible English-language news media already has the two rumored plants crossbred and in a feat that can only be seen as a kind of genetic engineering of news reporting.

Sound the trumpets of public deception: "Super Coca" is born!

Here is some kryptonite to throw on the rumor...


Read about how "coca trees" (and not just lowly bushes) have existed for milennia... How their leaves have *less* and not more cocaine alkaloid... How, according to one ethnobotanist, a higher cocaine concentration in the leaves would likely kill the plant before the herbicides even got to it... And all the other holes in this recent Associated Press-spread rumor, including the financial incentives for the Colombian narco cops, the mad scientists of "studying the coca plant," and the companies ready to produce "all new" herbicides to kill the "all new" plants, to float a rumor like this at this point in time when "Plan Colombia" is falling from grace in U.S. and Congressional opinion.

Once again, Narco News has to put the pants on the truth so it can chase a lie halfway around the world...

from somewhere in a country called América,

Al Giordano
The Narco News Bulletin

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