Native Animals of NSW Petition Polish Government to Save Old Growth Forests of Europe

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Kangaroos, Koalas and Quoll will be outside the Embassy of Poland tomorrow to petition the government of Poland to protect the last remaining lowland old growth forest in Europe as part of an international day of action organised by The Rainforest Information Centre of Lismore.

12 noon
Friday 3 March 2006
Polish consulate
10 Trelawney Street, Woollahra

"We couldn't sit by idly as Europe's last oldgrowth forest becomes roaded, commercially logged and threatened with irresponsible tourist development," said Ruth Rosenhek, director of Rainforest Information Centre (Lismore).

"There will be protests in countries worldwide including United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Canada, Japan and China. Here in Australia, we'll be waving banners outside the embassies of Poland in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

"We are asking Polish President Lech Kaczynski's government to create a National Park to permanently protect the 8000 year old ancient Bialowieza Forest, a high conservation region that is home to 500 year old oaks, towering spruce and Europe's last wild bison.

"Only 15% of the forest is protected with the remaining 85% open to logging."

As the animals demonstrate outside, Greens MLC Ian Cohen will meet with the Consul General to discuss the issue. Further Information: Ruth Rosenhek (02) 66897519


Rainforest Information Centre
Box 368, Lismore 2480 NSW
(02) 66897519

ruthr at



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