Never ring the Department of Child Safety for help

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 05/12/2006 - 13:10

We have a troublesome 15 year old that has been in trouble with the police. We have tried everything to keep them out of trouble but have failed until now. We decided to ring the Department of Child Safety in case they could redirect us for help and what did we get for our trouble? The police and Department of Child Safety inspectors visited our school asking questions to both our children. It was bad enough for my 15 year old child, but I do not approve when they also cornered my 11 year old at Primary school. My eldest is old enough and battle hardened enough to take care of himself but they did ask some personal questions about their father that I do not approve. Can someone please tell me, can they do this? I have spoken to legal aid and depending who you ring and how many times you ring, you seem to get a different answer each time.
Thank you. Please also thank the owners of this site for allowing us parents to remove our grievances.

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Good on you, I'd yell too!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 21/05/2007 - 20:03.

The workers for the Department are nothing more than an office of brainwashed pen pushers who can not think for themselves and have to ask their team leader or manager before they make any kind of decision. They may be the case worker, but they just write the affidavits and sign on the dotted line. That is where their job ends. Anybody can be a case worker.

Particularly the Department offices here in QLD.

I talk from EXPERIENCE. I know for a fact that the case workers DO NOT do their jobs properly, I also know that they lie and they close ranks when there's trouble. It's a boy's club.

The Above

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 25/05/2007 - 16:00.

Its a boys Club?? Actually they're all girls or better still bitches but some look like men.


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 26/03/2007 - 18:02.

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How would you do it then?

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 20/04/2007 - 06:29.

I find it interesting that you just want to attribute all blame to workers in docs. How do you think we get our information? do you think we just select a house knock and go in and take children. How ridiculous! of course not! we are given information from neighbours, friends, family, professionals. So many lead no where - we do not even investigate them. Unfortunately the evidence gathered in most do have to be acted upon. As you have looked in your file (and if you say you havent why havent you - it costs you about $40 to FOI your file and it will show the evidence accumulated. My office has the lowest removal in the state. On average always try and work with people in a voluntary nature.

So many of our cases children will disclose but also clearly tell us that parents have threatened them not to speak so will deny their disclosures when sitting opposite their parents.

How would you do it then - for any of our mistakes and of course there are some - we save thousands of children from further abuse. How do you tell a parent who is telling the truth as to ones who are not.

As men very rarely confess to sexual abuse it becomes a very difficult task. The guilty ones quite happily allow their children to go through hell rather than admit to their disgusting behaviour.

I will continue to do the job I do - which i am proud of. I will continue to try and ensure that we have the highest professional practice that we can. I will continue to try and work with families, support them and help them with change. I will be accountable.

What are you going to do?

Maybe your energies could be spent putting your anger into assisting to keep improving the system, to help strengthen communities, to lobby for other support services so we dont have to be involved.

Branding everyone is not helping your cause.

My thoughts

Ignorance is Bliss?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 08/05/2007 - 21:57.

"As men very rarely confess to sexual abuse it becomes a very difficult task."


I have an idea. Sexual abuse leaves physical and psychological evidence and scars.

I have another idea.

Grow a brain.

i sit here reading some of

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 26/05/2007 - 17:22.

i sit here reading some of the posts written, and i am amazed at some of the things said. Children will NEVER lie about being sexually abused, well abuse in general! The dept is a MUST in our society. Like every organisation they have there problems but over all are more positive than negative. i cant believe what has been written, i seriously was close to falling off my chair when i read that comment about children lying about abuse.

To sit here reading

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 28/05/2007 - 13:25.

You have no idea of what you are talking about, so you really should not make comments about things beyond your own intelligence as it only makes you look stupid.
Children will lie about lots of different things and it will all depend on the circumstances, so educate yourself before you speak.

To the above Zealot

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 16/05/2007 - 12:26.

Not everybody is guilty of this crime you know, the Police and DOCS do make mistakes by the way , its idiots like you that give the department a bad name that pisses me off.. Kids sometimes will lie for whatever reason and I bet you they never think of the damage they will cause by a simple 10 second false allegation.

To How would you do it then?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 27/04/2007 - 19:15.

I personally have had a run in with docs because of family and I do understand tha u have to follow up on everything that isreported even though sometimes it is fabricated. And I dont doubt that I will hear from docs again bhecause i have family that i never see but continue to try and find ways of hurting my family. I think u r all(those that i have met and i do understand their r corrupt docs workers as there is corrupt cops and corrupt parents) doing the best u can with the information u receive. U go and continue to to do a good job.

Give me a break...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 28/04/2007 - 14:24.

Pursuing false allegations, especially for the second or third time around (and even more especially, from the same liars) is a serious waste of time and resources.

Better yet, why aren't the people who continue to make false allegations to the department criminally charged?

I mean, come on, now. Lying to the department should be considered a crime, not encouraged. Give me a break.

NO ONE who has actually been contacted by the department based on false allegations, over a longer period of time, would have a good view of them. Please spare us the idiocy.

TO ABOVE how would you do it

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 21/04/2007 - 20:44.

Who has ever said anything on how you fabricate your information.
At least you admit most of it leads nowhere. So that puts you in a position of pick the easiest and go with that, and create a job for yourself.
And which office would that be?
Well ,as for putting energies into assisting ,we are, that's why we are calling for a royal commission, as this would help you too, if you are doing nothing wrong of course, and also the many many families abused by this disaster of a system.
So if you really want to help children, expose the corruption and don't display attitudes of guilt by your postings and we will all benefit .

RE: How would you do it then?

Submitted by joe_bridge on Fri, 20/04/2007 - 20:28.

"we are given information from neighbours, friends, family, professionals."

This seems to imply that neighbours and perhaps certain relatives always tell the whole truth and that actual parents always lie. What an interesting concept.

"So many of our cases children will disclose but also clearly tell us that parents have threatened them not to speak so will deny their disclosures when sitting opposite their parents."

Are you sure that is what is ALWAYS going on? I know for a fact that some children will tell an adult with any degree of public authority what they WANT to hear just in hopes to get out of the situation. How do I know this? I've done it myself when younger.

"How would you do it then - for any of our mistakes and of course there are some - we save thousands of children from further abuse."

This is twisted logic which should not even be an issue, and says a lot about your credibility.

"How do you tell a parent who is telling the truth as to ones who are not."

Are you joking with this one or what? What are you on about? Please tell me you AREN'T really involved with children in any way!

Abuse leaves evidence, often for years. Look it up. Do some research.

"Branding everyone" is something you should certainly know about, as you keep false allegations and fiction in your files for the lifetime of the family involved. Seek help.

Enough is Enough Already!

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 20/04/2007 - 16:51.

I am sickened to the marrow of my bones over people who justify criminal behaviour and anti-family mentality just because they happen to see themselves as a "professional". To think that only "professionals" have the ability to do the right thing is ludicrous. Many of these people have never had children or even been near children that much. Next you are going to tell me that all professionals are always honest and always right and that they have the right to make any stupid comment they want at any time even if it would normally be considered emotional child abuse by your own standards. Neighbours and relatives certainly can lie or even make stuff up off the tops of their heads which I have often seen in regards to OTHER "cases".

In our case, a relative made false allegations - during one time when we hadn't even seen them for over two years. She also calls up nurses and creates such a large number of false ideas, it is beyond belief. This relative is mentally ill and has abused children all her life, but do they look into that? NO, they look into the fabrications instead, as they have done for YEARS.

In our case the claims are so ludicrous that they sound insane, but they still take the time to send out SCAN letters and make comments and ask questions which seem to be coming from the Twilight Zone. One claim was that our children are always locked in the house and never go anywhere (including even outside) and never socialise, even though we have HUNDREDS of photographs that eliminate that fabrication completely, and this same BS has come up a few times over the past few years. I could not care less what someone from the office who hasn't even been around believes. I MUST ask, what the hell is wrong with you people?

Enough is enough. People should answer for their crimes, BOTH parents who have actually done something wrong AND the so-called DoCS workers.

Here's HOW you do it.

You PUNISH the people who keep lying instead of letting them go on and on and on for YEARS, and you also take out the "you could have your children taken away" on the slightest whim remarks.

To- how would you do it

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 20/04/2007 - 14:41.

Nobody has a problem with you doing your job for the real cases, we all thank you. But once again you seem to have missed the point of what peoples complaints are on this site.
You really need to take your blinkers off and read all comments with an open mind, stop pause think about it for a day or two or longer if required, then realise we are only against the corruption, lies and false allegations that the bad workers cling to like a barnacle on the bottom of a boat.
These particular workers then are back by a system where the is no accountability for their actions and supported for their lies, this is where the break down in the system is failing families and the truth just gets buried deeper so please take the time read, get off the defensive, because if you have done nothing wrong then these comments aren't directed at you.
Please help everybody that you are able to and come forward if you know of these things happening and make it a better work place for all concerned

Great protective parents

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 14/04/2007 - 13:13.

What a shame we are unable to post photos of the hundreds and thousands of children who are neglected, emotionally, physically and sexually abused, tortured, and scapegoated by parents who are supposed to love, protect and care for them.

Yes of course mistakes are made within DChs but we are continually trying to improve out practice. What a shame communities and families are not doing the same.

I was amused at the comment from the lawyer. Over the years have worked with some fantastic lawyers who have worked with the parents and department to achieve excellent outcomes but some have been the cause of children being returned home to horrendous situations that you wouldnt let a dog live in. Dont even start on the legal system. The constant complaints from people saying why havent we removed children - answer because court would not grant orders.

Stop lumbering everyone together, many many of us are strengthed based and do our job because we really care. there are fantastic carers and ones who sadly you find out after children are placed should be jailed.

Going to visit a five year old in hospital after her stepfather has "f@!@ed"her is an experience no-one should go through - especially the child and then to hear the mongrel rave on how trhe department hate him makes me sick to my very core!! partners who know children have been abused but are so scared of losing their partners that they dont give a damn about the scars and treatment of their children.

Do our job for a while and then get on this forum! wake up it is a whole of community problem, with good and bad as with every occupation. mmm wonder why so many leave after a short time could it be the lousy pay, the soul destroying work, the abuse, the lack of resources? why do we stay because most of us want children to be safe, most of us know that some families get into trouble and need a helping hand. It's a shame you couldnt speak with the hundreds of families who have been able to turn their lives and families around and celebrate with them and us on the day we close their files.

To Great protective parents

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 15/04/2007 - 14:19.

Anyone can say anything from such an office; the fact remains that you can NOT ever justify lies or abuse of good families in any way, shape, or form - even once is too much. I have only seen false allegations built upon and real cases (where even hospitalisation occured) ignored, and where a case of a local sociopath who has abused all of her children has not even been addressed at all, ever (and most of the children are now grown up). This includes the stories in the media as well as direct experience.

The pathetic behaviour that needs to END NOW, if people are to have the slightest respect for such an office (and I certainly do not), is the ridiculous way they threaten to take children from people before they even look into false allegations or, for that matter, even say what the complaint is at all. How are you supposed to have any respect for someone, a stranger, that you have never seen before, spout off to a good family about "losing their children" under the slightest false allegations or ongoing ideas made up off the top of their heads? It is ludicrous. You should also keep your stories straight, as every single time a different DoCS worker looks into the same "situation", they have a completely different set of ideas each time. Many of these people do not even seem to understand the basic concept of family or that children are human beings.

There needs to be a sane balance, and obviously, none exists presently. The family unit is one of the most important facets of life and when lies, ridiculous forms of interrogation from someone who doesn't even have a clue and has never even seen any of the family members before, and other aspects of common idiocy similar to a bitter old spinster's gossip club, cause disruption to the family, it is my sincere opinion that such people that cause this should be imprisoned for a short time. Threatening people who haven't even done anything and saying such things as taking your children away (in front of the children yet) is a form of emotional child abuse, and the DoCS workers who have such pathetic bad habits and anti-family attitude should be exposed and lose their job immediately.

I am at the point where I sincerely believe that people who do not have a loving family should not even be in the department in the first place. Also, how can you possibly justify keeping false allegations about people in a database for any form of "reference" when it is complete fiction? We were told that it was for the "child's saftey". How does general emotional and mental abuse caused by DoCS workers based on false allegations have anything to do with either child safety or family stability? What is wrong with you people? Seriously. What sort of completely unnecessary stressful states of mind do children find themselves in when their parents have to defend themselves against false claims or even have to see oddly acting strangers in their home at all?

Hide behind any guise you want. Again, in case it takes forever to understand such a simple concept, the fact remains that NOTHING justifies criminal behaviour against children and families regardless of the source. I don't care WHO you are or what "duties" you think you have. You people have "SCAN meetings" about families you have never even met. What sort of pure lunacy is that?

TO great protective parents

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 15/04/2007 - 10:21.

What a shame we cant put photos, that includes hundreds of abusive DOCs workers as they are the abusers who get away the abuse the cause more damage and aren't held accountable.
I agree about those sick parents with you, but at these postings we expressing a different concern ,no-one would disagree with you on those issues.
So please read on and pay attention to what is being said and stop being so defensive because it makes you sound like you have something to hide.
As for the pay, you have got to be kidding me, its bloody fantastic compared to the average worker, but if this was about the children you wouldn't even mention financial personal gain.
Of course this is a community problem that is why a petition has been started, this problem of abuse from a system that is supposed to protect is most definitely a community problem and the children need help to escape the clutches of this evil, the department role in theory is truly admirable but its not working and the innocent are being harmed because certain people categorize us all the same, its wrong, really wrong lives are destroyed on a daily basis because this allowed to happen.
These workers need to be held accountable, as do the bad parents. Because to me they are the same.

so much hate

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 12/04/2007 - 23:09.

There is so much hate in some of the comments posted. If i didnt know any difference i would think most of you are a bunch of teenage girls just bitching and being bullies. You are supposed to be adults, you say that people are to young to do such and such, but maturity doesnt come with age. I cant believe that some of you are against young people who have been in care or been connected to the care system in some way becoming cso's or foster carers etc. You all complain about being judged etc, but you are judging, you are judging every person who works at the dept, you are judging young people, you are a bunch of double standard arseholes. 99% of you have kids in care, i bet that you all come from low socio-economic backgrounds, have little to no education, have unstable relationships and have been or are still currently involved with drugs, it seems to me that every child in care seems to have parents from the lower class of society... and hey that is being judgemental but if you can make judgement than why cant i. Whats with the whole... wake up thing, we arnt in America, maybe you parents should wake up and realise if it wasnt for the department your kids would have no hope of a good future, there is a reason that your children are in care, and the reason comes down to you. maybe you should wake up and enrole in a parenting course, you are all so angry and hateful, i hate to think what thats doing to your health, it cant be natural... maybe get some help... google adult mental health i think your in need of it. If you loved your kids as much as you said you do, they wouldnt be in care, stop blamming everyone else for what you did and just try to fix it, no one feels sorry for you, your not the victim, your children are, there the ones living the concequences for your mistakes, if only there was a system where instead of putting kids in care, parents were sent away, i think that would be so useful. grow up and quit with the whole "poor me sydrome thing' its so annoying...

To "so much hate"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 05/05/2007 - 23:23.

Regarding (quote) "if only there was a system where instead of putting kids in care, parents were sent away, i think that would be so useful. grow up and quit with the whole "poor me sydrome thing' its so annoying..."

What in the world does that first part (above) even mean? It doesn't even make any sense. Do you mean young children should live in their home and in society with no parents at all?

It's not a "poor me syndrome", it's an "insanely intrusive and ignorant, incompetent government way out of control syndrome".

It's perfectly understandable and natural to have unending hatred for such incompetence, ignorance, mindless intrusions, and innuendos from the seriously pathetic "Child Safety" office.

Can you even comprehend the level of stress in a family's life when they constantly have to deal with false allegations? And for that matter, invalid new theories they ride on like rabid horses?

Of course not, as you obviously live in a fantasy world and think all "professionals" are better than ordinary people. Nothing could be farther from the truth and that reasoning is what could destroy the very fabric of society. It is time to step back and for the public to learn the truth.

RE So Much Hate

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 15/04/2007 - 12:50.

Right on ....i agree with u completely..u really hit the nail on the head....finaly sum1 had the guts 2 say it :)

RE so much hate

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 14/04/2007 - 17:13.

Derr, you are a bright spark aren't you.
Have you actually read all the comments? If you do you will see a common theme, people abused by Docs, and nobody says anybody is against young people its just they haven't experienced what we are going through because of the age, they are the next generation, so if they become enlightened to the true situation maybe they could do some good, so please help yourself and read on and learn. And by your comments you sound so angry and hateful to people of a lower class, WHY? If you read all you will find the people here are the ones who truly love and care about their children regardless of class, and have been subjected to a corrupt abusive system of false allegation validators.

to "so much hate"

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 13/04/2007 - 22:06.

I doubt if you could possibly be more wrong.

Parents from the lower class of society? What are you on about? Class doesn't matter if you are a decent parent. And, based on my direct experiences, I doubt if all the people here are as you say.

We've not had children in care or stolen under false allegations, but we HAVE had false allegations built against us, on and off over a four year period. Some of these allegations and forms of harassment are so ridiculous, it is mind-boggling.

Just recently, after my wife had her last baby, the plainsclothes police broke in through the side door we rarely use and almost bashed into the newborn (they didn't even seem to be aware of it - and when my wife went to move him to safety, they went after her). They spent quite some time telling us lies which were later verified to be lies, and we will likely file another complaint.

The really insane thing is, even the allegations were bizarre, including being reported (from a nurse's visit) for having some windows closed, when the windows weren't even closed! I seriously think that some of these people making such false allegations need to be investigated or have their head examined, and I know for a fact, that even if you prove the allegations are false, someone will come along later and make up some more fictional crap as long as you are in their database. So, based on several years experience, I've seen little other than them ignoring real cases and going after non-cases, and I would stake my life on that.

To so much hate

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 13/04/2007 - 20:08.

Shut up, do not put everyone in the same basket. You are the one who needs an education on what really goes on in life. Do not come here mouthing off until you know all the facts!!!

A DoCS Petition

Submitted by davistown on Mon, 09/04/2007 - 17:29.

here is a petition that has been made calling for a royal commission into DoCS. please sign it people so we can have something done

Docs scum

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 06/04/2007 - 18:29.

Hi, yes unfortunately the law is on their side when it comes to showing up to your childs school and leading them to answer their questions the way they want the child to respond, I have had this with my 6 year old, who is in a special emotional class because of privious domestic violence which I escaped when he was four and a half, but because he is not coping and I am now a single parent, they just turned up at his school and intimitadated him. (which given his past and the threat of being removed from me and given to his father (which they know why he lives)) He answered their questions with their answers. Look up their website to see your rights and their rights.

I work for DchS

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 28/03/2007 - 20:53.


I actually work for the department, yes, I will admit that, and yes I do like what I do... It may be of surprise to you out there, but because child safety is a big, hard, job, they need educated people to do it. You get an educated electrician to wire a house right? Yes, there are young people as well (as myself a few years ago), who give this job a go, some are great operators but we also have experienced leaders in this field who are good, and who do get it right, who are mothers(and fathers) and surprisingly we want to get it right for the family too. We are there for the family, as much as the family is bound to us ( and I realise that they aren't there by choice).

I am not here to say that we get it right, I have heard the stories myself but god, imagine the uproar people if shit like this was swept under the carpet or it was on the front page on the news? I have seen investigations go haywire , like crap hitting a fan, but I am glad I was there, because when I have investigated an XX month old baby that has been raped or shaken, and the pain that this has caused a family... my job in the community is justified. Ask yourself, do you want stuff like that investigated? There has to be a process that goes with that and it will not please everyone. It may sound dramatic, but child safety is a nesscessary service.

Thanks for the comments, they have provoked thought and been taken on board.


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/04/2007 - 00:16.

I have been carering for children for 14 years and 11 of those are for my own children I started fostering 3 years ago yes I agree the staff within DOCs have far to many case loads and cop shit from all sides over the years I have experianced some potentialy good staff and some that are not long out of high school with as much sence as 5 year old how dose DOCs justify hireing people with so little life experances to make life changing decsitions for families I have also learnt children don't have a voice their opinions don't count and carers are treated like worthless tools we care for the children we take in love and nurture them untill their families are able to have them back but there are some families that just shouldn't be allowed we spend time observing different behaviours listening to our little ones, gathering evidence and assuring them no harm will ever come again and then the dredded reunifycation is thrown in recently more so now that DOCSs has been given so many millions in their budget to "REUNIFY" as many children as possible to make their books look good and to hold on to their new found budget, children are our future and how they are raised is important I agree children should be with their families if it's truely whats best but like I said some really shouldn't and we are mearly worthless tools!!

RE: i'am a foster carer

Submitted by davistown on Mon, 09/04/2007 - 17:27.

well spoken, congratulations on doing a good job in caring for children, im glad their are people out their like you who are caring for children and doing best for them and who can see through DoCS,
Although my mum wasnt a foster carer but family daycare person we saw children and tried to look after children who were going through hell, But as everyone prob knows by know my friend died in the hands of DoCS when she shouldn't of been their in first place.
As you said to DoCS it isn't about the children its about the money and keeping the shareholders happy and trying to bring down stats.
My friend screamed she wanted her family, she screamed at them she hated them, so they called in a psyciatrist and declared she didn't know what she was saying, she threatened to sue but i'm sure that scared them NOT, She died because of orders they made but they arnt the ones loosing sleep as they have no conscience. A doctor saw my friend and gave DoCS some advise and guess what he is no longer a doctor.
We need carers like you who know docs are bad but do their best to look after our children until we get them back.
well done on a good job

Hi It's the "I work for DchS" again

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 29/03/2007 - 20:14.

Hi read all your comments and thanks for the support from some - we arent all bad. Just wanted to clarify a point that was in my last address... I referenced levels of skilled workers i.e. electricians. This was to point out that child safety workers have to complete a degree and work experience etc. to get to a position within the government. Yes, I will emphasise, that many people who complete these degrees are young middle class people, but you gotta give it to these young guns they want to contribute to society and this is the work path they have chosen. Yes and I will agree, there are poisonous people who work in child safety for the wrong reasons, but hey finding a bad seed in society isn't hard. Just think, when the shit get churned, scum rises to the surface, people who don't do the right thing, don't stick around too long. This job is too hard and you have to be too committed to have people stuff it up around you. Trust me.

And for the comment 'you can't see the forest for the trees', I agree, ppl spend many years in the department, become jaded and can't see outer society or levels of society clearly. This can happen everywhere. Look at politics and how people who once may have been in it for the right reasons, become very very very bad. Not to say this isn't an issue, and yes I do notice it everyday. It is also up to me to know better, to know there is more out there, not to believe everything the commercial media tells me to believe and to form my own opinions. I have the power as does everyone else on this forum.

Maybe I am too idealistic, I probably am, in this job you have to be, to think it will all be okay, but I have seen the reality too.
Good night.

To the docs worker

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 30/03/2007 - 08:27.

I agree there is bad in all walks of life, but that is not the issue here, we are only discussing The Department of Child Safety and all its floors.

There are other forum topics on other pages for different issues.
These pages have been put on here to let everybody know what is happening on a daily basis to innocent families with over zealous workers who are spiraling out of control with no one to answer to.

If they make mistakes, and they do, there are no repercussions as compared to Doctors or other professionals who can be sued for malpractice.

We need to let the people of this country be aware of what is happening, and those people doing wrong exposed and removed from the department and the rot seems to go right through to management no just workers.

So if you are one of the good ones keep up the work! I wouldn't want to do your job, I couldn't handle seeing the abuse you have to.

But if you do have any knowledge of corruption come forward and help us, which in turn will only help you and make your job maybe a little better.Because at the end of the day, this is about the children, don't let them suffer any more than they have to, so please help us.

Hi DOCS Worker again

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 03/04/2007 - 20:46.

Really quickly,

In my last address I have only ever defended the good workers that work in Child Safety, in this forum, Child Safety officers have been called scum, (other comments from a lawyer - of all people!!) etc. etc. and I am defending that. As for the person above who has said there are forums for different topics... Is that all you've got? This forum is to tell what you really think so do it. It is quite relevant, what I have talked about above, and it directly relates to how work environments exist. Are we talking about 'floors' or 'flaws'? If it is 'flaws' then yes every workplace has them.

Also, we have have the Child Safety Practice Manual, Licensing Manual/s and the Child Protection Act 1999, plus add ons lots of memos, briefs and ministerials to abide by daily and we have to refer to each of these for each decision we make. Also, recently workers up north were handed a 'please explain' in regards to an incident in a community (I cannot release any more information for sensitivity for the case and it was many many months ago),and I am sure there are many more cases like this (this is only one I know about) we CAN get fired for malpractice. If you want to know how the Dept. works they are easily downloadable from the Queensland Dept of Child Safety Website. If you have a knowledge of these documents it will keep you in good steed and they will help you to defend yourself against the system you are so angry and upset about.

And yes, the person above admits that they couldn't do our job... so there you go.

And also, I am sure there is a way you can dispute decisions of child safety, there has to be. I am going to look into it at work and post how you can on the page, I do have to research it though. I will let you all know the outcome.

Knowledge is Power... Empower yourselves.


I am a kinship carer

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 12/06/2007 - 11:55.

I have read all the articles here.....I think it is important to is hard to find a place where you can....I have read your comments and i hope that there will be more people like you....being a case worker is the hardest of professions...I have met some lovely case workers and a few bad ones too...i was inspired by your comments and i am hopeful for a better should be congratulated in having the sensitivity and courage to show your spin on this topic...i understand fully the feelings and opinions of the people in this forum...our family was ripped apart by the niece was mentally ill and made up a false allegation...She had a terrible life in foster care....she tried to find love by having lots of children, who she couldnt look after.....i am caring for them now, god love doesnt matter about your socio economic background...we are quite wealthy, her parents and siblings are all it happens to all groups in our society...the system stinks, but it is the only one we have...we need to change it...not with anger but with constructive criticism and an open mind....I think teachers and social workers are not paid enough for what they do....ironically my neice is going to become a social worker....i admire her true celtic spirit...

The way to complain to child safety

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/04/2007 - 19:14.

In the first instance, a person wishing to make an enquiry, concern or a complaint is to contact an officer of the child safety service centre concerned. The officer will identify and clarify the issue concerned, make a record of the matter and refer it to the centre manager. The manager will determine that the matter is an enquiry, concern or a complaint, and initiate a process to achieve a timely and appropriate outcome.

A matter is classified as an enquiry when it can be resolved through the provision of information or advice in a one-off communication and when there is no need for a departmental officer to review case material or otherwise refer or pursue further action in order to resolve the matter.

The child safety service centre, the zonal office or the Complaints, Case Review and Investigation Branch may handle an enquiry. The officer handling the enquiry is responsible for maintaining accurate records of the contact.

A matter is classified as a concern when it requries:

some follow-up by a department officer
an extended time frame to resolve
liaison and information gathering.
The child safety service centre, zonal office or the Complaints, Case Review and Investigation Branch, may handle a concern.

A matter is classified as a concern when it requries:

some follow-up by a department officer
an extended time frame to resolve
liaison and information gathering.
The child safety service centre, zonal office or the Complaints, Case Review and Investigation Branch, may handle a concern.

A matter is classified as a complaint when it:

requires formal investigation and resolution
is submitted as a written or formally lodged complaint (submitted as a formal complaint and signed by the concerned party)
questions the impartiality of a child safety service centre or zonal office in decision-making about a matter.
The manager, child safety service centre, zonal office or the Complaints, Case Review and Investigation Branch, must handle the response to a complaint.

Matters that involve children and young people at immediate risk, or suspected risk of harm are not addressed through the complaints management system but are referred to an intake officer for notification at the relevant child safety service centre.
The manager is responsible for making decisions regarding all matters raised at a child safety service centre. The timeframe for these processes are:

Addressing and resolving an enquiry - when it can be handled informally and promptly through a one-off contact, an enquiry will be processed within three working days.

Addressing and resolving concerns - when it can be resolved locally without the need for a formal complaints process, an officer contacts the person concerned within three working days. The officer will investigate the concern and identify an appropriate response within fifteen working days from the initial return contact.

Addressing and resolving complaints - a complaints process commences when a written agreement is signed by the concerned party. In this case, an officer makes initial contact with the person concerned within three working days and develops a solution and provides a written statement of agreed outcomes to the person concerned within twenty working days from the return contact.

If the concerned party is not satisfied with the response, a request for consideration to conduct an internal review can be progressed.

A concerned party must raise a matter within two years of the decision concerned being made, or the incident occurring. A matter can only be considered outside this timeframe if the following circumstances provide valid reasons for doing so, as assessed by the chief executive officer, zonal director, manager of the Complaints, Case Review and Investigation Branch, or a child safety service centre manager:

the severity of the matter raised
the history or level of departmental involvement
recommendations from external agencies or tribunals
consequences for current case involvement
the concerned party demonstrates special circumstances existed that prevented them from raising the matter previously.
When a matter is raised concerning a Department of Child Safety funded non-government service provider, the officer receiving the matter will:

refer the concerned party to a child safety service centre if a child or young person is at immediate risk, or suspected risk of harm while in the care environment

ensure it is handled by the zonal client relations officer or complaints and review officer in the Complaints, Case Review and Investigation Branch as per the policy and procedure for complaints handling within the department, and in line with current service agreements.

The zonal client relations officer or the Complaints, Case Review and Investigation Branch will liaise with the manager of the relevant child safety service centre, the Community Support Team within the zonal office and the Community Partnerships Branch to collect information and, or make referrals.

When a concerned party remains dissatisfied, two review options are available to support resolution – a departmental internal review process, or an external review process offered and managed by another agency outside the Department of Child Safety. The departmental officer with whom a matter is raised can provide information on these two processes.

If no issues of child safety are identified, or if child safety issues identified have previously been addressed, and the complainant (concerned party) persists with the complaint, consideration can be given to dealing with the matter as a frequent or harassing complainant for which particular action must be endorsed by the Director-General.

hope this helps

In regards to the way to complain

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 10/04/2007 - 17:13.

Its nice to see this in black and white, but as I myself have followed these steps you realise that it is only in black and white and not put into practice.
It might happen in a few, but that would be rare from the many complaints I have read on this site as well as people I have spoken to on both sides of the fence.
We really need to make these people accountable that don't follow the rules.

RE: Hi DOCS Worker again

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 06/04/2007 - 15:57.

you can appeal DoCS decisions and form complaints to the local leader of the service and if no satisfaction can go to your ombussman but unfortunitly when you do you get threatoned by DoCS and forced to back down from your complaint.
You can lodge appeals but even when u prove your right and prove docs wrong docs does a appeal and appeal untill you run out of money

or in other peoples cases make a complaint against a particular person in one of the offices and the complaint which was handed to the ombussman got handed back to docs to deal with and the person who was given the complain to resolve???? it was he person who had had the complaint made about them so that complaint went a long way

also we have learnt if complaints are made docs gets cranky and when they get cranky they take it out on our children. have you read the persons message which was written by 15yr old in the care of docs? yes they in a foster home but its docs who put them their and the kids are probably wards of the state meaning they still in the care of docs yet they are abused.

the reason that office was given a please explain was because an entire community stood up for their rights and because the child died through no doubt abuse or assault at the hands of the carers or was it the case of the baby with bruises all over her body whose mum admitted to being addicted to drugs yet docs left her with her mum?

come on only docs workers who lose their jobs for malpractice are the ones who are either going to reveal the truth or the ones who have done wrong and who have been named in media or whole community is against the case so docs makes a scape goat to look like they doing something when they arnt.

I know you only defending the good people in docs but opportunity their arn't many and the community has lost any trust or faith in the department they may of had at one stage

quick lesson if a child is covered in bruises, looks scared, a child care worker rung up reporting the child, the parents addicted to drugs ? take them off the parents

if the child is healthy looking, happy (shyness doesn't count as being scared) the parents are decent people not addicted to drugs, the child is well fed (a bruise or 2 or scratches and cuts are ok after all they are children and the hurt themselves)

By way just for the record when i was in primary school i was reported to DoCS because i was skinny and different to the other kids.
i was skinny but i used to eat and eat, i was different because i didn't have a tv and i read heaps of books and was shy so didn't fit in well but docs was still gonna investigate me because a teacher who didn't like my family had reported i was being starved. lucky their were a number of teachers who knew my family and told docs where to go. they were going to investigate anyway and i don't know why they didn't end up doing it.
on the other hand as i said in a previous case my family had a child in care who would cry when his mum came to pick him up, who would cry and hug and shake himself to sleep, who wouldn't interact with the other children and sucked his thumb, had bruises on his back, whose dad had just been released from jail who had been in DoCS care and whose mum was in rehab to get off drugs, he had been put back in his mums care, for duration he was in care (put in care by docs for the parents to get rest) we never saw docs once, and when we reported what he was going through docs told us it was of no concern to us and to mind our own business, the mother tried to put him back in care of docs when her bf went back into jail and she went back onto drugs, docs wouldnt do anything so she rang my mum who pleaded with docs who again said it wasn't any of my mums business and the case worker was on holidays so it would have to wait so the mother left the child at my mums house and it was 5 days before DoCS collected the child.

whats the policy's, i don't believe the ones on DoCS web pages are what DoCS abides by.

Docs as ultimate power and we all know:


Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 04/04/2007 - 20:11.

Not once have I seen you mention anthing relevant to the care of children, but only support to your own abusive network.

So it just shows me where the truth lies, if you had nothing to hide I am sure your story would be totaly different to what you are posting.

At the end of the day, is this not all about the children and how we need to protect them, not DOCS!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the Docs worker

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 04/04/2007 - 19:59.

You say you can be fired for (malpractice) yet to see it, but that is not what is required.

Compensation to the innocent families and children and jail time to the sick perpetrator of abuse(the docs worker) TRUE JUSTICE FOR THESE SICK PERVERTED SCUM.

So wake up loser and get a life, look around you to what is really going on.

Surely you may have a little education to be a Dept Of Child Stealer's employee.

Don't get me wrong I am not prejudice I hate you all.

The above

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/05/2007 - 13:47.

You took the words out of my mouth. I can't say anything good about them as all the ones that we as a family have had anything to do with were arrogant and LIARS!!, I still cannot understand why they have to stear away from the truth to cause more problem for a family.
Sorry I just hate them for what pain they have caused us.

What a mature way to handle y

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/04/2007 - 19:05.

What a mature way to handle yourself...

TO above WHAT A

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 10/04/2007 - 17:24.

Thank you for your support.

Foster Carer's Daughter

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 06/04/2007 - 15:01.

So you say u hate them all??? well i'd like to see you do a better job!! if it wasnt 4 these ppl there would b many children left in abusive and neglected homes but u must not seem 2 care about that. The CSOs go through hell and back 2 save these children, so wat it seems like you're saying is that u dnt acknowledge the work they do n therefore dnt care if i child is in a dangerous environment.I get the feeling you've had an encounter withe the DOCS b4 am i right???

Keep up the gud work guys!! each day you're making the world a better place
P.S If its any of your business i am planning on becoming a CSO and i will contribute 2 a better world weather u fail 2 c that or not.....n 4 sum reason i feel somwat sorry 4 u that u feel this way towards such caring, passionate ppl....give em a break

Re: The Carer's daughter

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 31/05/2007 - 20:57.

Good on you for wanting to help and try to make a difference, I work for DChS and we need more people like you.

It is a tough job, but rewarding when you see children going to a better home while the parents sort their issues out, or seeing a child so terrified of their parents they ask to come into care and are happy to be safe, finally.

Families you meet will generally hate the job you do, but show them respect and listen to them. Acknowledge their love for their children, the shock of DChS at their door, their fear of losing their kids and of never having them back. Most parents you will find are tormented by their ongoing drug and domestic violence issues and need support and time. If you can build a good working relationship with them, do it.

The hardest, for me at least, is the sexual abuse. Rest assured, this won't be the type of abuse you deal with the most. It is very hard to have a child devastated by sexual abuse, and then to have the other parent choose to believe their partner over the child. These cases wil probably affect you the most. They are adamant that their beloved husband or de facto could never do such a thing, even when faced with child's detailed disclosures and criminal charges.

If there are any parents here who have had a child disclose sexual abuse from your partner and you do not believe them, then you truely do not love your child. If you did, you would believe, support and protect them, instead of betraying them in the worst way possible. Your child will forever be scarred by what you have done, by the fact that you would rather continue a relationship with this person instead of protecting them. By having your child removed, you will never see the ongoing damage you and your partner have done. Find it in your heart to face what your little child was able to face, be strong and stand up for the right of your child to be raised, loved and supported by you. Its hard, but your child needs you too prove that you can be trusted with their safety and protection.

foster carers daughter

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 02/06/2007 - 21:12.

You are living in a fantasy world not reality. How dare you accuse most parents of being on drugs! Its the people like you who cause all the problems with DOCS, so if you really want to help children QUIT!.
Scum like you are what we all are trying to expose.


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/04/2007 - 00:46.

Passionate people!!! sorry love your glasses have fogged with delousion, I'v had over 40 children through my care and each of those children have had a life times worth of CSOs every couple of months there's a new one young and fresh and ready to save the world untill they get a taste of the real world and then their running for the hills being involved with DOCs the way it is it's shameful to be a CSO it dosen't matter wether you'v got diploma or even a science degree unless you have life experance and the abilatie to think with you head and not your heart, skin of a rino and people skills you don't stand a chance it sounds like you may have been one of the lucky kids with the "good" CSO and thats great but unless you widen your thinking ability and change the way you project your "people" skills you won't stand a chance.

Re fostercarers daughter

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 07/04/2007 - 22:56.

You are so disillusioned with the reality of life that you need to go and get one, stay away from the children as with your views you will only cause more harm!!!!!!

To foster carers daughter

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 07/04/2007 - 22:51.

You really have to read all comments on this page and then you will see what is really being said!
No one says anything about not caring for children, just the complete opposite, this is what we are all about!
What you seem to be misunderstanding is that there are DOCS workers causing just as much, if not more abuse to the children than the sick parents! and the good parents are being victimized and abused by a corrupt system and angry sick abusive workers of this insidious vile cancer on society.
Great, you see some good being done but that is far and few in between so you are only limited in you exposure, read the rest of what people are saying and you might grow up to be smart enough to do something to help.
And only then will you see the TRUTH.
Good on ya kid but you are too young to know whats really going on in the real world.

Foster Carer's Daughter Again

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 10/04/2007 - 20:05.

hey its me again.....yeah i guess i went a bit overboard last time, its just that sum of the comments made me soo mad n iust wanted 2 stick up 4 SUM of the good DOCS workers. i dnt knw wat DOCS is like where use are from, but where i cum from they are the complete opposite!! as soon as a parent flutters their eye-lids n says sorry then they're the best parent in the world n its only days b4 the child is handed back, only to b put through harm again. I do wanna do a betta job then the other DOCS workers cause i live with these children n knw wat they go through.
Its tru wat use say about them...we had 2 kids 4 a year without one visit from the CSO but she supposedly was fighting 4 them in court without knwing anything about them. Then we got a call from her one afternoon saying she was moving 1 of the kids 2 another town...we put in complaints n nuthing was done n now they've transferred the kids 2 another zone.....probably because the cant handle it. I just wanna do a gud job n i do knw wat im up against but ive got a long time 2 work on that...n if i cant handle it then i still wanna work 4 a foster carer agency or plz dnt say nasty things cause i just wanna help....n if thats a crime wat r u gunna do about it ???

DOCS worker

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 04/04/2007 - 19:48.

Once again you fail to listen and recognise the real situation, and yes, it is flaw, sorry i was not paying attention to spelling mistakes as it was early in the morning for me and was still a bit sleepy, but if you have half a brain, the word may be spelt different but by your your sarcastic comment you know what i mean(SO BIG OF YOU).

YES we have copies of the manual and that only proves to us that you totally ignore what guide lines you are supposed to follow. As for the workers up north we are well aware of their abuse of the system and this just proves typical of what is happening within in the system of THE DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SAFETY.

We can expose many more cases just like this but even worse so if you don't have knowledge you are either blind or at the bottom of the ranks and may be of no use to the children being abused by this department.

I could not do your job for two reasons 1, the poor children that suffer abuse would make my cringe and cry, 2 the abuse that this department puts the kids through is just as bad if not worse and I have seen these kids crying to go home and want nothing more than the department to get the f@#$k out of their lives and stop destroying their families for no reason but for vindictive abusive malicious assholes who at the end of the day don't give a dam about the kids, but only their own jobs first (IT IS TRULY SAD )the same workers who are supposed to protect the kids become the abuser's of children and their rights.

We have followed all the correct channels for complaints to which you only investigate yourselves and cover up any finding of incompetence, so you either must be new worker or one of the old school built on corruption, if you are new dig deep and you will find what we are all saying and then you will will realise the relevancy of your last posts to this topic an maybe take your inappropriate comments elsewhere and put more constructive and purposeful comments where required.

To the docs worker

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 29/03/2007 - 11:54.

I am saddened to hear of the abuse that you have seen, but there is a lot more abuse going on around you within your own department.
Like they say when you are on the inside you cant see the forest for the trees. You need to step back and take a look from another angle and see what we see, I have friends who work for your department and I hear the horror stories, but I also have been abused by this corrupt disaster that is running off the rails.
There are really aggressive angry sinister people amongst you and if you really do care about your job you will help the victims of these outright attacks on innocent families, speak to the kids of these families, the grandparents and other family members, see how they are affected.
Then once you have woken up to what is going on around you, maybe you will help? if you really do care.

the reason the shit is swept

Submitted by davistown on Thu, 29/03/2007 - 09:33.

the reason the shit is swept under the carpet and the reason it not splashed across the papers is parents are threatened by DoCS with never seeing their children again and other children taken off them.

YES this happens as i personally have witness it with my own eyes. I have witnessed DoCS threatening a family even after their child has died in the hands of DoCS they have been threatened still to have their other children removed from them if they go to the media and have made courts put media blocks on cases due to threats of taking it to the media.

If you enjoy what you do and you do a good job and you take children who are being abused off their parents, and if you be careful and don't jump to conclusions and dont make up lies to use in court and don't twist statements to suit your argument then yes you should be happy.

I agree child safety is very important but when their are whispers all over the country of abuse happening to children who are in the care of DoCS, and when i have seen a close friend die in the care of DoCS, well not see her die as none of her friends were allowed to see her towards the end due to horrific scars that were caused while in the care of DoCS. But i saw her a fair bit before she went into care and have seen photos of her while in care and seen the scars caused by DoCS both mentally and physically and i not demanding DoCS be shut down i agree their needs to be a Department for Child Safety but as you investigate claims against familys. We have the right to have you investigated. We make misstakes and our children are taken off us (give the child a smack on the bum with an open palm and despite this being legal DoCS has decided it wont take this so they take the child away from the parent)

You need to investigate child abuse but not make up your own laws. I know a few DoCS case workers who are good at their job and i respect them but they hate their job and only reason they stay on is to protect children who need protection but they are sick of the misstakes.

Dont talk about educated people in DoCS and compare them to electricians. Electricians get trained for 4 years both in classes and by people who have done their job. they are taught safety and they fix electrical.

DoCS workers on the other hand are given 6 weeks training in a room then thrown into a system that is in a shambles and told go save lives and they know if they make a mistake their support staff will step in and back them up and twist it to make it look like the new staff member was right despite fact it ruins a family.

I have thought of joining DoCS and so has a friend of mine whose sister was abused by DoCS. she said and i feel same we want to join to do some good and try help family's but then we realized we wouldn't be able to do this as if something went wrong on a case it would be twisted to be pinned on us to get rid of us

Please you don't sound to bad and this hasn't been aimed directly at you personally but all i want is for DoCS to realize what their real job is and to do it and stop doing stupid stuff for their own ego.

im glad you have read the posts on this page and taken the time to think about the comments on here.



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