(Newsmax Insider) U.S. Threatens Israel: Don't Strike Iran

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1. U.S. Threatens Israel on Iran Strikes
2. Florida Senate Race Turning Nasty
3. Carville Democrats Bullying Media
4. Reagan on $20 Bill

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August 9, 2004

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1. U.S. Threatens Israel on Iran Strikes

We hear that "almost every day" the U.S. government is warning Israel not to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

A former senior U.S. diplomat says Israel is ready to strike Iran's nuclear facilities in the very near future.

NewsMax first reported on these intentions in a recent Insider Report.

But the Bush administration believes such an attack would cause a meltdown of its fragile relations with Arab nations -- and may even spark a regional war.

The implications for the U.S. elections are also unsettling.

But the implications for Israel could be devastating if it does not act soon.

Israeli hawks note that the U.S. objected to Prime Minister Menachem Begin's unilateral decision to strike Iraq's Osirak nuclear plant in 1983.

Had Begin not courageously taken that action, the U.S likely would have faced a nuclear-armed Saddam in the first Gulf War.

At that time, almost the entire Reagan Cabinet -- including Vice President Bush -- demanded that the U.S. rebuke Israel. Only Reagan and Secretary of State Haig felt Israel's action was justified.

2. Florida Senate Race Turning Nasty

NewsMax has been covering the critical Florida Senate race, especially the Aug. 31 Republican primary.

The race is critical because it may determine who controls the Senate, and the right candidate could help Bush win Florida -- and the 2004 election.

Clearly, the best candidate is Mel Martinez, President Bush's former HUD secretary.

Polls show that Martinez, a Reagan conservative, is also the only Republican who can beat the likely Democratic candidate, Betty Castor, in November. Castor is a protege of Janet Reno.

There are other solid Republicans running, but we have been disappointed by some of their efforts to torpedo Martinez and curry favor with the liberal media.

First, conservative Bill McCollum went soft on embryonic stem cell research, coming out in favor of using the cells of aborted fetuses. McCollum has also broken Reagan's "Eleventh Commandment," frequently attacking Martinez.

Now another conservative, Doug Gallagher, well behind in the polls, has made a similar desperate attempt to garner attention in the crowded primary and hurt Martinez.

Gallagher, a multi-millionaire businessman, recently hired the infamous election attorney Mark Herron to launch a baseless attack on Martinez.

Herron served as the Democratic Party of Florida's counsel and is notorious for his work on behalf of Al Gore's presidential campaign during the Florida recount. He authored a five-page memorandum for the Gore campaign that became a 'how-to guide' on disqualifying U.S. military absentee ballots.

In yet another puzzling attack on Republicans, the Gallagher campaign hired Herron to file a frivolous election complaint against Martinez.

Martinez, as the Florida co-chairman for the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign, fought the Gore team to have military ballots counted.

Martinez spokesperson Jennifer Coxe responded: "It was just a matter of time until Doug Gallagher, who has repeatedly attacked President Bush, the Republican Congress and Mel Martinez, hired Al Gore's recount attorney to attack Mel. It was despicable that Al Gore and Mark Herron worked to disqualify the votes of America's brave men and women who were stationed abroad protecting America."

Republican voters will decide on Aug. 31 if they want their Senate candidate working closely with Al Gore's lawyer.

3. Carville Democrats Bullying Media

"When it comes to the media," says former Clinton administration official James Carville, "intimidation works. Send e-mails to the press. They do respond to pressure."

U.S. News and World Report warns reporters that the Democratic Party is no longer relying on its "kinder, gentler" tactic when dealing with the media.

Or, as one Democratic pundit put it, "If the error is minor, don't make a big deal out of it and don't demand a correction. The reporter is only human and will probably feel bad and apologize and perhaps feel as though he or she owes you one."

But the Democrats plan a bullying approach to destroy their media enemies.

Ed Asner must be happy. As NewsMax reported, Ed Asner openly bragged how his friends helped "get" Rush Limbaugh, and Asner threatened, "Hannity's next."

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4. Reagan on $20 Bill

Republicans want to replace Alexander Hamilton's face with Ronald Reagan's on the $20 bill.

But Reagan's widow, Nancy, is said to be not so enthusiastic about the idea.

Instead, Mrs. Reagan would prefer that people just send some of those Hamilton bills they have to the Alzheimer's Association, reports BusinessWeek.

In spite of Nancy's plea, the largest Alzheimer's charity has yet to see the significant donation increase that usually results from such a request. But the charity isn't going to reiterate Nancy's call for donations.

Spokesperson Kathryn Kane said, "We don't want to exploit our close relationship with the family."

However, a recent bill introduced in Congress would increase the Alzheimer's budget for the National Institutes of Health to nearly $1.5 billion -- twice its current budget.

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