The nuclear madness of George Bush

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On February 6, US President George Bush confirmed his intention to commit the US to a program of reprocessing nuclear fuel. Touted as a key measure in the ''Advanced Energy Initiative'', outlined in Bush's January State of the Union speech, the plutonium extracted from spent fuel is allegedly to be used as a fuel source for a new generation of nuclear power plants across the US and elsewhere. The proposal will overturn a 29-year ban in the US on reprocessing spent nuclear fuel to extract plutonium.

Green Left Weekly #661, March 22, 2006
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* US nuclear hypocrisy: Bush pushes Iran sanctions

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Oxfam report: Australia's Indigenous health shame

You will probably never meet Ken (not his real name). He's off to work at two o'clock each morning, a driver of a street-sweeping vehicle in a fast-gentrifying capital city suburb. He's been cleaning streets for 10 years. But it is not just the ungodly hour he goes to work: as an Indigenous Australian man, Ken has a 34-37% chance of dying before the age of 55.
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International News

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# US nuclear hypocrisy: Bush pushes Iran sanctions
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# PAKISTAN: Thousand protest Iraq occupation
# WEST PAPUA: The secret war against the defenceless people of West Papua


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# BRITAIN: South African unionist condemns Israel's apartheid
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# WEST PAPUA: Several killed in Freeport uprising
# VENEZUELA: Vietnam embassy opens
# PHILIPPINES: Union leader shot dead
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Australian News

# Troops out of Iraq! No war on Iran!
# 'Leave the Iraqis alone!'
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# Sovereignty was never ceded
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# Australia accused of war crimes
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# West Papua solidarity protest

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