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* Key demands outlined for Telstra
* The Nationals called for the implementation of a "Five Pillar Policy"
* Top party roles for Bruce Scott, Susie Douglas and Bruce McIver
* Nationals clear way for Liberals' best-possible by-election attack


1 Aug 2005

Key demands outlined for Telstra

The Nationals' Qld state conference voted unanimously to oppose the full privatisation of Telstra. At the same time the party announced five key pillars that Telstra must implement if it is to be a world-leading service provider.

The Queensland Nationals will "continue to oppose the further sale of Telstra until there is agreement that all Australians, including those living in regional, rural and remote areas, are protected from telecommunications market failure which may prevent the provision of parity of technology, service and price into the future between metropolitan and regional areas.

The Nationals called for the implementation of a "Five Pillar Policy":

* The establishment of a permanent and significant trust fund with the earnings used to provide future technology and infrastructure upgrades at parity price and service with metropolitan services in cases of market failure (utilising a competitive tender process that considers providers with a permanent presence in regional Australia);

* The establishment of a separate body under the Australian Communications and Media Authority with responsibility to monitor and report annually, and review every three years, on the adequacy of telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote Australia; and authority to investigate any inadequacies in mobile telephone and broadband services in urban areas; and authority to remedy any inadequacies.

* The requirement by law that Telstra Country-Wide maintains a physical presence in regional, rural and remote Australia as a condition of licence;

* The maintenance of the price averaging basis for the cost of all new telecommunications and satellite Internet connections to ensure all Australians are charged the same basic price for maintenance and new connections; and

* The retention of the Universal Service Obligation (USO) and the maintenance of the existing price parity for local un-timed calls.

Top party roles for Bruce Scott, Susie Douglas and Bruce McIver

Federal Member for Maranoa Bruce Scott has been elected president of the Queensland Nationals replacing Terry Bolger.

Gold Coast City councillor Susie Douglas and former transport industry identity Bruce McIver of Caloundra were elected senior vice-presidents at the Queensland Nationals' state conference over the weekend

Bruce Scott is the first sitting MP to be elected president of The Nationals in Queensland. Bruce Scott says his priority will be to negotiate a new working coalition with the Liberals in Queensland.

Queensland Leader Lawrence Springborg paid tribute to out-going state president Terry Bolger and his senior vice presidents Charlie Brownlow and Pam Stallman.

"Terry and his team have been instrumental in helping guide and develop The Nationals over the last few years. Their dedication and personal sacrifice to the task of both listening to and representing the views of our Party's membership is something every Party member should thank them for."

Stepping down after six years as State president, Terry Bolger called on the Liberals to form a conservative coalition to oust the Beattie government.

"Make no mistake ...those who matter, the people, will not support a divided house on this issue and neither will those members of the business community, big and small, who look to us to support a change of government," Mr Bolger said.

Nationals clear way for Liberals' best-possible by-election attack

The on-going resignations in Labor ranks following what must be the longest game of ministerial musical chairs in Queensland's history finally led Peter Beattie to announce two by-elections for August 20: Redcliffe and Chatsworth.

State Opposition Leader, Lawrence Springborg, says he was pleased to announce The Nationals would not stand candidates in these seats - thereby giving the Queensland Liberals the best possible chance of unseating Labor by avoiding damaging three-cornered contests.

Mr Springborg said The Nationals believed the formation and announcement of a strong and united Coalition between The Nationals and Liberals was the best way of delivering the Liberals the seats.

Imagine the strong message the voters of Redcliffe and Chatsworth would receive if both Terry Rogers and Michael Caltabiano were able to go into the election saying The Nationals and Liberals were united in their desire to defeat the Beattie Labor Government and united in their desire to hold this Government accountable.

The Nationals are keen to help both Michael and Terry out in anyway they can.

Conference backs voluntary student unionism - but calls for alternate funding for student services

The Queensland Nationals have declared their full support for voluntary student unionism and called on the Federal government to provide funding for student services.

The State Conference of The Nationals Queensland:

* Declares its full and unequivocal support for the concept of voluntary student unionism;

* Notes the concerns of the Federal government with regard to wastage of funds by university student unions;

* Requests the Federal government ensures that an alternate funding mechanism with comparable levels of funding to existing fees is provided to maintain the level of services and the provision of facilities on university campuses; and

* Calls on the Federal government to introduce and enforce good governance guidelines and a clear framework for what purposes funds are able to be used for.

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